38A Margaret Drive
#02-34 Margaret Drive Hawker Centre
Singapore 142038

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10:30am - 03:00pm

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From the Burpple community

One of the popular food stall at Margaret Drive Hawker Centre that the queue always long, serving their authentic Hakka style thunder tea rice and yong tau fu.

Since their yong tau fu also one of the popular item here, so I grab this instead. You get to choose the fried items or veggie pieces you want.

I would say the fried items are so crispy and delicious. Get about 4 pieces should be enough to complete it as a meal.

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[Hakka Thunder Tea Rice]
Have seen and heard about this famous Thunder Tea Rice at Tanglin Halt Food Market, and only finally got to try it recently! Do be prepared to wait for a really long time though, the queue is pretty long esp during lunch time!

Thunder Tea Rice ($4 White Rice / $4.50 for Brown Rice)
Their Thunder Tea Rice comes with a lot of ingredients in a bowl, and you also get to add Yong Tau Foo (each pc $1) to the bowl. I added on 1 Meat Ball and 1 mushroom, which was really not bad!

Let's start with the Thunder Tea Rice - with so much ingredients in the bowl, and especially with the crunch from ikan bilis and peanuts, there'll be a lot going on, and you'll start to realise the bowl seems to be never-ending. Certainly a huge portion, and I enjoyed pairing with the chilli/ sweet sauce (self-service).

Really recommend getting their YTF, which they were constantly frying, so you know it's freshly made. The meatball was crispy on the outside, and the meat was really juicy and flavourful! The mushroom also had a strong fragrant mushroom flavour you don't get in all mushrooms, so was pretty enjoyable!

Altho I'm not exactly a fan of the Thunder Tea (green bowl), I still managed to finish ¾ of it (surprisingly). I'd say it's acquired taste - pretty Herby and minty, but I found myself not disliking it as much as I used to.

Possibly one of the better (or best thus far) thunder tea rice I've eaten so it's pretty much worth a try!

Address: 3A Commonwealth Dr, #01-31 Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Singapore 141001

Overall Rating: 8/10

The queue for this is crazy. It moves very slowly, I spent about 1 hour queueing for this because the sunk cost fallacy kicked in. Started at ~11.45am on a Sunday.

It’s quite good! There’s ikan bilis, mani cai, long beans, leeks, cabbage, peanuts, firm tofu cubes and cai po. I added on a fried taukwa (which was huge). Each component was done quite well, textures and flavours were great - peanuts/ikan/longbeans were crunchy, veg/tofu were soft with a bite, and the taukwa was freshly. The soup was quite palatable, not too bitter but not as nutty as lindama’s. I would definitely come back again, it was a very satisfying meal. Just that the 1-hour queue is a turnoff so I’ll probably come much earlier next time.

I was searching for it in Tanglin Halt Market but to no avail. Actually it’s at Tanglin Halt Food Centre which is 3min walk away. I ordered thunder tea brown rice ($4 - has chopped veggies, tofu, ikan bilis, peanut, soup is lightly bitter but wholesome and hearty) and the handmade yong tau fu which are filled generously with minced meat/fish paste (1 each of all YTF, $6.40). The soup is very flavourful and the chilli is sedap!

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📌 客家佬擂茶(Hakka Thunder Tea Rice) ・ Thunder Tea Rice (Brown Rice) $4 ヨントーフの具 ¢90/個 ・ ようやく念願叶ってサンダーティーライスもしくは擂茶(れいちゃ)と呼ばれるシンガポール風お茶漬けを食べに行ってきました。 お店によって味が違うと聞いてはいましたが、サンダーティーライスを食べるならココ!と決めていたコモンウェルスのホーカーにあるストールへ。 先に感想を言っちゃうと・・・ 「美味しすぎ」 見た目はちょっと危険な香りのする食べ物だけど、そんな見た目に反して?めちゃくちゃ美味しい。 で、サンダーティーライスって何なのよ?って言うと・・・、ご飯の上に刻んだ野菜や炒り豆腐、小魚、ナッツなどの具をたっぷりと乗せて、ハーブの入ったお茶を掛けて食べる、三国時代から続いているという、1800年もの歴史と知恵が織り込まれた料理だそうです。 擂茶の「擂」は擂る(する)ことで、緑茶、ミント、バジル、パクチー、ゴマなどをすり鉢で擂ったお茶のことを言います。 擂茶はペースト状のお茶にお湯を足して提供されるのですが(テイクアウトの際は家でお湯足してくださいね)、ココのはかなりドロっとしています。写真①から伝わりますかね?味はミントのおかげかえぐみもなくさっぱり、ゴマかな?甘味もあって美味しい。 サンダーティーライスの味の決め手はこのお茶にあると思う。 つまりお店によってこのお茶の味に差があるんだと思います。 あとは上に乗せる具が店によって多少違うみたいなのですが、ココは炒り豆腐、イカンピリス(小魚)、ネギ、白菜、ピーナッツ、セロリ、菜っ葉の漬物等でした。 小魚やナッツが入っていないお店もあるそうなんですが、この2つは食感も味も共にいい仕事っぷりだったので、入ってた方が美味しいと思います。 そしてこちらのヨントーフ。 これがまたヨントーフ専門のお店より美味しいんじゃないかって言うくらい美味しいヤツ。 ローカルの方のほとんどがヨントーフもオーダーしていて、中にはヨントーフだけを持ち帰る人もいたくらいです。 開店前から列ができ始めて、わたし達が帰る頃には行列になっていたのも納得。 他店でも食べたことのある友達もココのが一番美味しいと言っていました。 となると、もう他のお店は行かなくてもいい気もするけど、ココがどれだけ美味しいのかを比較するだけのために、他のお店のも気になっています。 #客家佬擂茶 #擂茶 #客家擂茶 #客家 #客家料理 #サンダーティーライス #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #singaporefood #singaporefoodie #singaporefoodlover #singaporegourmet #싱가포르생활 #กาแฟสด #สิงคโปร์ #シンガポール #シンガポールグルメ #シンガポールランチ #シンガポールフードコート #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール暮らし #シンガポール生活 #シンガポール情報 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポール在住 #burpple #みど朝活隊

I ordered a bowl of thunder tea with white rice for $3.50.
There are a medley of ingredients in my bowl including chye poh (preserved radish), tau kwa, fried ikan bilis, peanuts and some kind of vegetable that I was not able to identify.
The bowl is rather light on flavors as the chye poh is the sweet variety. However, the seasoning from the vegetable makes up for it.
While everything was chopped up for easy eating, the ikan bilis and peanuts added some crunch and texture to the dish.
Read more at: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/03/hakka-thunder-tea-rice-blk-3a-tanglin.html?m=1
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