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[CLOSED] The Oven Cafe Bistro

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A warm and cozy cafe located right beside Tai Seng MRT Exit A. Serving our food with pride and sharing our cheerful vibes with all our dear friends.


From the Burpple community

The homemade mushroom soup here is divine. The rich flavour and the smooth consistency makes it a great starter to any meal. You have bits of fresh mushrooms in each spoonful, together with the goodness of other ingredients that compliment it. I almost always season my soups but this one, it was perfect for my palate.



I'm not so crazy as to travel here on a frequent basis. It's always about some errands I swear!

Decided on this after trying 23 Jumpin the last time. I guess the reviews about the friendly chef-owner and his delicious food pulled me here.

It was past lunch time but still made it in time for a lunch set. There was a soup but it was served in a ramekin too small to savour. The main star is actually the pasta. I opted for the baked chicken, which is a little on the expensive side but worth it. The juicy chicken thigh with crisp skin was lying atop of a umami-filled Chef's Cream (contains meat). Usually when I think of cream pasta, it's either Alfredo, Carbonara or Tomato Cream but this is something else! You have to try it to see for yourself.
Wished I have the stomach for the pizza too, but that will be for another time.

You can see Mr James Loh's sincerity when he thanks you for having food here before escorting you to the exit. 😊

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Good. Chicken baked just nice with thin crispy skin, almost no fat. Seasoning on the chicken abit salty though.

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But each and every time I would get too excited over it and forgot about getting a good photo😂 The baked chicken chop is the best chicken chop I have tasted! I have only seen baked style here and it is done soooo well! Chef is 👍👍👍👍 You won't regret coming here. Intro-ed my colleagues but they seem unwilling to come cause the place is 'ulu' 😔.

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The chef was uber friendly and the food is definitely great! We went with the reviews and ordered a baked chicken spaghetti with the chef's cream sauce and it definitely didnt disappoint. (It also did leave our bellies full all day🍚)


Humble cafe with very earnest chef who will make good recommendations for you.