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Birthday meal means I can choose exactly where I wanted to dine ✨ I don’t think I’ll ever forget Mizuno okonomiyaki in Osaka so trying to find any close semblance of that experience in Singapore has always been at the back of my mind.
While I found the Okonomiyaki here good, Mizuno is of course in a league of its own for now. I’d suggest skipping the seafood platter and just coming for their yakisoba and okinomiyaki.
I’d be back for the soufflé pancakes and another thank you burpple moment for I would not have known of this place without my trusty pink App.

Had the meat grill platter and seafood okonomiyami. Ingredients were flavourful and fresh. Service was also excellent! All in all very value for money and worth the visit

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delicious! the place was quite full when we went!
note : u will come out of e restaurant quite smelly due to the live cooking happening in front of u.

Finally got around to trying Seiwaa, but for their buffet option! Buffet includes their okonomiyaki (options include pork, beef, seafood), monjakayki, appetizers (ate 2 bowls of edamame myself lol, get the tofu if you like cos they use the good quality kind!) (also has karaage chicken), and teppanyaki items. Of the teppanyaki, we really enjoyed their salmon and prawns, which were really fresh. The beef/lamb were kinda chewy, but I actually liked the texture so to each to their own. They also give you free ice cream at the end, but by then you would be bursting with bliss and fats.

Their Buffet option isn’t thaat cheap, but considering the quality of the seafood and other stuff, it’s really worth it. Also they have 52% off second diner for any card you use (I think!) which is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 or you can take a cue from our neighboring Japanese customers, who just ordered an okonomiyaki EACH and buckets and buckets of beer.

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We had fun cooking the okonomiyaki with the help of their friendly staff. However, it just taste like cabbage with dough. We can't really taste the meat. It would taste much better if they are more generous with the meat and add seasoning to the dough.


First, we mixed the batter well and laid it out on the griddle with a thin layer of oil. The estimated time taken for each side to cook is about 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pancake. The hardest part was flipping the pancake without creating a mess. After all the hard work, you may top off your golden-brown Okonomiyaki with the condiments provided: topping sauce, Mayonnaise, Dried Bonito flakes and Aonoir powder.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/seiwaa/

You can even cook the Japanese pancake yourself with a grill on your table, plus add on your desired toppings! Check it out!
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I was like so "zoned out" that I cannot remember whether this was a okonomiyaki or a monjayaki. All I could do was just let my video camera do its thing....aim n shoot.
But one thing for sure, this tasted good except that it was alittle heavy.
It was fun looking at the flakes do their exotic swaying.
Thank you @that_dex @coolheart @i_post_for_love for being so understanding towards my "out in space" mood😩. Please feel free to comment what I ate cos my mind last nite was a total blank. Thoroughly enjoyed the food, desserts and awesome company😄
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