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Il améliore la vie et, comme tout ce qui procure du plaisir, il vaut la peine de bien faire
Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well

☕️: Latte - $4.5
📍: @tionghoespecialtycoffee Singapore

$6 | Tucked in a corner of Rainbow Centre in Margaret Drive, a nice quiet cafe that is managed by students with development disabilities, definitely worth trying!

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Wong Yan Kei is the baker and owner of SweeT.rex offering souffle pancakes, pudding and lemon cheesecake among others. SweeT.rex is a play on words inspired by her daughter's interest in dinosaurs and her passion in baking. Visit on weekends, which is just around the corner!

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A shame. The standards of tutu kueh - at pasar malam - have dropped since my younger years and I was hoping a big brand could recreate that. Lau Tan did not. It's hard and the flour was overpowering, everything that bogs down pasar malam tutu kueh.

Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappuccino ($9.40) have blended up with matcha, red beans, milk and ice. It topped with whipped cream, rice petals and cranberry toppings. The red bean have its own crunchy texture but it was very diffcult to slurp from the straw itself. For the taste of itself, it was quite mix of sweet and bitter for the drink with complement of red beans.

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We were so satisfied with the yam abacus beads ($7) here!! Texture was soft but not mushy, comes with a little gravy and not oily at all. Definitely one of the best abacus beads we have eaten. We also tried the braised meesua, bibimbap, rice with tofu and mushroom and curry rice. Overall they were tasty and I really like the braised meesua for its simple yet comforting taste.

A hidden gem. Very aromatic cafe in the hdb, serving quality coffee. One sip already blew me away. Envy the residents who can pick up their coffee here daily.