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A far cry from what it used to be in its heyday a long while back. The prata was only decent at its higher price ($1.10 per piece) and the curry was almost industrial; not to my taste. I've had better prata elsewhere at a cheaper price...

The Indian Rojak was fairly standard so I've no comments on that. Hawker stalls around provide a similar taste so there's no real reason to detour.


Prata craves are definitely strong as of late. Doesn't matter whether I'm having them for supper or breakfast or in the middle of the day – those crispy yet fluffy discs of dough coupled with rich, spicy curry never fail to hit the spot.


2nd time at the famed prata shop at Jalan Kayu! I was not so fortunate at my first experience but this time was definitely better. We had plain prata($1.10 min2), egg prata($2), curry chicken($5.50) and Mutton Bryani(unpictured). I don't find their prata that good and it's not cheap 🤔 and their curry taste wasn't that strong 😭!! Their mutton bryani was the saving grace luckily!! I would be going back for that (THEIR MUTTON IS YUM) and will remember to take a photo of it 😂


What happen to the this famous small prata?! It seems to become bigger! Not that it's a bad thing, but it's trademark small size seems to be gone.! It now looks like a typical prata from any other shop! Remember the days when u have to order at least 4 plain prata to satisfy your tummy! Not sure if they are rebranding or something.. But quality wise, I think it's a far cry from those mini prata times.. It still taste good but somehow or rather, I can't help but to feel that it's not the same anymore.. 😔

7.8/10 😐

BILL: Total $12 for 2 pax
Rojak (3 items) $5, Plain prata $1, Egg Prata $1.80, Egg Onion Prata $2, Teh O Bing $1, Teh Halia $1.20

VISITED ON: 11.30pm on Monday (We were talking about doing a midnight run right before this. And then hunger and cravings took over.)

SPECIAL LOVE FOR 💗: The curry and rojak sauce here. And the fresh, finely chopped onion to go with the fried rojak.

VERDICT: C and H both concur that this is the better prata shop along the Jalan Kayu stretch after numerous visits to both shops. It's a further walk from the carpark, but hey it's good to do some walking before and after a sinful supper like this.

You moved from a neighborhood with good prata to another, @drnilng #burpple #dinner

One of the best prata places around. Though not as good as before but it's still good. This is the traditional soft and fluffy type that soaks up curry well. The chicken thigh and mutton ribs curry are my favorite to go with the prata and sugar for the last one. Yummy!


Their Mee goreng was surprisingly good. Thesavi, which has now lost all it's yester-years glory, was synonymous with Singaporean favourite variation of the Indian pancake - roti prata.

I first tried this many years at Jalan Kayu and was won by this round, flaky, crispy prata. Thasevi Prata is one of those things that is less than half of what it used to be. From glory to average. From delight to just passable. Officially part of my #SgMemory

One prata is never enough as we head to another prata stall just down an across the road. Prata wars and thasevi wins! But their prata have shrunk over the years. Still quality>quantity 😉

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We ordered tissue prata, egg onion prata, cheese prata and paper prata. Pretty good but they cooked quite slow.

Pratas were so so #sgfoodie #whati8today #burpple


Apparently the egg and plain one isn't as good as last time (not crisp enough) but I always go for the buttery, sweet and crisp on the sides prata bom (but G's dad said it's for kids 🤷🏻‍♀️) all that's missing is my fav milo dino


Late night supper with my BFF. I am really thankful that she now lives nearby and I can just 'jio' her out to chit chat at night when she is free. 😊 #MsJaniceEats_IndianFood


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Especially enjoyed the garlic cheese prata. Mmm!

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