Date Night, Korean BBQ, Korean Korean 친구 Cause oppa told me so. Added a Korean word to make it more authentic.
Cafes & Coffee, 1-for-1 Deals Burpple Beyond The reason why I am still able to live with a roof over my head.
Interesting, Chinese, Hidden Gem Cause I Chinese Staying true to my roots and indulging in everything Chinese in aircon comfort. But also expect to pay slightly more for the comfort.
Japanese Japanese Cuisine Eating my way to a sponsored air ticket to japan
Hawker Food, Chinese, Cheap & Good Hawker/Zichar/Comfort food To save money to spend on cafe hopping. And over here, expect to break a sweat while waiting for your turn as you stand patiently in line.
Newly Opened, Popular, Cafes & Coffee Cafes In Singapore Cafe hopping and burning a hole in my pocket. Oh wait, what pocket.