This burger-lookalike Organic Egg & Cheese Melt ($16) is a glorious breakfast sandwich that hugs velvety scrambled eggs, chives, scarmoza cheese, and caramelised onions between a brioche bun. Level this up with house-smoked bacon (+$4) 👌 Also fab was the Avocado Toast ($14), adorned with juicy-sweet heritage tomatoes & haloumi (+$6) — a sight for sore eyes and jaded tastebuds.
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Don’t miss the tostada-fashioned Chilli Lime Shrimp with lotus seed purée and the one-of-a-kind Rice fettuccine tossed in spicy pork ragu — marinated in doubanjiang (fermented bean paste) and showered with pork cracklings. Major love for this!
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Granted, they do their pizzas very well, but there are more than just pizzas to be had at Peperoni. From the wood-fired oven also comes a series of sharing dishes such as this one: fresh tiger prawns in an aromatic pool made up of garlic herb butter and pepperoni.

You’ll want to mop that up with the accompanying crusty sourdough, or not, to reserve stomach space for the other tasty stuff on the menu.


Cones, waffles, and brownies I’ve had aplenty, but perched on a tart? That’s a first. The perfect foil to the fragrant homemade scoops of Genmaicha (tastes just like the roasted tea itself) and Goma (a scintillating blend of black & white sesame), the almond tart was deliciously buttery, crusty, and nearly molten on the inside. Defo worth a revisit.


Meet the Black King ($15.90), in all its creamy, umami glory — an amalgamation of tonkotsu, blackened garlic, squid ink, and a hint of black sesame. Perfect with the hunky slab of melt-in-mouth pork belly. Mix in the black orb of coarsely ground meat, marinated with spices and Nagi’s miso blend, to impart added goodness to the already-fabulous broth.

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Cream of Pork Rib Tea ($12) tasted exactly how it sounds — a velvety version of Bak Kut Teh that bore its signature peppery, garlicky aroma; while the Hainanese Chicken Rice Roll ($20) is an innovative take on the titular dish with tender poached chicken and fragrant rice hugged with cucumber and rice paper, complete with the requisite dips. Mains continued on a high with Miso Cod & Ulam Onigiri ($40) and Rendang Lamb Shank ($34) being crowd-pleasers with their robust flavours and melt-in-mouth quality.

What truly took the cake was the sweet ending of the meal. It was a tie between the dangerously oozy CreatureS Chocolate Cake ($18) and incredibly pulpy Durian Cake ($12) for the top spot, while the Cempedak Loaf Tea Cake ($14) didn’t seem justified for its price tag. The desserts are priced on the higher side here, but their generous portions could easily feed 3-4 diners. This is a place I’d have no qualms revisiting.


Throughout my pomfret-eating years, never would I have imagined it could taste this incredible, in all its crispy-skinned, buttery-fleshed glory. After a separate visit, same fish, with different accompaniments, there I was certain that it was no fluke—@bistronovember does food well (the comforting and the bold), but it does fishes like no other.
Go before their pop-up’s gone next month.

The name alone is enough to incite drool. Think cheddar cheese-crusted waffles with bacon bits baked into its soft centre, topped with savoury strips of more bacon and chive sour cream. A combination that worked well; unsurprisingly — the waffles were good even on their own.

My kind of comfort food. Japchae is proof that there’s beauty in simplicity — a simple sauté of springy Korean vermicelli, onions, mushrooms, and an assortment of vegetables perfumed with a dash of sesame oil. It was refreshingly light and not at all greasy. The price may seem steep, but the portion is good for 4-5 pax plus other sharing dishes.

Otherwise known as army stew, a favourite among many Singaporeans for its spicy, tangy flavours that never fail to perk one up. Look at the generosity in that hodgepodge of ingredients: spam, sausages, squid, tofu, peppers, mushrooms, and vegetables. Soak up the broth’s goodness with their Korean rice, nicely cooked till it’s moist and slightly sticky.

Crafted by a Korean chef, the 17-page food menu (including their popular value-for-money lunch sets) is their earnest dedication to bring us a taste of Korea’s rich culinary heritage.

Like a well-oiled machine, everything on the table was executed with finesse by the good hands of the service crew. My favourites were the juicy flavour-packed grilled meats, Japchae (sautéed vermicelli with mushrooms & vegetables), and Haemool-Pajeon (pan-fried seafood with spring onion pancake), which stayed crisp through out the meal.

And the best part about having Korean bbq? Not having to smell like one at the end of it. Definitely bookmarked as my To-Gol place when the craving strikes. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Hyang-To-Gol for the warm hospitality!

The a la carte menu sees 15 new Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free items, among which the Vitel Toné ($25++) received praises for its composition of tender veal loin, creamy tuna mayo and pickled cabbage on GFDF fried bread, which came together like one big summertime party.

Celiacs can now have their (gluten-free) pasta and eat it. Chef Freddy swops durum wheat for rice flour in the Spaghetti Alle Vongole ($28++), rendering a familiar mouthfeel reminiscent of a more al dente thick vermicelli (粗米粉) jazzed up with creamy white miso sauce and sweet clams.

Come dessert, we clamoured over the deliciously balanced Calamansi Chocolate Tart ($16), while the Dairy-free Apple Crumble ($16) drew polarising reactions with its 8-spice blend; highly aromatic or overwhelming, you decide. #GFDF may be a tall order, but thankfully for us, was realised with aplomb by Chefs Ryan Clift & Freddy Ang and the ODP team 🤛

Thank you @opendoorpolicysg and @burpple for the invitation and hospitality!
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