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Nesuto, translating to “nest” in Japanese, symbolises home and family. It aims to bring the feeling of comfort, peace, and rest to every customers who step into its doors. Helmed by Head Pastry Chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto serves cakes and entremet made using quality and premium ingredients directly imported from France and Japan.

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One of my favorite cake shop in Singapore 💕 pretty and delicious plus reasonably priced with good service 💕

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Praline Noisette Gateau - $12.50
Peach Oolong Tea -  $5
Yummy hazelnut chocolate cake with crunches layered between the sponge cakes. Great texture, great taste. Washing it down with a cup of hot tea is the perfect balance, especially for rainy days

Missing @dear.nesuto ‘s Japanese Goma Cake, which has been removed from their collection 😢 This cake is light, yet super fragrant at the same time. Definitely our go-to when we crave black sesame cakes in the past! Hopefully it will make its comeback😊

One of the saddest days last year is when @dear.nesuto discontinued this from their menu (read: exaggeration). I cannot count with my fingers how many times I have gifted this to friends/family for their birthday and not a single soul said they didn’t like it. When I heard Nesuto was discontinuing this cake, I went to their store to have one last slice of this cake. Please bring back this cake.

This is their 𝑳𝒆 𝑮𝒐𝒎𝒂 cake. It has layers of cottony soft souffle black sesame sponge and layers of light black sesame custard cream. It is topped with black and white sesame almond streusel which added a crunch and a little saltiness to the cake. This cake is earthy and just slightly sweet (a winner for older people). The sponge cake is extremely light but fluffy. I am the type that smears buttercream on my plate but I had every last bit of this cake. Hands down, one of my favorite cakes I’ve tried in Singapore.

Cake was light as usual, and I enjoyed the hazelnutty flavours coming from the smooth hazelnut mousse, as well as the crunch element - the hazelnut praline. They could have been way more generous with the praline though, many bites of the cake slice came without it. The valrhona chocolate ganache was just at the top, not as a layer. It’s a nice cake but it’s also like a higher quality version of coco exotic. If the cake slice sizes were the same as before, it would feel alright but at $12.50 for this tiny slice it felt a bit exorbitant.

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Used to be my #1 favourite cake! The first time I had it when nesuto first opened, it was super impressive - strong yuzu & raspberry flavours, delivering both sweetness and tartness in a light, soft cake. While it is still quite nice, and I like that the whipped cream feels lighter than before, it just didn’t taste as mindblowing. There’s sufficient yuzu & raspberry flavours, but I felt it could have been more pronounced. Aggs felt that the sponge cake part tasted average, she would have liked for perhaps an infusion of yuzu/raspberry bits? Service is still good, and there’s no longer a minimum spend (yay! I’m usually too full to have 1 cake each, needa share), but the cake slices became smaller + prices increased, cake slices are now $10.90 to $12.50 - it used to be $7.90 per slice if I rmb correctly.

Would still pop by if I’m in the area, and I love yuzu so that’s the main draw, but it’s no longer that life-changing / memorable to me. It’s still delicious tho, and still one of my favourites, just not the *best* 👀

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