If you're looking for authentic Vietnamese food, you should check out An Là Ghien. A must order would be their Bánh Xèo, Vietnamese pancake that is fried & grilled with sliced pork, prawns, bean sprouts & an assortment of vegetables.

For the uninitiated, this comes with rice paper which you'd use as a skin, somewhat like a popiah skin to wrap the pancake, lettuce and/or mint leaves & sauce together. In order to use the rice paper, you'd have to spray water on it first to often it into something more flimsy & foldable.

On its own, the pancake is super flavourful! Perfectly crisp along the edges, the ingredients are well-balanced & complements each other so well.

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Newly opened at Raffles City is Kanshoku Ramen! They got popular thanks to their Signature Truffle Ramen & boy did they do it right!

It's been years since I tried it the first time & they have been so consistent. It tasted exactly the same as when I first had it. The creaminess of the onsen egg paired with the fragrant truffle oil, perfectly cooked ramen, and sweet charred slices of chashu-it's no wonder this is their signature bowl!

Their new outlet is located at B1, right next to Tokyo Cheesecake store. With limited seats of about 20 pax, expect to see long queues during peak periods!

Located along Lorong Kilat, Kim's Family Food is well known for their kbbq & extensive korean food options within the area!

Perfect for the rainy weather, their Sundubu Jiggae definitely hits the spot. This tofu stew comes with a base of kimchi stew, giving you that spicy tangy kick while it's broth is absorbed like the slices of silky tofu.

Pair it with their hot pipping bowl of pearl grain rice, this comforting bowl of soup is coming to order whenever I visit!

With multiple outlets across the island, Foreword Coffee can also be found at BakerX.

Located on level 4 of Orchard Central, BakerX is Far East Organisation's capsule space to allow homegrown F&B businesses trial having their own physical store & allow for their business to grow.

They currently hold both Foreword Coffee and a Guiltfree Desserts store. By the time I reached, the desserts were out of stock, so it was just coffee for me!

Their beans were Ou Yang, from Jiangchen, Yunnan, China. As a white, the flavour profile of cherries, dark chocolate & molasses came through distinctively, making it a super comforting cup of coffee.

As a social enterprise, they hire individuals from all walks of life, so please do be patient when you visit! Do also note that payment is via cash or paynow (the latter is preferred).

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With the original store in Toa Payoh receiving the Michelin Bib Gourmand 2022, LiXin Teochew Fishball Noodles has multiple outlets/franchise all across our island. If travelling to Toa Payoh is a trouble, you can get the same bowl of noodles in the west at Bukit Batok!

The same springy fishballs are available and perfectly cooked kway teow with chilli! They have the option of Bak Chor too but I love just plain ol' fishballs that bounces it's way into your mouth.

If you prefer the traditional option, then have a go at their Signature Mee Pok with Superior Soup ($5.50). The noodles are cooked separately as a dry noodle with the same ingredients as the former bowl of noodles, while the soup is cooked as an individual portion as well. In a boiling pot of pork broth, minced meat, lean pork, her giao & handmade fishballs are being thrown in and boiled before being served. What you get is a flavourful bowl of cloudy porky goodness with loads of ingredients.

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We had a go at their Seafood Ikura Pork Noodles ($6) which was a simple bowl elevated with a spoonful of ikura. The egg noodles has a springy bite to it while being tossed in a mixture of chilli, vinegar and the minced pork sauce that the minced pork is being stewed in. Sitting on top of these noodles are lean pork slices, prawns, her giao (fish paste dumplings), minced pork and a scoop of ikura. What the ikura does is to add in that burst of the ocean, adding on to the savoury spoonful of noodles that you have.

A quintessential breakfast or snack that can be found at our local hawkers would be chwee kueh. These little rice cakes are soft, light and somewhat pillow-y & is usually tasteless. However, with the addition of the savoury & oily chai poh (salted preserved vegetables) & a spoonful of chilli on the side, the dish is elevated. There's no replacement for Chwee kueh as it's second to none.

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Previously at Simpang Bedok, The Social Outcast (TSO) has shifted to a bigger & own space at Turf City! You'd spot an industrial-look space with an open kitchen where you can catch all the action & flames.

Their life-sized menu is placed on the side of the restaurant, so the entire venue can browse through it & a secret seasonal menu is made available to you if you tell the chef a pick up line or a joke.

With the open fire, most of the menu consist of grilled meats, pizzas and a couple of fried sides to complement the meats.

So we ordered a couple of meats including this bone marrow. It comes with a topping of tomato concasse salsa, and crackling, served with a side of toasted focaccia. The melt-in-your-mouth butter-like marrow is the perfect spread on the foccacia, bringing out all its umami flavours. Definitely something to order when you visit!

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name aside, this sandwich was not small at all. Crispy potato buns hold together layers of crispy spam, arugula, cheddar & American cheese, perfectly fried egg & hot Mayo. This big breakfast-esque sandwich gets levelled up with that hot mayo which adds a gentle punch to what seems like a heavy bite.

Overall, the portions are great for the price point! As a small store, they have limited seats along the walkway, so first come first serve!

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as the name suggests, this is breakfast in a sandwich form. You've got crispy spam, sauce gribiche (fancy French technique of something like an egg Mayo, but better), chives, American cheese between toasted brioche. This sinful slab oozes out when you pull the sandwich apart, giving you that wholesome feeling & a sloppy finish with the sauce dripping over your fingers.

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this combination creates a great cheese-pull shot with an assortment of cheddar, mozz & American cheese with an addition of marinated juicy Roma toms, basil, caramelised onions sandwiched between crispy sourdough slices. This was simple yet extremely satisfying. The cheese wasn't overpowering which made it easy to finish in one seating.

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