52 Duxton Road
Singapore 089516

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05:30pm - 10:30pm

11:45am - 03:15pm
05:30pm - 10:30pm

11:45am - 03:15pm
05:30pm - 10:30pm


05:30pm - 10:30pm

05:30pm - 10:30pm

05:30pm - 10:30pm

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From the Burpple community

High Roller of Toro, Uni, Caviar and Ikura. All the Treasures of the sea, plus a bit of gold flake to top up on the opulence, combined into this luxurious creation. Itโ€™s decadently good. And there is a cup of premium sake to go with it. Will impress any date.

Hotate, the first roll that is served. Fresh, sweet, plump scallop with perfectly seasoned starchy rice is so good that it makes me very excited on what is to come.

Kanpachi is a nice accompaniment to the awesome Hotate. Hotate whets my appetite so much that I just grab Kanpachi to bite into it the moment it is put on the cute stone platform. So no picture of it lol

Salmon is fresh and pretty good. I got to say that with the awesome rice and super crispy seaweed, even the good old salmon tastes great.

Toro is part of the reason I come here. Yes, yes, my Toro cravings thoroughly satisfied here. Generous amount of minced fatty tuna totally wins me over.

After the luxurious rich Toro, what else can top it off, the Crab, of course! Huge dollops of umami heaven wrapped with rice and fresh seaweed is a sea feast dream come true. The most intense in flavour among the rolls, and I absolutely love it.

Engawa is the surprise here for me since it is not easy to match up to the intensity of Toro and Crab, but it seals the deal beautifully as the last item of the rolls by introducing another kind of taste profile. Smooth, buttery meat being lightly seared by blow-torch to introduce the smoky taste is unbelievably good, satisfying and memorable.

Grilled Unagi is nicely done and its pliable, fatty, rich meat is very flavourful.

This place is like itโ€™s for the hip, cool and foodies. A good place to see beautiful people here.Very modern setting with all the high chairs, bar counter, open kitchen and such while still retaining the Japanese sensibility with the bottles of sake lining the walls and the stone and clay cutlery.
The service here is very impressive. They are always On the Roll, cooking up a storm in front of us patrons, attending to our requests and keeping all things in order. And they manage all these with friendly deposition and a smile.

I love everything about this restaurant, it is one that I will definitely recommend to others and the one I want to visit again and again, if my schedule allows.

Thoughts: One of my favourites, where I get to enjoy lots of treasures of the sea!

Black pepper crab roll ($18) by Rappu:
Fried seaweed tempura was crispy, and crab meat is well seasoned and yummy!
The roll itself is tiny but Iโ€™d say they were pretty generous with the crab meat and itโ€™s delicious too so itโ€™s worth it!
Hoping Rappu could bring this to their restaurant menu too


This came with a sake pairing, liked that there was less rice and more ikura, uni and toro, delicate, but price could still feel like itโ€™s higher than average for $28.


If you are here at Rappu for the first time, getting this set of 6 allows you to try each hand roll! If you know what youโ€™d like, then you can also have the option to purchase individual hand rolls at a slightly higher price (about $7-8.50 each, instead of $6 each in a set). The hand rolls were fantastically made โ€” each roll delicious in its own right. The ingredients were all fresh and sweet. I personally enjoyed the hotate, kanpachi (amberjack fish), toro (fatty tuna), and engawa (flounderโ€™s fin). The kanpachi was so sweet, and went extremely well with wasabi. The toro was creamy, and the spring onions combination gave a very delicate crunch to it. The engawa was a melt-in-your mouth tender, and the slight char taste gave a great flavour to the roll. While both the salmon and crab were decent, the other 4 rolls really stood out to me.
Together with this set of 6, you can get a sake pairing that accordingly can help to cleanse your palate after every roll. Truly, a very interesting experience!



Sparkling sake โ€” crisp and refreshing
Junmai Daiginjo โ€” aromatic and fruity
Junmai Ginjo โ€” melon and strawberries
Junmai Daiginjo โ€” pineapple and mango
Junmai Ginjo โ€” pomelo and cream cheese
Honjozo Nigori โ€” creamy, sweet, and sour

Each sake is immaculately paired with the hand roll set, so that you can cleanse your palate accordingly after ever differently flavoured hand roll you eat. I enjoyed the experience, and personally prefer the first and last sake โ€” the sparkling sake and honjozo nigori. In fact, the description of flavour nodes within the sake laid out for you by Rappu are pretty accurate. According to that, it is pretty accurate to say that I like my sake crisp and sparkling, since I adored the first pairing of sparkling sake and hotate hand roll. If you already know what kind of sake you prefer, you definitely can go straight for the ala carte option. Nonetheless, purchasing the sake pairing and the hand rolls set gives you an easier and more comprehensive experience โ€” you get to try a bit of everything, which I appreciated especially because its my first time there.


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