Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Katong)

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Spiced Pear Gelato

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Been eating this since VJ days since it’s near sch and imo one of the best gelato in SG I love the thyme cone!! Slightly savoury n goes v well w the ice cream. A lot of their flavours r botanical n I rly like their spiced pear gelato it’s Soo festive!!


A definite must get with every trip to the East! Though the snaking queue seems endless, the line moves fast and is definite worth the 10-15 min wait 😍😍 Spiced Pear gelato was interesting, but paled in comparison to the White Chrysanthemum!! The chrysanthemum flavor was subtle yet ever present, and went well with the thyme cone (which honestly smelt stronger than the taste) 🀀🀀 Loved how the fragrance of the thyme cone fills the entire little shop, so honestly the queueing time passed quickly with the heavenly smell of fresh waffles to accompany us πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


You have to try the thyme cone here! So good! We got the spiced pear gelato and hazelnut gelato🍦

Because I always pig out to the point I never have enough space for dessert haha (oops). πŸ™Š

Did it live up to my expectations? Welllllll, I tried a few flavours. They were nice but was it angels-singing-in-my-mouth level of mindblowing? Probably not. Some flavours were too subtle, like vanilla fig. I like my gelato filled with so much damn flavour such that when you take the first bite, it's like something punched your taste buds with deliciousness, and it hits your consciousness soon after, kinda like "oh my God, what did I just put in my mouth?" y'know. Sadly, I did not get that with Birds of Paradise, but then again with their calm minimalist decor, maybe that's not what they are aiming for.

Another flavour I tried was chrysanthemum. It was nice and not as sweet as Licktionary's (which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference). I got spiced pear in the end, and I admit it was enjoyable. Like I'm having snow pear soup in ice cream form.

Worth $4.70 for a single scoop? I guess so. But I'm still waiting for the day Gelato Messina comes to Singapore. #Burpple

Finally, I've been here and I think this place deserves all the hype.
I'm captivated by all the floral scent - in both the gelato and the cone. The white chrysanthemum, cinnamon in the gelato, and thyme infused cone are all natural and delicate. Better still, it's priced lower than many Italian gelato.
This is one classy ice cream.


Its flavour remains distinct even with the presence of the woody accents of cinnamon and the herbal spiciness of star anise, a fruit of an evergreen oriental tree.
For the light brown Acai Pomegranate gelato, the refreshing zest of acai and pomegranate with chia seeds blended within is a delightful treat but it pales in comparison to its more eccentric neighbour.
🏚63 East Coast Road 01-05 Singapore 428776
Opening Hours:
Tues to Fri 4.30pm to 10.00pm
Sat to Sun 12.00pm to 10.00pm
$4.70 for single scoop
$7.70 for double scoop
$16.00 for pint
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Hearing about a white chrysanthemum gelato had me πŸ‘€ and I was definitely making a trip down to check Birds Of Paradise out.

I'm sure glad I did, if Venchi is the heavy hitter in the world of chocolate gelatos then BOP is their lighter, fruitier counterpart. Loved the mild sweetness of the white chrysanthemum and how it captured the essence of the flower 🌼. The spiced pear was also πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ

The space is simply a bright, cheery place. Friendly staff, nice decor and you can even help yourself to the Lychee Black Tea they set out really just makes for a pleasant experience that makes you wanna visit if you're in the area. Do note though that there is only standing space.


Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique may just a couple of weeks old, but they are already getting quite a bit of attention, thanks to memorable gelato flavours like the refreshing Spiced Pear and the creamy Strawberry Basil. This tiny scoop shop, really more of a takeaway counter, is located within the recently restored The Red House Katong and serves nine original, herb-infused flavours on rotation daily. Stop by on a hot day for a lick of the Spiced Pear Gelato ($4.70 per scoop) while marveling at the gorgeous botanical wallpaper in the shop or reward yourself with a double scoop (you deserve it!) of the Mint Cacao ($4.70 per scoop) and White Chrysanthemum ($4.70 per scoop) on their flavourful Thyme-infused Cone ($1) to go!
Avg price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Irina Tan

So greedy me couldn't pick just one flavour to have, and since they offer fresh Thyme Cones for I was early and they didn't have any, I decided why not go for two scoops instead β€” one in a cup and one in a Thyme Cone (it's the only cone available and costs an additional $1 more). If you are one who prefers fruity flavours but can't do with a sorbet (which fully describes myself btw), this is it; the Spiced Pear isn't quite like the White Chrysanthemum where it faded out with milkiness β€” the flavours actually managed to stay through the end and it's rather refreshing for a cream-based gelato where you could actually taste how fresh it is; almost akin to biting into an actual pear with a little hint of spices such as the Star Anise and Cinnamon added into it. Admittedly this flavour isn't the best combination to pair the Spiced Pear gelato with β€” a little too strong as the herbed flavours felt blanketed by the gelato, but you could still taste the fragrant buttermilk batter and the flavours of the herb when you reach the bottom. Both things are items I would go back for, but perhaps the next time I shall leave the Spiced Pear gelato in a cup while perhaps pair the Thyme Cone up with the Basil gelato instead.