We were pleased to find that +886 Bistro has garnered a strong following since our last visit - the restaurant was full when we visited on Friday night and we had to wait a while to get a table!

This time, we decided to share a plate of deep-fried enoki Mushrooms with salt and pepper as an appetiser! While the dish comes with other flavours (e.g., mala, sour plum), we thought we would just go with the basics and request only for salt and pepper, which would be hard to go wrong! Indeed, the dish was great as we were served with around 6 bundles of enoki mushroom encased in really crispy batter and the salt + pepper added a yummy layer of seasoning! As anyone who eats enoki Mushrooms would know, it can be a challenge to chew an entire bundle together (especially since one bundle is pretty huge here) so you may want to break up each bundle into a few mouthfuls!

Highly recommend this side dish as it's very delicious and priced very affordably at around $5++!

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We came across the brightly-lit Glacier Cafe in Bendemeer and we decided to pop in for a post-dinner treat! The cafe was pretty crowded on a Friday evening with the supper crowd since it is open past midnight on Fridays, so do be prepared to wait for a table if you are visiting in a big group.

Glacier is pretty famous for its pandan Mochi Waffles so we decided to try it out! The waffle was really thick and while the pandan flavour was very mild, the mochi was fairly generous (plus surprisingly thick) and you could get pretty gelat from it after a while. 😋 Hence, strongly advised to share this treat with someone else!

We got the osmathus oolong and espresso biscoff flavours to pair them with our waffles! The osmanthus oolong flavour was tilted much more strongly towards the oolong side, and you could distinctly taste the light and somewhat smoky flavour of the tea in the scoop! On the other hand, the espresso biscoff flavour was really heavy and you can taste a very pronounced coffee flavour in the scoop. Both scoops were really impressive! 😁😁 However, dining here wasn't cheap and we paid around $17 for our dessert although we think the food here is definitely worth a try!

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We had to pay a visit to Burnt Cones after our breakfast at Sunset Way and we are always pleased that they are open for ice cream even early in the morning! Today, we decided to try the Ube ice cream with a matcha cone, which was priced at around $6. Pretty reasonable for a single scoop on a cone.

The Ube scoop is basically a yam-flavoured ice cream and to be honest, it was really the vibrant purple colour that caught our eyes (looked pretty artificial to be honest). You can definitely taste the yam in the ice cream, but we thought the yam flavour could be stronger (something similar to orh nee) and there was a little too much sugar in the scoop.

The matcha cone sounded pretty interesting and it was great as you could really taste that tinge of matcha in the cone! However, one downside is that the cone is single-layered and really fragile so you have to be really careful not to press too hard on the cone as it will crack and you will get a mess! 😰😰

Burnt Cones was really crowded on a Saturday morning as they serve other brunch fare. Also seemed like they were really short handed as we heard the staff say that it's a 30-minute wait for waffles with ice cream! So be prepared to spend some time waiting for your food to be served but otherwise, it's a great place 😁

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Tamjai Samgor has opened in a small corner at B2 of City Square Mall and we decided to give it a try! We went on a Saturday evening and it was still pretty empty - probably not many knew that the restaurant existed!

We ordered the signature mala broth with mixan, alongside fishballs, sliced chicken and tofu. This added up to slightly over 10 bucks, which was pretty decent.

However, we ordered the 1/2 小辣 and we thought that the spiciness and numbness of the broth was a little underwhelming. It definitely used to be a lot spicier when we tried Tamjai Samgor during the opening of their first outlet at Chinatown Point. Hence, you may want to up the spice level if you are game for it since the spiciness at the City Square outlet seems to have been watered down quite a fair bit.

Deep-fried chicken wings that were marinated in shrimp paste and these were really yummy! The wings were fantastic as they were served piping hot and as such, you may want to be careful before eating them. The dish costs $14++ and do take note that there are only 6 wings, so you may need to order any serving if you are visiting in a bigger group. Definitely a pretty decent appetiser!

For our mains, we decided to try out the panko chicken sandwich as it sounded like a really unique dish! The sandwich were basically two slices of toasted ciabatta bread, which actually resembled baguettes. The bread was actually pretty tough so this dish does require some effort (and strong teeth) to eat.

The mainstay of the dish was the breaded chicken cutlet sandwiched between the two slices of bread! It was really thick and it was very crispy - you can definitely hear the crunch each time you take a bite! The chicken cutlet was breaded with panko, together with a small amount of cheese and paprika although we couldn't really taste either of these. The sandwich also includes lettuce and tomatoes! Overall, it was a great dish and the sandwich was pretty filling; it was much larger than it looks in the photo!

We were pretty impressed by the lower-than-average prices at The Clueless Goat as well! The sandwich costs only $9.80 and we were surprised that we could get such a yummy dish at a cafe near town at such prices. Little wonder that they are so popular! 😁

We chanced upon The Clueless Goat, which is a quaint cafe with a cosy interior that is located in Novena! If you are planning to visit the cafe for breakfast or brunch, do be prepared to go early because the cafe is popular for its lower-than-average prices and its decent food. We visited on a Thursday morning and the cafe was full a short while after it's opening!

For dessert, we ordered a mint chocolate brownie and it was a dish that was served cold! The dessert comprised two layers of chocolate-based cake that sandwiched a layer of mint-flavoured cream. The chocolate layers were not overly sweet and the mint flavour was definitely pronounced. However, we felt that the dessert was a bit heavy even when we shared it between the two of us. Hence, we would strongly recommend not to try this alone as it can get very gelat. Decent dessert for $7!

We came to Dal Komm at Centrepoint for a quick treat and we were pleased to find that it was pretty empty for dinner on a weekday! This particular outlet is really large and has many, many seats so it is really a great place to have a conversation over coffee. 😁

We decided to try out the affogato because at $7.50, it was pretty affordable (and also one of the cheaper affogatos around). The dessert was served with a really big scoop of vanilla ice cream together with a shot of espresso. The vanilla ice cream was generous to the point where the espresso was not enough to cover/melt it completely. Hence, you definitely get to savour some vanilla ice cream on its own. 😁 The espresso was decently strong although it wasn't as powerful as some of the espressos served at other cafes!

Highly recommend the affogato at Dal Komm if you want both a drink and a dessert at the same time!

As tacos are not sufficiently filling for us, we decided to order burritos and The Gringo caught our eyes due to its unique name! This dish is a chicken-based tortilla wrap with marinated chicken, cilantro rice, black beans, pico de Gallo and cheese! The chicken was slightly spicy and added some flavour to the burrito and we liked it! However, the flavour of the chicken and black beans basically overwhelmed the tastes of the other items, as we did not taste any cheese in the wrap.

We also liked the fact that the burritos here were wrapped very tightly and served in a separate paper wrap, which made the dish really convenient to eat. Conversely, we would have created a huge mess out of the burritos served at many other restaurants!

The serving size was pretty generous, however, and we were completely full after finish the burrito. It was way more filling than it looks! The burrito costs $15++, which is pretty standard for restaurant-grade Mexican fare in Singapore and you can be sure that you will get a food coma from this. 😁

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We wanted to try out Papi's Tacos as we heard good reviews about their Mexican food! Indeed, the restaurant was fully booked even on a Monday evening and we could only dine for 90 minutes. Hence, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

For starters, we ordered tortilla chips that came with a guacamole dip. The tortilla chips were decent, but we felt that the avocado post tasted pretty uneven - some parts were almost tasteless whereas other parts were a little too salty!

Nonetheless, it was a pretty decent dish for sharing amongst 2 to 3 pax and it was priced very reasonably at $8++ as well!

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How could we visit Thus Coffee without trying out their filter coffees! The cafe roasts their beans in-house and today, they were serving an Ethiopian blend for their filter coffee. The coffee was served piping hot and it tasted slightly sour at the start, although it seemed to have a little more fruity aftertaste when it has cooled down and we were near the bottom of the cup. Pretty interesting and definitely heartwarming to have this on a rainy day!

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We have heard a lot about Thus Coffee but given it's slightly-inconvenient location at the Sembawang Hills area, it was hard to find a chance to visit! We finally had the chance to head down today and we were pretty impressed by it's quaint and cosy interior. Even though it was a rainy weekday afternoon, the cafe was surprisingly still pretty crowded!

We got a crowd favourite for lunch - the prawn aglio olio! The dish uses linguine and a really generous amount of garlic, coupled with mushrooms, (pretty big) prawns and a decent serving of cut chillies. Pasta texture was just right and it wasn't too hard or too soggy, although we thought that the serving was a little small for the $19++ paid for this dish. The prawns were big, although we suspect that they were of the frozen variety, although this is small matter to us. The dish wasn't that spicy but if you are unable to take spicy food, you might want to tell the staff to reduce the spice level even further!

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