Bars, Cocktails, Craft Beer ALCOHAUL come on lez be real....... we all need our occasional drink aight
Breakfast & Brunch, Western, Burgers Burgers!!!!! big juicy meat patties and crispy buns
Hawker Food, Local Delights, Cheap & Good LOCALFARE super thankful that even amidst the cafe craze, good ol stores never die : ) hearty meals like this that only local food can bring never fails to leave me feeling more nostalgic than ever!!
Healthy, Salads, Sandwiches Healthy Food fresh greens, organic salads, bla everything healthy lor mmm who says healthy food cannot taste good??
Western, Cafes & Coffee, Good For Groups Savoury Thingums burgers, wraps, wings, fries, bla bla lunch dinner supper everythang
Breakfast & Brunch, Newly Opened, Cafes & Coffee Good Ol' Cuppa we all need our early morning fuel for a happy start to the busy day ahead LEGGO
Desserts, Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Newly Opened ICE CREAM (things you can't say no to) Number 1 item I will never be able to say no to!!!!! Creamy soft serves or creative popsicles, NOT FORGETTING BINGSU, I AM ALWAYS READY there's always time for a good icy treat : )
Breakfast & Brunch, Desserts, Cakes Pancakes and Hotcakes and Cakes and FLOUR all things fluffy and cake-y with all kinds of toppings from savoury to sweet. I like it.