Breakie Breakie Breakfast
Bread, Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch Breakie Breakie Breakfast Start your day with a hearty breakfast and that will set you to a wonderful day ahead! 🥓🥚🍞🍯🥐🥖🧀
Doodle With Noodles
Others, Ramen, Soup Doodle With Noodles Having fun with all sorts of noodles...all places, all texture, all nationalities, all colors...
I See-Food....ЅℰᎯℱᎾᎾⅅ...
Seafood, Western I See-Food....ЅℰᎯℱᎾᎾⅅ... A spread of seafood or just a little...but always a great taste of the sea...
Let's meet...ℳℰᎯᏆ
Western, European Let's meet...ℳℰᎯᏆ All the amazing meat mains...for all the meat lovers. Mostly western...but you'll never know what you'll find 😜
Occasional Sugar Rush!
Interesting, Hidden Gem, Desserts Occasional Sugar Rush! A little sweetness won't hurt...just some of the very special treats...out of the ordinary 🍰
Dine Here To Earn Travel Dollars
Interesting, Travel, Others Dine Here To Earn Travel Dollars I choose to eat here because of the awesome food and it helps fund my travel budget too!