Mazesoba Nagoya Style

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Came here with my friend as she wanted me to try their Mazesoba which she highly recommends.

I followed her recommendation and the both of us ordered the Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style. All of their Mazesoba comes with a cup of paitan soup and free noodle upsize.

The Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style consist of ramen topped with minced meat, shredded nori (seaweed), lots of spring onion and a half boiled egg. Ramen was well cooked and did not stick together. Minced meat was juicy, flavourful and slightly spicy. How you eat this Mazesoba is that you mix the noodles and ingredients all together. You can also add a spoonful of vinegar and chilli oil for more kick. What you get is a creamy bowl of ramen goodness.

There's also a cup of paitan soup. It's a thick, cloudy soup that similar to pork broth. My friend says it's like a palate cleanser for you to drink. The soup honestly tasted like an under seasoned chicken broth but the more you drink, the more the flavours get to you.

Also after you've finished your noodles and have some ingredients left over, you can request for free rice. Super worth it for those who have a huge appetite. There's also free flow of cold roasted tea which the servers top-up quite often.

Back here once again for their Mazesoba! The Nagoya style one is their signature dish. As usual, the noodles are chewy and nice. The minced meat is really well-flavoured, but a bit too salty. Requested for less green onions. You can request for free upsize for the noodles too! This comes with side of soup and free flow tea. Staff are very friendly too. However, seats are limited.

💵: $13.90++

🤔: Am not a fan of minced pork so this wasn't my FAVOURITE but i would say that the flavours were pretty pronounced though it looked seemingly milk/plain

Featuring the Mazesoba Nagoya Style ($12.80) from @kajiken_singapore which is my favourite in the whole of Singapore with the generous amount of minced meat 🍖 and spring onions! 🌱

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For someone who is very into noodles with soup, I'm also strangely liking this Mazesoba concept very much. Here I am trying the original one ($12.80++) at Kajiken - this one has bamboo shoots & a slice of pork included in it.

The flavour is very different from the other Original one that I first tried at Menya Kokoro, which apparently (according to this menu) is Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style. This has more of a porky ramen flavour. I can't decide which type I like, both are delicious in their own way.

One bonus here is that additional noodles (i.e. "upsize") is free! So of course I said yes to that. The downside is that it's cash terms only, so make sure you have enough dough on ya.

Will return here; I'm pretty sure this isn't the last of my Mazesoba adventures!

💷 Accepts cash only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
📶 No free WiFi


The original Mazesoba is suited for those who can’t take spicy food and if you want something similar to mentaiko, then go for the Hokkaido mazesoba! The complimentary soup is peppery and light, good for the rich mazasobas ❤️
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Char siu was quite standard and was on the lean side though still reasonably tender.

Noodles can be a little starchy but with the creaminess of the soft boiled egg it's chewiness and thickness was perfect. Usually Japanese isn't very spicy but I'm glad this had a noticeable kick from the chili oil and the delectable spicy minced pork. Mix everything tgt and start slurping down that umami bomb!

I’ve always preferred eating tonkotsu ramen but this dry ramen has probably changed that. This bowl looks deceptively simple but the taste was really good! The ramen was chewy with a good bite and the meat sauce was nicely seasoned with a hint of spice so there was a nice kick to it!

The mazesoba nagoya style (S$12.80) noodles were springy and chewy with lots of umami-ness from the sauce, and I loved the fragrance of the spring onions when mixed together, tho i find them overly generous.
The dollop of minced meat gave a slight hint of spice, while the runny onsen egg coated the ramen with a rich creaminess.
We also tried the mazesoba with soft boiled egg ($12.30) topped with char siew, onsen egg, bamboo shoots and seaweed. -
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