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Not exactly most value for money at 3.90 but Starbucks has some pretty good pastries and cakes .

The muffin is surprisingly Uber moist , not too sweet and very fluffy .

Their range of muffins are probably the cheapest item you could grab to just sit and rest your legs while soaking In the Xmas mood of Xmas songs.

Looking forward to try their peanut butter chocolate bunt cake and the awfully chocolate collaboration Xmas brownie .

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Was the least favourite out of the 3 flavours tried. Though the cake itself also had an equally good soft and fluffy texture, the flavours weren’t as pronounced. Makes a good choice if you’d prefer something less sweet or fancy though!

Their $3 bowl gets you a very substantial portion of noodles with 2 fishballs, a meatball, fishcakes and a her giao. Unfortunately, noodles were a tad bit soft and dry, toppings were decent. Though the long queue, boss was very friendly.

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This is no ordinary beef brisket noodle! And you don’t see this often in a regular day in Singapore! Is a must try!


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I hate queuing and as a result - lost out trying this amazing stall while’s staying at Queenstown for 10 years .

But never too late - finally had my chance of trying .

The lovely kwey Teow bathed in that complex herbal sauce ( with a tinge of dangui ) with that collagen from the Long stewing pot of sauce is the best thing you can have on a Sunday morning .

The stall uses a high quality crunchy mushroom and unlike other chicken horfun stalls , the chicken here is stewed till soft and so tasty .

It is worth every minute of you time queuing .

Took me the longest time to come savour these Kuehs - too much work from wfh 🤣.

Tempted by burppler’s wei Zhi’s post so once my eyes have seen - my tummy must have .

Made my way to Mr Bready’s and loving the Sunday vibes of this old and forgotten Meiling hawker.

It’s interesting how you see people zooming in straight to the few “ popular “ stalls here .

One of them is Mr bready- a stall that sells Huat Kuehs ( made of a sweet potato base and flour ) and a host of other breads and Ang ku kueh ( in turtle shapes - only available on certain days ).

The Huat kueh is best eaten fresh on the days it’s made. I had the matcha flavour today and while fluffy and nice , it had a slight tinge of that overuse of baking powder rendering an uncomfortable feel on the side of my teeth - if you know what I mean .

The kueh was a little more QQ the first time I had it and a little more on the sticky side today .

Having said that - it’s still a hearty healthy treat to have for breakfast or post lunch .

I like how their bakes and treats are never too sweet and all natural .

Come early to avoid disappointment :) the Hot Kuehs fly off the shelves .

Was wondering why this drink stall had such a long queue, and realised after that their drinks are affordable + overheard someone complimenting the coffee! Always appreciate a good cup of ice lemon tea and this was one of those. It wasn’t overly sweet and not the kind overwhelmed by lime juice.

📍Mei Ya Coffee Corner 美雅咖啡室
Mei Ling Market & Food Centre


How cute are these huat kuehs from Mr Bready! They have many fun flavours available on rotation - managed to get the black sesame, matcha and gula melaka sweet potato this morning. These are much softer and fluffier than everyone’s usual impression of the denser type of huat kuehs. The black sesame was lovely and my favourite out of the 3. It was nutty, fragrant and had just the right amount of sweetness. Didn’t expect the flavour to be so distinct! They seem to sell out quite quickly, so it’s good to reserve before heading down.

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These macarons from @thecheeseark bring a whole new meaning to mac and cheese!! These macarons were filled with truffle gorgonzola and the flavours were so amazing! These are a seasonal product and so do check before you head down if you only want this! Or else they sell a wide variety of cheese too so you can check their Instagram page for seasonal specials or head down to tell them what you prefer ☺️

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Good food. Onion soup is really really good! i like the soaked bread beneath the cheese layer!

Ikan bilis was crisp and fragrant, it was my favourite component. Stewed mushrooms were not too salty, unlike some stalls that overdo it. The sauce had a black sauce sweetness and fragrance from the shallot oil, while the noodles were not mushy but also not q. Even though I did a takeaway, I had it within 5 mins so I don’t think that’s the reason for the noodles’ average texture.

Overall, decent enough for me to want to return to try their soup version.

I shy away from whites because they tend to be boring an taste the same almost everywhere. At @tionghoespecialtycoffee though, I never fail to order their 𝗹𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲 ($4.50).
I never tire of that angelically soft body which refrained from being excessively creamy. Charming fragrance and robustness to its body whilst still teasing with a background sweetness. Above all, it was strikingly memorable with a beautiful finish that lingered, reminiscent of gula melaka.
The quaint atmosphere and friendly staff make this rustic piece of heaven worth the pilgrimage to its ulu Queenstown estate.
IG: @indulgentism