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What you should order at Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah)

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Reviews at Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah)

Reviews of good food at Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah)
My favourite here - padi garlic fried rice chicken ($20/half).

Marinated with rice flour, these delicious boneless chunks of fried rice chicken are seriously addictive. Skin remains crispy with the meat tender. Each piece is evenly coated with the savoury sauce, which is somewhat spicy and sweet. Some may find this a little greasy but that is exactly how I like it. -
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Yup - these are silkworms pupae.

Apparently this silkworm pupae soup ($25) is a popular dish in Korea and a good side dish to go with Soju. Mustering my courage takes a while and even more so to getting used to the taste. Pungent, pea-turned-bad taste comes with the chewing of the bug (the cocoon is slightly crunch by the way) and that lingers around even after I forced its entrance down my throat. Okay, maybe not as bad, but I would not want to have this again.
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Silkworm Pupae Soup πŸ›πŸ²
Yes, you read it right, silkworm pupae.

Just imagine eating an insect that is about to undergo its life cycle in your stomach. Just imagine the crunch sound of an insect as you step on it but this time it's in your mouth. Just imagine biting something shallow yet have that distinct unexplainable texture lingering in your mouth even after sipping its spicy soup. Just imagine you are eating an insect. 'Cos you really are! πŸ˜‰

Honestly, not that bad. I would still want to taste other insect dishes in the future! HAHA.
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Crunch Original πŸ“

Cradled in a beer barrel tray comes the Crunch Original – Wings ($19/half) with neat cubes of pickled radish. Bite into crackling golden brown batter, dry and greaseless light. Instead of wheat, their rice flour coat creates an extra-crisp layer around tender, fresh meat. Healthily baked without oil, it’s a load of no frills chicken.
A slight salty but otherwise mild in flavour, chew it together with a piece of palate cleansing daikon. Savoury smooth chicken mixes in your grind with sugary sweet juices bursting from radish crunch. Dip into sauces for added taste should you need. I'll recommend honey mustard.
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Boneless Sauced Rice Chicken ($37+)

I wonder if they served us the wrong dish, but the original sauce was slightly too spicy for me. The boneless chicken was juicy and plentiful (enough for 4-6 to share), and the pickled radish goes well with it! Do try the kimchi stew, and the kimchi pancake while you're there.

Authentic Korean Chicken

Ordered the grilled and fried rice chicken
Preferred the grilled chicken for its Crispy skin and smoky flavour to it.
Fried rice chicken was flavourful with its well seasoned batter.
Remains my Favourite Korean fried chicken restaurant.

That Crispiness Is To Die For

Seriously, we have tried Korean Fried Chicken from everywhere.. Chir Chir, Chicken Up, WA Bar, 4 Fingers, and other Korean-owned restaurants. This is still our top rated Original 'KFC'. Even the ones we tried in Seoul cannot fight with it. We have been a loyal OFC at their 1st branch near Tanjong Pagar, now with the 2nd outlet opened at Beauty World, it's so much more convenient for us, the Westers. There were a period of time we were so insane over it I ate 6 times in a month. Always ordering the same - WHOLE Original Rice Fried Chicken ($33). I am not sure what's the magic done by using rice flour, but the skin is just sooooo crispy and the chicken always tasted fresh and juicy, without the fat layers that you always see when eating the real Kentucky KFC. Goodness talking about it now makes me
salivate. If you love original crispy fried chicken with no coating sauce, this is definitely a MUST TRY!

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Original Rice Fried Chicken

[$20, half portion] Really yummy and juicy chicken that was fried with a rice flour coating and a mildly spicy Korean sauce. Best Korean fried chicken I've had in a while that wasn't dry or tasteless, though the food took a while to arrive.

sauced original boneless ($22) @ ofc, chun tin road

my attempt at this generation's lingo:
OMG OFC FTW! chicken game lvl 99! totally EPIC #fatdieme but who cares, YOLO! LOL, so much win. p.s: if you are not a heavy eater, half portion is good enough for 2!

Very Impressed

Best kimchi pancake ever! It was very flavourful and crispy. The padi chicken had too much sauce on it but it was fried very well so a very nice meal in general :)

Nice Korean Chicken

Korean style chicken fried bake etc. tried of kfc or Popeyes can try this stall. Price $18 up

Seafood And Green Onion Pancake, Crunch Sauced Original (Half)

The restaurant is massive (by sg standards) and was quiet even during lunchtime, so that's a plus. Sadly, the food let us down :( every bite of the seafood pancake was gooey and starchy, even though the surface retained good browning and crunch. They were generous with the prawns and squids though, and i thought the soy dipping sauce on the side elevated it a little. The fried chicken, while very moist and tender on the inside, was smothered in a firecracker red spicy sauce that burned and was slightly too sweet but had no distinct flavour of anything else (garlic, soy, maybe??). I wouldn't return.

Slightly Sauced Wings

Slightly is an understatement. These wings made our lips go numb. Ohhh the burn! But they were so addictive we couldn't stop ourselves. I have a feeling another part of my body isn't going to thank me later though...... Anyway, another must try is their seafood and spring onion pancake, the best I've had in Singapore!

For Late Night Korean Fried Chicken

Just a three minute walk from Beauty World MRT Station, Oven & Fried Chicken is the place to go to if you're hankering for juicy fried chicken in the night. The use of rice flour to coat the chicken allows the skin to stay crispy even when tossed in a delicious sauce. Order the Sauced Soy Sauce Original (half $20/whole $35) β€” crispy fried chicken tossed in a generous amount of Korean style soy sauce. For those looking for more heat, order the Padi Garlic Wings (half $21/whole $36) which come slicked in a fiery garlic sauce, and topped with a copious amount of freshly cut chili padi. They close at midnight daily, except on Saturdays (1am).
Avg price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Fabian Poon

spicing it up one notch higher.

but fret not, have a kettle of makgeolli to wash it down. again, way too many koreans dining here

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