Grilled Sea Bass

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This features a medium-sized, whole sea bass fish. While it wasn't as fresh as I'd expect, the fish meat was tender, flaky, and savoury sweet, though the fish skin was slightly rubbery.
The fiery spicy mala soup base of mala peppercorn, star anise, ginger, spring onions, and chili oil, along with the fish, is served in a large, flat hot pot, and bubbles away delightfully throughout your meal.
We got the medium spicy, which has a sharp kick, and a lingering burn. Not overly salty or oily, which I like.
You can choose to add-on other ingredients to the meal; we selected 4.
The Lotus Root (SGD $2.90) is crunchy vegetal sweet, and picks up the soup base well.
The Chinese Cabbage (SGD $2.90) has a tender crunch, with a vegetal sweet flavour, but also soaks up the oil.
The tender savoury Luncheon Meat (SGD $4.90) has a soft chew.
The Kungfu Noodles (SGD $4.90) are thick and flat, with a bouncy chew and a delicate grainy sweet taste.
Sichuan Kungfu Fish
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We had the sea bass and the portion was sufficient for two pax. Also added beancurd skin, potato slices and enoki mushrooms. We picked the 小辣 because we had previously read other reviews about their mala to be pretty potent😅 the spice level we picked was shiok without being so overpowering that we couldn’t enjoy our food.

And isn’t it cute that it was served in a fish shaped dish 😄😍

Tried grilled sea bass in mala (medium hot) and was not disappointed . While not numbing hot, it is sufficiently fiery and tasty. Fish is well grilled and I like it that it is a “soupier” version of the Sichuan grilled fishes out there. Slightly pricey for the size though. Will be back !

You get to choose your ideal fish, sea bass, cod, snapper etc. I tried the signature MALA base and wasn’t disappointed at all. My platter consisted of sesame oil-laden homemade noodles, lotus root, enoki and chinese cabbage. It’s simple but super rich and satisfying. Fish was flakey, fresh and absorbed the intense flavours from the soup.

Good to share with 3-4 pax.

$: around $35/pax

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Mala Grilled Sea Bass (mild) - try it if you dare!

This new restaurant in Suntec City specialises in Sichuan-style grilled fish — great for spice fiends! The concept is straightforward: select your choice of seafood and then a base from various styles and varying spice levels. There are also veggies and sides like luncheon meat and fish cake, which you can add on for an extra charge. According to Burppler Jayson Yeo, even the mildest spice level packs quite a punch, so choose wisely! He went for the Grilled Sea Bass ($35.90) cooked mala-style at the mildest spice level. The fish is fresh and grilled till the exterior is beautifully crisp, before it is immersed into the spice-filled soup. He likes that servers automatically top up the soup stock, so don't be shy to slurp it all up! Side add-ons like beancurd skin and enoki mushrooms ($2.90 each) do well to soak up all the broth, but bear in mind that the fish is sizeable, so limit the extras unless you're dining with a larger group. Alternatively, order the Eggplant that Deserves a Beating ($5.90) on the side. Weird name aside, the eggplant is grilled till velvety soft and slathered in a yummy minced garlic paste — delicious! Pour on some of the mala sauce from your fish for an extra kick.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo

This is probably the reason why you’d be here, and you’d better be ready to sweat and feel the fire!🔥 We picked the 小辣 option, and even then we could feel the heat creeping up on us. Pretty shiok though, and even better when doused over their fluffy rice (they were using short grain when we visited). The fish was fresh as well, but the skin was rubbery so we didn’t touch that.

My only qualm was our add-on of enoki mushrooms was spread out so thinly, you had to gather strands together to get a mouthful.

⚠️ Fair Warning ⚠️ The next day wasn’t entirely pleasant. 😂

Grilled Sea Bass ($35.90)
Yet another new restaurant specializing in Mala style grilled fish @sichuankungfufishsg . One of my all time favourite dishes to have, I just love drizzling all that mala gravy over my rice and slurping up spoonfuls accompanied with chunks of fish meat. Whilst I like my food spicy, I don’t see the point of self-torture so I tend to go for the mildest spice level so that I can properly enjoy the soup. Great thing at Kungfu Fish is that they will automatically top up the soup stock if it is running dry. Do note that at Kungfu Fish, the mildest heat level actually really packs a heated punch nonetheless.
Aside from the sea bass, the rest of the fish options are a tad more pricey. The sea bass was good enough, being very fresh with no fishy-ness. The sea bass was grilled till its exterior was super crispy before being immersed in that wicked soup. For once, I tried crunching on the tail and it was amazingly tasty. We added beancurd skin and enoki to the dish ($2.90 ea). Many other choices are also available but as the fish portion is rather sizeable, it’s probably best to limit your side add-ons. Don’t forget to grab yourself some complimentary ice-cream after the meal!


This is one of the more delectable flavours for your choice of fish, as opposed to other deviant options which “likely caus(e) its conquerers to drip with perspiration in manner of a Britney Spears music video” and lead to “frequent backdoor volcanic projectiles...the next day”. Not for the faint-hearted and lily-livered.

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