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White Chocolate Nori

$3.60 · 15 Reviews

Left: white chocolate nori & rum and raisin
Right: hazelnut latte & mocha Macnut

Value for money portions, fresh ice cream and unique flavours!

Nori was a little jelat after a while.

Using a base of Madagascar vanilla crème anglaise ice cream, it contains rose jelly in it and comes with an oolong tea sauce. Following up on that, Tom’s Palette will be launching a tie guan yin with coffee popcorn ice cream, in collaboration with Parchmen & Co., on 20 and 21 September. In addition to these limited time offerings, previously discontinued flavours will be brought back by popular demand such as the Melt & Sizzle and Red Wine Sorbet, both on 27 and 28 September.

For more permanent offerings, Tom’s Palette has launched three new flavours such as Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers, White Chocolate Nori and Pipagao, available right now at the café.
Tom’s Palette
Address: 100, Beach Road, Unit 01-25, Singapore 189702
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This combination sounds unusual but there’s that umami flavour in the ice cream. I liked how the white chocolate coated almonds gave the ice cream that extra crunch too.

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And again, trip to Tom’s Palette before they shut their doors next June! It’s a pity that they have no plans for relocation currently.

This week, the rotation of flavours had some peculiar flavours like the white chocolate nori back while hazelnut latte that I really enjoyed on the last visit wasn’t available. Excited to see my favourite chocolate, After Eight, as one of the flavours. Milky chocolate with a mix of lingering sweet mint, but it would even be better with dark chocolate. Hence, I was recommended the non-dairy chocolate sorbet, which was nothing but an intense dark chocolate of depth. Dark chocolate lovers are bound to fall in love with this flavour!

The other 2 flavours we chose were the peanut butter cookie, which I don’t really fancy though I have to admit that it tasted like a salty creamy peanut butter indeed, and a sweet-sour musky soursop flavour.

Trust this 15-year Shaw Tower resident for some of the tastiest gelato around. You're in for a treat with the wacky and unapologetic flavours here, like the White Chocolate Nori ($3.60) – think nori (Japanese seaweed) infused into a creamy milk based ice cream with white chocolate-coated almond chunks tossed in. The Parmesan Cheese ($3.60), made with parmigiano reggiano and cream crackers, is another fun flavour to try.
Photo by Burppler D & N

Surprised to really enjoy the Pulut hitam as I initially thought the combination was really weird. The mango blends in well with the thick texture and richness of the black glutinous. Typically love all the diary flavors they come up with like Kinako, Soy bean etc and this is no exception!! Ceylon tea (also diary free) is good too!

Quite saddened to hear that the building will be torn down mid of next year and there are no plans yet to relocate at the moment. Devastating news in fact. Tom’s palette has been around for 15 years, taking us on so many innovative and adventurous ice cream journeys one can only dream of.

Where will you ever find bold ice cream flavors like Pi Pa Gao, Rojak, Lei ca (Thunder tea rice), Tau Cheong Rocky Road, Chee Cheong Fun 😢


We got the white chocolate nori, hojicha, salted caramel cheesecake and savoury crunch! The textures were great- sort of chewy and elastic and yet creamy and soft 😍 The shop also home makes all its ice cream from scratch with an assortment of 180 flavors and changes up their selection every other day!

It’s me!! 🐱 Picked Red Date Longan and White Chocolate Nori 🍫 in the small cup for $4 and was!! left!! so!! IMPRESSED! Especially with the white chocolate nori?! 😱😱 I don’t exactly know how Tom (@tomspalettes) made it work but he sure performed realllllll well as an artist! 👨‍🎤 I’d definitely be back for more of his White Chocolate Nori!

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Longan lotus seed is a CNY flavor. Dairy free with almond milk & longan base, with chunks of lotus seed and kumquat slices. Love the icy texture and the flavor of almond milk. Longan taste is rather subtle. Interesting execution with the kumquat...


Love that you have a choice of 2 flavors for orders of all sizes.

Tried a new flavor today- Soy ginger. Caught my eye immediately being an avid fan of Mr Bean’s soy milk ice cream!! So this is dairy free, made with almond milk. Soy flavor is distinct, and has a slightly icy texture with subtle hint of ginger which is more prominent as an aftertaste. Went so well with my ultimate fav white choc nori 😋