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🍰 Mini Festive Platter
📍Melvados (@melvados.sg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $14.50

Got this platter from Melvados! I love trying an assortment of different bake flavours so this was fun. This has 8 flavours, please excuse my 1 liner reviews because I honestly dont know what else to say lmao

🍫 Double Chocolate Brownie
Chocolatey and pretty fudgy

🖤 Black and White Brownie
Similar to the double chocolate brownie, except sweeter

🍪 Oreo Cheesecake
Quite creamy. Nice

🥭 Mango Mousse Cake
This has a smooth texture and nice fruitiness

❤ Red Velvet Cake
Tastes like cake. Nice

🧡 Speculoos Cheesecake
Pretty sweet, speculoos taste isnt super strong but its good

🥥 Ondeh Ondeh Cake
Really like the coconut here! Pretty fragrant, probs my fav cake

👑 Royal Chocolate Truffle Cake
Rich and chocolatey with a soft chocolate cake and cream

⭐ Rating: 8/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe

Anyone that calls it’s called a Devil’s Flourless Cake ($9) means some serious chocolate business. Either the gao-gao jelat kind or the kind that makes one put on calories just by looking at it.

This one was the latter as the base was a chocolate cake atop a fruity Valrhona chocolate mousse with a thin chocolate ganache. I loved it but wished the cake part could reduce it’s height by 30-50%.

ROI: 80%

* Note: my taste palate leans towards dark bitter chocolate at a sweet spot of 65%-72% cocoa. So please use that as a gauge of my taste perspective.

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Always long queue so I bought $10 worth. Don't know why the flour kinda dense and moist. Tutu kueh has been like this for years now. Maybe rushing it due to the popularity causes this. Peanut and coconut were still the best. We also tried red bean, which is pricier, but it's dumb.

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Got to love the butter rice in the omurice most! Hidden below the soft omelette, the rice has a strong garlicky-fragrance and blends well with the the tender, flavourful beef. There's usually a queue so try to head down early before mealtimes. (Do try their soup! Tiny portion but rich.)

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There was a long queue and I decided to try it however I will not be returning.

This plate costs $5.90 and the portion is not huge but more importantly, the sauce has this herbal taste which I absolutely did not enjoy.

The only saving grace was the vegetable which was crisp.

They seem to only accept cash, as of now.

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Deep fried meat balls with salted egg yolk wrapped inside and grains of rice wrapped on the outside.

Both the meat balls and salted egg yolk were dry and the meat didn’t taste fresh.
A plate of 5 meat balls cost $15 which is completely overpriced.
Will not order in future.

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Despite the name, this wasn't baked or roasted. It's deep-fried. Obviously, that meant it's indulgent but unhealthy. The filling is quite typical of meat buns.

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An interesting innovation by them, the stallholder told me. It seems the idea is to fill a bun with random ingredients from ma la xiang guo. That means this bun actually has both chicken and pork. There's also the distinctive numbness of mala.

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club sandwich very edible pizza oK


Previously from @kurasusg & @thecommunitycoffee, the owner + barista of @rookies.coffee also clinched the title of Singapore Aeropress Champion!👏

👉Bandung Espresso (Iced) - SGD6.50

Well-balanced, fragrant & not bitter at all.😬

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Rookie’s Coffee Shop
124 Bukit Merah Lane 1 01-144, S150124

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