Buttermilk Waffle

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Weekends are nearing, and being no stranger to the cafe scene at Kampong Bahru since 2012, we visited here mainly just to enjoy amazing coffee and hearty meals😋 Definitely a place worth visiting!! 😄

Living up to the quality food to our palate, the generous Truffle Tagliatelle pasta was easily our favourite dish, cooked al dente along with their nearly perfect mushroom sauce, strong truffle taste and flavourful!! 😋 And as always, their buttermilk waffles texture was crisp and soft on the inside too 🙌🏻

Featuring 📸:
🍝Truffle Tagliatelle ($17.90++) 👍🏻
🍨🧇Homemade Mixed Berry Compote Buttermilk Waffles ($12.90++)
🍫🥛Sea Salt Chocolate, chilled ($6.90++) — My go-to and fav besides their latte 🤤👍🏻
🍵Matcha Latte ($5.90++)

What initially seem to be a Nutella-drizzled waffle did not really taste like it but it was equally good. Real good. The ice cream just tops everything. This is definitely a welcome alternative to their other fruity waffles.
In frame: Hazelnut Praline Waffles [$14.5]

It’s been 5 years since I last came here and the waffles are still as good as I remember. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, with a texture that’s neither too light nor too dear. I like it that many of the waffles have the option of Greek yogurt rather than ice cream – ice cream always feels too heavy for brunch, and Greek yogurt is tasty and healthy. The coffee is good too. I had Magic, one of their specialties, a double ristretto with milk.

The great combination that won't go wrong. The latest menu got a lot of choices on their buttermilk waffles: with Greek yogurt (sounds healthy), milo crumble & caramelised bananas (sounds a bit sinful), homemade mixed Berry compote. Will come back for their tea menu!

This is, hands down, my favourite waffle in Singapore. It’s fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s very soft and light and airy, just the way I liked it.


The waffles were fluffy & airy on the inside, crunchy on the outside! I love it!
Mixed berries compote were tart and lovely, balancing out the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream really well!

The ‘coffee’ comes from the coffee creme fraiche spread on the toast, although I hardly taste any coffee. I LOVE their smoked salmon and their PERFECTLY poached eggs 🍳 {swipe for some real good #yolkporn }. Switched sourdough to multigrain because their multigrain toast is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. Completed with dill capers and seasonal salad, totally a great dish for brunching. 🥞🍓🍨
On the third picture I present you their buttermilk waffles with berry compote and vanilla ice cream. Love the waffles! The outer part is lil crunchy and the inner part is soft and airy. Also love their compote because the sourness just goes perfect with the vanilla ice cream. {some people say @strangersreu have the best waffles in Singapore!}
Had a great time brunching here!

📍Strangers Reunion, 35 Kampong Bahru Road
🚆 Closest MRT: Outram Park (exit G, several minutes of walk)
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Probably the best waffle in town ???? I mean holy moly! Waffle lovers attention! please give it a try !

It makes me wonder if it’s a planet of vanilla beans by itself, because the vanilla beans are so visible within the ice cream!
Buttermilk fragrance will flood your tastebuds as you gently break into the crispy exterior of the waffle with your cutlery. And then BAM! You get the soft, fluffy texture in the “meat” of the waffle!
It’s kinda interesting that this cafe doesn’t smell of an overdose buttery milk waffle fragrance but! You definitely get a super good waffle that ignites all your senses!

Loved the ice cream and crispy waffles!