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Nasi lemak portion was pretty big. Well worth for $12! Note that they serve healthy food but not allergy free. Cross check with them if you have any food allergies.

For Masterchef Season 2 Chef Leon Lim’s appetiser in the finale, he made a Rojak Roll with churro, where judge Audra Morrice declared “I think you might want to put a patent on this dish right now.”

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The foodcourt in the basement of Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a failure, seeing that the ratio of shuttered stalls to operating stalls is about two to one. However, Pizza Pazza is quite the success, especially considering its sumptuous seafood baked rice ($8.80 nett).⠀

The dish isn’t particularly deep, but it is W I D E. The foundation of rice is amalgamated with an ambrosial mushroom & garlic cream sauce, which turns these grains into something reminiscent of risotto. A seafood salmagundi is cooked competently before getting incorporated into the redolent rice, and the entire pan is blanketed in shredded cheese. The contents of the pan are then broiled till the cheese turns into a caramelised stretchy, gloriously gooey mess, and you’ve got some brilliant baked rice.⠀

Not gonna lie, my expectations were firmly set at zero, but I found myself enthralled by the stellar seafood baked rice. Every component is as it should be, from the mushroom & garlic cream sauce being a perfect balance of salty & creamy, while the passably fresh seafood is cooked perfectly, and the molten cheese was pure perfection.⠀

As Pizza Pazza has proven with this baked rice, getting baked is a lot more fun when you’ve got lots of cheddar to burn.

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It's circuit breaker so I escaped the usual queue. I first ate this years ago and found the fishballs okay but not great. This time same too. The stallholders are kind and my noodles were generous.

Are you craving for both seafood and bubble tea? Uncle Leong Seafood Alexandra has launched a new set menu for 4 pax that combines them both! Here’s what the set menu consists of:

~Shimmering Sand Crab Delight + 4pcs Mantou
~Claypot Red Grouper in Canto Style
~Signature Drunken Prawn
~Salted Egg Nan Ru Pork
~Oyster Sauce Broccoli w/ Fried Shallots
~4 cups of Bubble Tea (choice of Signature Milk Tea or Winter Peach Green Tea) (not pictured)

The Shimmering Sand Crab Delight is without a doubt the standout dish! The sauce is super rich and creamy (goes damn well with the mantou!) while the crab meat is sweet and succulent! Other favourites are the Signature Drunken Prawn (love the herbalicious broth!) and Salted Egg Nan Ru Pork (very addictive!). As for the bubble tea, I like the refreshing Winter Peach Green Tea!

This set meal promo is valid till 13th June 2021, and is valid only at Uncle Leong Seafood Alexandra. Available for both pick up & islandwide delivery at https://anchorpoint.uncleleongseafood.com or contact +65 6259 9861. You can check out Uncle Leong Alexandra’s Facebook and Instagram pages for details on Group Buy too.

Hmm, that ice-cream, yum!

Not for the weak hearted though. Truffle is not prominent, only a faint touch on taste.

Each bite gloriously filled my mouth with silky, slightly pungent, yet ends off with a touch of saltiness. Kind of remind me of sea salt ice cream too. It's an interesting ice cream however it's not the type I would finish in 1 setting.

Texture wise, smooth yet rough. It's complicated 😅

Overall, Delicious and unique.

Should probably goes well on top of a hot brownie that oozes choc in the center, making it a sweet and savoury combo dessert 😋


Slightly different from Oreo McFlurry, also enjoyable, but there's a slight off-putting taste.

I was craving curry chicken and thought this was a guaranteed satisfaction. The chicken was tough and it's $5 for small size. They had one job...

Second time here and really enjoyed this!

I got the Nutty Professor, Inquisitive Wanderer, Curious Merrymaker and Best Friend. I liked them all! The texture was just right for me, not too crunchy but soft and decadent.