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238 Thomson Road
#02-24 Velocity
Singapore 307683

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From the Burpple community

Redeemed but unable to use the code despite following all the instructions. Called the listed number but nobody picks up. Opening hours not the same as listed on their website. Scam.

I wanted to order this ($15.50) but I ordered something else for warm protein bowl previously. For this protein bowl, I didn't get so full and bloated as previously. I felt that their korea chili vinaigrette was quite waterish and a bit too much sauce on the bowl tbh. I really like their radish pickles can reduce jelak feeling from the bowl easily but their sous-vide chicken was quite slightly dry aftertaste tbh and didn't really like the texture on chicken. Of course, I just hate pea sprouts taste tbh so not that nice. :/

Romaine, Teriyaki Fable, Warm Baked Mushrooms, Potato, Pea Sprouts, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Bulgogi Aioli

I love saladstop, it’s good for days I feel too full for a normal meal. Portion size is decent, filling enough when I’m not ravenous. This time I tried their Sep seasonal special, and swopped out the pea sprouts for asparagus. It’s a decent mix, the teriyaki fable is a nice meat-free alternative, it’s flavourful and not dry, a bit stringy, kinda like a meatball + pulled pork hybrid. The shiitake mushrooms could have been juicier, romaine lettuce was amply sauced and crunchy, tomatoes were sweet and juicy. Wasn’t a fan of the cold potatoes, and I don’t prefer creamy sauces in my salads.

Overall decent I didn’t dislike it, but I prefer their previous seasonal special / other options!


I decided to try it out for saladstop! after poketheory. But I prefer rice bowl over wrap or pure salad base tbh. I decided to get kokoro ($16.50) and didn't expected that its quite ex compared to other rice bowl. I almost couldn't ate finish similar to poketheory tbh. But the theme for kokoro similar to japan tbh as its onsen egg and also pan fried salmon. I felt puke for eating alfalfa sprouts and the taste don't really nice even though they put sauce inside the bowl liao.

One of the limited specials. Quinoa, spinach, red and white cabbage, corn, edamame, daikon, mandarin oranges, grilled tofu, seared tuna and yuzu soy dressing, plus a choice of breadsticks or crackers.

I wish I stirred this so you could see the seared tuna, which was fresh and generous in quantity. I really liked this bowl, which was fresh, filling and tasty enough that I didn't have to mix in the dressing. The breadstick was a nice complementary snack.

Only available for a limited time, this Christmas wrap really added a good festive cheer to the season! Filled with turkey ham cubes, juicy brussel sprouts, kale, sweet pumpkin, cranberries and raisins and tossed in a sauce (maybe cranberry cos it’s sweet and tangy), this wrap was sweet and savoury all at once without being too dry.

The wraps here at saladstop are packed until they are full and fat and I love that I can be full but no, not fat after eating them 😂