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So glad that we chose to get this even though it wasn't a best seller or one of those items that are specially "badged" on a menu.

We were pleasantly surprised by the thickness and juiciness of the patty coupled with just enough mentaiko sauce to make it a delightful dish. The truffle fries were also a welcome additional unlike the normal ones we usually have elsewhere. 😋

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The soy milk 🥛is a little too overpowering. That being said, I still quite enjoyed it.

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Surprise surprise, these souffle pancakes are found in a hawker centre, probably the most affordable souffle pancakes you'll ever find. Took 25-30 minutes wait, was cloudy, melts in your mouth but was kinda eggy. Needs more sauce. 4/5

I grabbed the small banoffee pie ($4.90) because of the name - I love bananas and caramel and chocolate.

What I got was something that tasted like my chocolate and banana overnight oats. It was sweet, delicious, but also healthy tasting. I would get this if I wanted something sweet but felt bad about all the stuff I ate before, but this isn’t really a ‘treat food’.

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I found the cake for earl tea flavour is quite strong than honey. ($6.50) The cream for earl honey cake is quite heavy and thick texture and well matched with dry cake.


Perhaps not the best around, it’s still difficult to beat the price of $3 for 2. Made freshly upon order (expect a wait of 15 to 20 minutes), SweeT.Rex’s Soufflé Pancakes were pillowy-soft, moist and uber fluffy. However, served with a sauce of your choice (chocolate, caramel or strawberry), the drizzles could not hide the overwhelmingly eggy taste of the warm pancakes. The griddle too, seems to have left a strange aftertaste to the custard-like exterior. So at least for the pancakes, I wouldn’t recommend a special trip down yet suprisingly their Cheesecakes were superb and something I may go back for.

$6.50 for this platter of savoury soft mutton rendang, diced fried beef lung, cubes of eggplant & the always tasty egg omelette. With some slightly sour sauce over fluffy rice. Awesome!
During lunch at Java Corner, commands a lot of regulars, brisk queue, do come early of course.


Fluffy, airy and really soft pancakes at a hawker center! Sauces to choose from include caramel, chocolate and strawberry. However there was a very overpowering metallic taste in the batter which I attempted to cover with copious amounts of chocolate and caramel sauce to make it more edible. Though it is really affordable, it may not be a place I will return to for a pancake fix.
Other than the pancakes, you can also find puddings (matcha, chocolate) and lemon cheesecake there!

The place has the making of a hidden gem; “Ulu” location , specialty focus but alas, the coffee did not hit all the right notes for me. Coffee taste is good but on the “soft” side for me in terms of the coffee accent.

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Savoury feesh 🐠 hor funnnnn 😙🍜💖👧🏻👧🏾 Good food tastes better & gooder w awesummm company! #horfun


Decided to try the Fish and Chips with Salted Egg Sauce ($7.50) from Hungry Jack and it was... not worth it. The fish was decent, but the sauce didn’t resemble salted egg sauce. I’m actually not sure what it resembles because there wasn’t much taste.

And let’s not mention the fact that it looks completely different from the picture.
Would not recommend and I doubt I’ll be buying from this stall again (at least for the foreseeable future)