Kam's Roast has just become my favourite roast meat restaurant in Singapore. The roast duck here is oozing with flavour and it's extremely tender. The duck was a joy to eat especially after they removed the bones at my request. Honestly, I've never finished plates of pure meat without veg and feel like I can eat more! It shows just how tender the meat is and how it doesn't make one 'jelat'.

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Chee cheong fun - The rice roll was a little springier and firmer, and had a delicate eggy aroma.

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Fried Mac and Cheese.

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This $3.50 porridge at Everyday Come Coffee Shop totally surprised me. Firstly, I have a prejudice towards coffeeshop porridge because I had too many bad ones. Nowadays I don't even bother with trying... so I stood outside the stall really long before parting with my $3.50. The porridge was filled with sweetness and flavour. Aside from that, the fish slices were thick and plump, it's such a joy to eat! Because of this experience, I'll give some other Hawker porridge stalls another go!

I'm personally not much of a fan of pizzas but this one managed to get my stamp of approval. It's made of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, lychee and smoked duck. The 3 cheese really stood out in this pizza and the cheesy taste kept pulling me back for another slice. I liked it that they paired the smoked duck with lychee. It added balance and sweetness to this strongly flavoured dish. Eating this pizza surprised me in so many ways.. from the onset of even enjoying the pizza to the end where I praised a dish with fruits in it (I don't like fruits in my food).

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Girls too, because bourbon doesn’t discriminate 😊

Thick like melted ice-cream but zapped with a big shot of bourbon whisky, this S’mores milkshake is great for the “kidult”. It’s an irresistible union of alcohol and a fun drink, torched marshmallows, sugared biscuits and all.

As cliche as mass chain shopping mall food features feels like, I just thought I'd highlight soups from soup spoon as the healthy diet alternative. My usual would be subway or salad bowls but when I'm sick of the two, then I'll be inclined to choose the soups at the soup spoon.

This Laksa Pasta totally caught me off-guard. I can't believe a KTV cafe can produce pasta one can crave for. The tangy homemade laksa sauce leaves a lingering aftertaste that makes you keep thinking of the dish. The Pasta uses linguine one of my favourite choice for this dish and it really beats a lot of cafe establishments hands down.

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Chewy meringue style. Served with a dollop of whipped cream.

Loaded up with almonds and dark bittersweet chocolate, this airy and fudgy decadent classic Italian dessert came with a flaky paper thin crisp meringue top crust bursting with flavor. The orange zest lifted and lighten up the dessert by giving that refreshing citrusy hint.

You’ll enjoy this if you’re not wild about really dense chocolate tortes.

After the mad cravings for weeks or maybe months, I FINALLY MET MY LOVE AGAIN, but this time it was even better because of the double shot durian! 😍 It's less icy than I remembered it to be but still oh so satisfying~ Every spoon will send you right up to durian heaven with its richness and creaminess. I love that there's no hint of artificial durian flavours and slurping the whole bowl down wasn't jerlat because of the very well balanced sweetness. Durian purée on top is the perfect icing on the cake. After trying this, not many other similar durian desserts would be able to impress you the same way!

I am pretty much a fan of this An Sheng Seafood soup. Usually I will choose the bigger bowl that cost $8. I'm even thinking of upgrading my selection to the premium fishes.

The broth of this soup is really sweet. All the natural sweetness of the ingredients can be tasted through the soup. I especially like the strongly flavoured pork cubes in the soup. The fish meat as well as the prawns are also very generous. For Hawker food especially lunch, it's an awesome treat!

It's the only stall with a long queue when I went there. Judging from online reviews, they always have a queue. $5.90 for chicken chop with 2 sides really puts Wild Olives on the cheap and good list. This is especially so where Pasir Ris Central Hawker Center features a pricer menu of stalls.

The chicken chop itself is very tender. It's a joy to eat. I was recommended the mushroom sauce which went excellently with the meat. The sides on the other hand was pretty normal. For $5.90, I'm rather satisfied with my meal.