Woodlands Sourdough

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  • Previously at Serene Centre, now at The Longhaus in Thomson
  • Few seats, prepare to queue on weekends
  • Bakes, sandwiches, great coffee by Cata
  • Cauliflower Pizza, Brownie, Donut, Babka

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From the Burpple community

Surprisingly affordable fancy pastries!
▫️Comte twist ($5) 💯
▫️poached pear tart ($5)
▫️rye balsamic strawberry brownie ($5)
▫️cinnamon roll ($5.5) 💯
▫️croissant ($4)
▫️ pain Au croissant ($5)

Overrall, I really think the cinnamon roll and Comte twist is worth the money for the size and quality! The cream cheese is so smooth and moderately sweet 👍 the cheesy bun is a savoury delight! ❤️

Least favourite is the rye balsamic brownie which is too sticky and breaks into pieces … might be too experimental 😂

Cheddar, avocado, fried egg, tomato, refried beans, pickled onions. This is similar to one of my favourite sandwiches from wsd - the fried egg avo. This also has refried beans which were soft and mushy, the ~Mexican~ element of this torta. Love the combi of ingredients - it’s hearty yet refreshing, in a crunchy sourdough roll. Yum!

Very nice combi! Scallion cream cheese was fragrant n creamy, and the guac added some refreshing creaminess. With the acidity from the capers and onions and the juicy tomatoes, this made for a good balance of flavours. Bagel itself was decent, I feel like it could have been more crunchy on the outside? The toppings were the highlight.

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The cheesy mite is the dream of anyone with savoury taste buds, a combination of Vegemite and cheese, merged with that pillowy sourdough with a crisp exterior. Heat it up in oven for 4 mins for perfection. ($4.50), also got the Tahini cookie as a snack!

Dropped by @woodlandssd's pop up at @bunkerbunkersg to get their nut butter with honey toast because I've missed it a lot and it's still so good! I love how the nut butter was fragrant and slightly savoury in flavour while the honey provided the sweetness 😍

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This popular hole in the wall bread shop is known for their sourdough breads and bakes and I just have to give it a try!

The Aubergine and Tomato Bialy ($5 each) were slightly tough, but the ingredients were really fresh and they were full of flavour. We preferred the tomato version more, as it is much more moist.

Although the Gruyere Roll ($6) seemed simple, but the cheese used was really fantastic with its savoury earthy flavour. Paired well with their sourdough!

The Grilled Cheese ($12) was pretty big and had so much cheese in them together with several other ingredients like garlic and onions. Very satisfying but I do suggest sharing this with someone 🤣

Definitely a great find. Will be back!