Woodlands Sourdough

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  • Previously at Serene Centre, now at The Longhaus in Thomson
  • Few seats, prepare to queue on weekends
  • Bakes, sandwiches, great coffee by Cata
  • Cauliflower Pizza, Brownie, Donut, Babka

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From the Burpple community

Apple cinnamon bun @ $5

I think that's what it is. It's the last one there and didn't get to see the label properly. Not bad, maybe cuz I had it the next day after I bought it, the bread is a bit on the tough side but still tastes good. The glaze is a little too sweet though.

Might not be recommended to be consumed by 1 person, it's a bit too heavy, better to be shared to fully enjoy the flavours and savour it after.

Will be back to check out other bakes next time!

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Since I already here, of course I should grab some of their bakes as well.

Gotten some of their brownie and teacake that still available to buy on Sunday afternoon.

I must say they are pretty decent on the taste and also the texture.

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You won’t spot them easily from the road, as it is located under 183 Longhaus; occupying a narrow space at one of the retail shops.

Many people would drop by to grab their sourdough and bakes.

Some times, they also prepared some sandwich for you to grab as well.

Was here on Sunday afternoon and glad they still have a few sandwiches left, which perfect for me to grab it for my dinner.

Generous portion of ingredients stuffed with their signature sourdough bread.

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This donut feels more special than the cinnamon sugar one, as cardamom is not v commonly used in SG. Cardamom was distinct but not too in ur face, giving nice warm earthy flavours. Ginger was not very prominent, but ginger powder can be kinda spicy so I'm glad that the cardamom flav was more pronounced.

Donut was soft and fluffy and tangy like I remembered, but I think it could have proofed more - they were skinnier than before. Idm tho! It can't be perfect each time, and it was still p damn good 🥳

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Basically a pizza. Thought it was v nice! Loved the ricotta + basil, the basil is superrrr nice. The garlic was good too, soft mooshy garlic rly does give such a burst of flavours. Thought the dough was tangier for this one compared to the spicy cauli. There were also particularly nice bursts of evoo at some parts.

Like their banana cake, this had lots of walnut. I feel like there’s wheat flour? Also had some raisins, and discernible carrot slices. I like the addition of the orange zest on top of the cream cheese! Which wasn’t v sweet, slightly tangy. There’s more ingredients than cake. It’s moist, quite delish!

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