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Bun Thit Nuong

$17.90 · 10 Reviews

Loved the grilled pork meat in the Bun Thit Nuong and the vermicelli which went well with the zingy sauce that was provided on the side. However, I felt that the Pho Ga was too salty! Overall, still a decent deal having paid $14 for both dishes!

Pop by this homely joint in UE Square for affordable and satisfying Vietnamese nosh. Popular here is the Bun Thit Nuong ($17.90) – cold rice-vermicelli noodles with juicy barbecued pork and fragrant hints of basil, mint and fish sauce. The zingy Bun Rieu ($22.20), comprising rice noodles in a spicy-and-sour tomato and seafood broth is another foolproof pick.
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Great find. 😋😋😋
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Authentic Vietnamese BBQ pork noodles and Vietnamese pancakes. The BBQ pork is tender and charred to crispy perfection (sometimes a little Chao Tah) and the pancakes taste as good as the ones I've had in Danang. The food here is value for money especially if you're using Burpple Beyond.

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Used Burpple 1-for-1 offer for this and the Bo Luc Lac, feel like this bun thit nuong actually tastes better! Noodles were dressed with refreshing sauce, and the pork with grilled with just the right amount of char. Perfect for a light dinner/lunch!

Bun Thit Nuong ($11.90) was pretty impressed by this dish. The rice vermicelli was light and not too “sticky”, generous amounts of greens were given (as with all authentic Vietnamese bun dishes), and the grilled pork was excellent. It was not too dry and the char was quite similar to what I had in Vietnam. The only downside was that the service was exceptionally terrible today, the waitress was unfriendly and rude. 1 for 1 available on Burpple Beyond.

Given the scorching weather, I opted for a bun thit nuong. It was amazing. Light and refreshing and that grilled pork was done so on point. Marinated just right and grilled to perfection. I asked for more vegetables and less noodles and they gladly accommodated me. All washed down with a lime soda. What a happy meal. Definitely coming back to try more of their offerings, especially when it’s all msg free


Another place that serves pretty good Viet fare! While not as pocket-friendly as Mrs Pho, the food's pretty tasty and legit.

Out of all the items we tried, the highlight for me was the banh mi. The baguette was crisp on the outside and cottony inside, stuffed with grilled pork plus the usual carrot and radish pickles drizzled with nuoc cham (fish sauce + lime + sugar dipping sauce). Apparently they bake their own bread using a special oven to achieve that lovely texture inside and out, just like the good ones you can in Vietnam.


Think a Vietnamese cold rice noodle salad but with thick slices of barbecued minced pork, viet fish cakes, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, toasted peanuts, FRIED SHALLOTS (yeap pile that on please) and their very special housemade fish sauce. Light, refreshing, the kind of salad with a good mix of acid, crunch, salt and punch from the fish sauce that keeps your chopsticks going back for more. This is also another excuse why I should eat out with the chefs @jonathanleewe @le_d_nghe more often cause they know exactly just what to order.
Foresee myself making multiple trips back to Moc Quan (though I don't even know how to properly say the name of this dish; supposedly pronounced: “boom tit neng"). 11.9bucks/serving
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