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redpan is a champion of local fun dining, serving creative interpretations of modern dishes with a spotlight on local ingredients and familiar flavours. We offer quality food at very reasonable prices, aligned to the GRUB promise that the food we serve is what we will feed our own families. redpan features a slice of Singapore’s culinary history, in line with DP Architect’s local heritage and high standing on the international field.

6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-03/04 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm



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A very aromatic hot cup of strong black coffee. Not acidic.

Since it was called Hummingbird, I imagined it must be as sweet as nectar. Indeed it was, thou in a strange way, not unpleasantly. Eating the entire slice might cause me to bounce off the ceiling due to a sugar high. Not very nutty, which was a let down.

Thoroughly impressed by this innovation. Although it was more bak chor than char siew the dish is definitely still a delight to be had. A Mexican and Chinese fusion manages to be a good starter while being served hot with crispy nachos as the base. Get it! 😋

The sponge cake was a tad dry and icy while the durian flavour was too subtle for durian fanatics like me. Giving the benefit of doubt that this baked alaska was included in the menu to introduce tourists to local flavours. Still, it’s a pretty dessert that resembles the facade of Esplanade at a glance.
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Bak chor foie gras pasta ($19)-al dente pasta with minced meat(?), seared belly and legit creamy foie gras. 4/5

Banana donuts milo dinasaur with ice cream ($12.5)-fluffy donut, wasnt too banana-ish, milo was good addition but some of the powder kinda clumped together 4/5

The ice cream was slightly frozen and the sponge cake was more dense that expected. While still a unique and very visually appealing dessert, I'd rather take the money and order another one of their delicious mains 😉

Thanks @burpple and @redpansg for the invite and hosting!

Even though redpan serves a good deal of fusion dishes, I went ahead with ordering the Old English Fish & Chips (S$17.00).

The fish was definitely fried at the right temperature to give it that crispy finish without turning out to be oily to the digestive system. Apart from that, I would think that this dish was somewhat ordinary, but adding on S$3.00 during their weekday lunch promotion entitled me to a starter (choice of soup, salad or truffle fries) and a glass of beverage, and that made the meal a little more economical.

Personally, no thanks to their salad dressing as it almost turned the greens into a cough mixture in disguise.

I enjoyed sinking my teeth into the thick slab of fish & otah patty, sandwiched by the brioche buns. That juicy patty was indeed the star with the spicy kick from the otah, and not to forget the spicy mayo smothered on the buns too!

The bak cho mee pasta with foie gras is very nice! Never imagine the sauce of bak cho mee could mix well with western dishes. We saw a bug there when we were having the salad but the restaurant waiters reacts very quickly and apologise about that. Overall, worth trying

A favorite of many is the bak chor mee pasta ($19). Thick tagliatelle tossed in a soy based sauce topped with thin pork sheets(think shabu-shabu style) and a small piece of foie gras.

While its always risky to redo singaporean classics, this is one that surprisingly works. The flavours are strong with the sauce playing a crucial role binding it all together. The foie gras adds a welcome touch of luxe while the wedge of lime appears to mellow out the richness of the dish. The vegetables added some freshness but i felt were generally unnecessary.

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @redpansg

Can be more gingerish, but the tinge of smokiness was addictive. And that layer of burnt caramel on top was nicely done - cracked upon the first gentle hit. Much love for this 💕

Call me a sucker for local inspired pastas, but I still fondly remember having redpan’s hae bi hiam pasta more than a year back. I’m happy to report that it’s still as good as before! A nice hit of spice and definitely packed with hae bi, it’s everything you’d expect from it. 🍝

I'm so mesmerised by the presentation of it 😍 The outside is meringue that is blow-torched, encasing the durian ice cream.

I find the meringue a little too sweet in addition to the already sweet ice cream. Nevertheless, it was indeed the most popular dessert on the table.

Interesting menu here at redpan! Food here is a fusion of our local and western food. The dish was savoury with the sauce and meat but got “jelat” towards the end.

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