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Gangster Mango Ice

$2.50 · 26 Reviews

A play on the Chinese pronunciation of durian (Liu), mango (Mang) and ice (Bing), this gangster Ice dessert is a crowd favourite at Jin Jin Dessert located at ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre.

The combination of Mao Shan Wang durian purée and sweet mango cubes sitting atop shaved ice drowned in evaporated milk is simply irresistible!


Gangster Mango Ice ($3.00) consisted of Sliced Fresh Mango and Durian Ice Cream with ice. It’s one of the best selling dessert at the stall at there.

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Frozen durian purée, cubes of sweet mango atop shaved ice drowned in evaporated milk—what’s not to love?
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Must Go👍🏼


Sweet Mango with scoop of durian puree. 😋😋😋.
📍Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert.
6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-21.
ABC market food centre


Tangy cubes of mango & frozen durian pulp on top of shaved ice with evaporated milk sounds like a match-made in heaven. Price point is still affordable after the increase. However, I wouldn’t travel all the way down specially just to have this. 🍧


Go rogue with this Gangster Mango Ice ($2.50). It is not the usual mango cubes on ice with condensed milk anymore when a dense scoop of durian puree joins the party. That pungent aroma and bittersweet taste doesn't exactly go well with the tangy mangoes but this won't matter if you are a durian-lover. 😆


The only reason I'd travel out to ABC Brickworks is go have this see dessert. Mango ice with a dollop of durian puree on top. The durian is one of the most flavourful around. 😋


Try Ice Dessert ! ... ~
Gangster Ice - $3
In such chilly weather, what’s more shiok is to order a bowl of ice dessert! Durian paired with mango is a great combo, but serving could be bigger because I finished it in no time! They could have add condensed milk instead to sweeten the dish, as such ice dessert gotta be sweeter in my opinion. But nonetheless it’s a very affordable dessert for all to enjoy
Jin Jin Hot / Cold Dessert (#01-21)
ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre


I like mangoes and I like durians too, so when I learnt about Gangster Ice (S$3.00) I thought it would be a power-packed dessert.

It’s really mean to put a scoop of frozen durian purée on top of those mango cubes, but then the shaved ice with evaporated milk felt a little limp. It could either be the lack of flavour (would have been nice if it is a bit denser, like if milk shaved ice is used, or if mango syrup is added) or the lack of texture (like some flavoured bites inside would be nice).

The Gangster Ice may be popular, but it did not win my heart. I’ll give this one a pass.