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Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Rakki Bowl, Wheeler's Yard, Nesuto, Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), Umi Nami, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Le Coq, Oberstrasse, Edith Patisserie
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Chicken Breast / Cherry Tomatoes / Onion / Spinach / Organic Mayo / Wholemeal Pita Bread. This is a really simple dish yet it is soooo delicious. However, I must admit that it is on the pricier side. To those gym-goers and people looking for healthy diet, Shake Farm is definitely the to-go place for lunch in CBD!

Really love the vibes of this bakery!!! From the first instance when the buttery fragrance hits you, to the friendly staff explaining the origins of their bakes, to humbly asking for feedback before every single customer leaves - exactly the spirit every bakery should have regardless how popular they get! 👍🏻👍🏻 Sor Hei not only has a beautiful origins history (shaped like a Majie’s hair bun), but tastes just as good as it looks! Seemingly simple black and white Danish pastry with chocolate chips, every intertwining layer was just the right amount of buttery without being overly cloying - flaky on the outside and soft pull-apart on the inside 🤤🤤 PSA: 10% off every Monday and buy 2 free 1 about 30 min before closing! (And they close early at 5 on Mondays!)

Houjicha cake wasn't as mindblowing as I initially expected it to be Perhaps cos I was really expecting some strong houjicha taste from the cake itself Houjicha taste seems to be accentuated by the drizzle and perhaps the houjicha taste is really coming from the drizzle |

Tried the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut cake after one bite of Houjicha cake so the first thought I had was that it's pretty sweet which I'm guessing it's coming from the honey But after a few more bites the sweetness is okay really Good that the nuts added to the crunch also |

Cake layers are soft and moist Personally feel that the layers can fall apart quite easily though |

The place is really pretty and ambience is very good for chilling (:

I love sour stuff, so the lime one was gr8 bc it was sufficiently tart for me (but it was a bit too sour for those that shared it w me). Liked this more than camp symmetry, which was slightly confusing as I felt the truffle was overwhelming. Buttt windowsill is still as good as I remembered it to be, the crust holds its shape & has a nice crunch! No soggy pie crusts at all :) -W

Hidden along Northbridge Road is a tiny hole-in-the-wall churning out delicious whole cakes and yummy small bites. Get the fragrant and moist Genmaicha Cake ($50 for 6'') or the fluffy Earl Grey Mango Cake ($48) for tea-based cake layered with mango curd. Order some bittersweet Matcha Blondies ($9 for a box of 6) to enjoy with loved ones at home. Also good, get their Bubble Tea Tart ($7.50) for milk tea custards and chewy pearls held in a crumbly buttery crust or the smoky yet floral Bubble Thai Milk Tea Tart ($8.50) that are only sold from Fridays to Sundays!
Photo by Burppler Meiyen Tan

Pancakes are typical cafe brunch item with many a miss and rarely a hit. With nassim’s version, these are awesome to kickstart the weekend proper!

Great ambience, good bike theme decoration and quite cozy and definitely very spacious!!

Used Burpple Beyond and ordered a 60 Deg Chicken Breast and a Porky Bowl.

60 Deg Chicken Breast was simply outstanding. The sous vide preparation made the chicken tender and moist at the same time. The mashed potato had the right smooth consistency. Presentation of this dish was simply appealing to the eyes.

Porky Bowl, a safe choice and a right choice too! Flavourful and tasty! The egg was done the way I liked it, a little watery. The combination of the pork, egg and rice definitely worth the try!

Would definitely be back again!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Highly recommend the baja (fish) ($17 for 3). The chimichurri chicken is good and meaty too. My friends and I enjoyed also the prawn a previous visit.

The carne asada is quite chewy and too spicy for us. Braised carnitas has a lot of meat but nothing special.

I like soft flour tortillas and these were warm and super soft.

Sundays happy hour is 12 noon to 7pm one for one certain beers.

Really good value using #burpplebeyond

One foot in the glass doors of this beautifully furnished dessert boutique cafe and I knew the longing to visit this place with mum, after a friend introduced their sliced cakes to me at a dinner gathering (at that point in a takeaway box), was not unfounded.
The dainty cakes here goes into my category of “nice to admire and nice to fork on”; I personally favoured the Raspberry Yuzu flavor over the Le Omm (Matcha). The refreshingly citrusy moist sponge of the former outshone the pale tasting latter.

Was expecting the usual waffle but pleasantly surprised with the burst of flavour and textures that came with the tried and tested combi of peanut butter & jelly. Tartness of homemade berry jam ensured that the PB was not too heavy or sweet. The crisp waffle was just nice in terms of density, while the roasted oats & sunflower seeds added crunch to the combi. One of the best waffles I’ve had.

An oldie but a goodie, One Man Coffee’s French Toast is a pick-me-up any time of the week! Fluffy brioche, candied walnuts, salted caramel and fresh fruits (dat caramelised banana mmmmm). Sounds like it might be too sweet, but I thought it was quite well balanced, or just get this to share, you won’t regret it either way. Psst, 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond!

Had the aburi salmon don, and my friend had the tuna don! Both were decent, good value esp since we used Burpple Beyond. We each paid less than $10 after the Burpple discount, even after adding on iced green tea (refillable, $2). Would come again!

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don't waste ur limited calories on lousy food!!!

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