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The gravy is thick, just spicy enough and additively salty; get the otah too because why not. @janggut_laksa
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I like this cafe a lot since its unique way like using pottery cup (not so hot to touch the surface) not like some of cafes use normal ceramic cup. The location is ulu which it is not near mrt at all and take bus 64 from redhill mrt. Latte ($5.50) they added brown sugar for latte and taste quite smooth and nice coffee smell.

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It is quite sweet and sour taste with adding yogurt and I found acai mixed berry taste not bad and is a limited edition drink for a while only.

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Milky and rich with flavours, one can add chilli to their own preferred spicy & flavour level. The slightly sweet sambal with hae bee (dried shrimp) elevates the yummy broth. The bowl came with two small prawns and delicious cockles. One can choose to get bigger portions/ add broth/ add cockles
📍@janggut_laksa Original Katong Laksa, #01-59, Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway

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They served fresh sashimi that you choose and pick on your own from the mart before getting the Chef to slice and serve to your table.

This is unique in Sakuraya, a fish mart. My mom said the fish sperm is delicious but I never go down to trying it. Cause SPERM??!!!

Their maki rolls are rolled to a perfect size to down it as a whole for those who have smaller mouths. Which is perfect. Their price for sashimi are according to the weight and size you chose, like from a supermarket. But the rest of the cooked dishes are of a fixed price. So, this makes dining interesting. Give it a try! You will love it as much as my mom does. LOL


You can choose the item and the chef will slice for you. This plate cost around $28.

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Pricing are affordable with no service charge, staffs are friendly. It’s economical Japanese meal where consumers can also choose their own fresh salmon and have them serve it to your table.

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“100% Angus beef patty dipped in a rich, mouth-watering rendang sauce made from a blend of coconut milk, ginger, kaffir lime, lemongrass, onion, garlic and spices” with a fried egg on top

I liked this! Am personally a fan of rendang, and this hit the sweet spot with a good (flavourful and not weird for a fast food outlet) rendang sauce with fried egg and very welcomed onions. Tastes less sinful than a fried-patty burger also - do give this a try!

Remember to ask for more sauce though - mine got dry towards the end.