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Since it is eve of CNY aka 除夕夜, everyone is probably having hotpot either at home or outside right? Fill the pot with your choice of meat and dips, succulent crustacean, fresh vegetables, and broth boiled for hours for that thick rich flavour. It’s perfect for gathering with your loved ones~

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, Unit 04-12A, ION Orchard,Singapore 238801
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With my favourite scallops, empress clams, beef, mushrooms, deepfried fishskin and live prawns, especially the thick porkbone soup that is rich in collagen and super tasty! Not forgetting the self-concocted sauces on the table. Madlove.
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So excited to tuck in! A whole pot of awesome ingredients with the best soup stock ever - traditional pork bone soup which I had so many bowls! My personal favorites here are the Pork Shoulder ($9), Fried Beancurd Skin ($6.80), Radish ($3.50) and fish. I had the Soon Hock ($9/100g) at minimum 600g per fish. Dip the beancurd skin into the boiling soup for a short while to let it soak the broth while parts of it still remain crispy! Keep the radish boiling in the soup till the end so that it becomes soft and super sweet. As for the fish, I love it with the light soy sauce! A meal here would set you back by $50-$60 and above per pax but the soup stock itself definitely warrants an indulgence once in awhile (:


Yes, the sauce here cost $2.50 per pax but it's definitely an integral part of dining at Imperial Treasure Steamboat! 12 different condiments and you can mix and match based on your preference. For myself, I'd always request for the staff to mix one for me (without coriander!). You can just let the staff know if you want it spicy or non spicy and any other personal preference!


Conquered that plate of sinful char kway teow, yamcake, hotdog bun, shibuya toast and now steamboat time. But well, isn't saturday supposed to be like this?

If i ever joined a marathon, it shall be a food marathon. Period.

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condiments for creating our own dipping sauce. very satisfied with the quality ala carte steamboat 😋