28B Harding Road
Singapore 249549

08:00am - 11:00pm

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Even though the price is rather steep (as compared to other dishes served at P.S. Cafe), it's definitely worth the slightly higher price and calories. 🙂🙂🙂


A must-order dish from P.S. cafe. However, i think the standard did drop a little over the years. I do remember it to be a much more comforting food.

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A heavenly match of cold creaminess with warm soft sticky date pudding surrounded by lashings of toffee sauce. One of the best I’ve had!

Nicely cooked ocean trout with crispy skin, top with crunchie spiced kabocha chips, over refreshing soba mixed with edamame & pickled shitake.
Love it n will not hesitate to order it again.

Located at 28B Harding Road, Singapore 249549. Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio $29 🌶🦐🍝 Loving this plate of Aglio Olio fragrantly cooked and toasted with sesame crunchy breadcrumbs. It also comes with 4 huge king prawns that’s super fresh and juicy! Very light and irresistible! We just couldn’t stop eating it! @pscafe #hungryunicornsg #pscafe #pscafesg #pscafedempsey #spicykingprawnaglioolio #aglioeolio

This is truly for crab lover. The tart is huge and filled to the bream with shredded moist and fresh crab meat. The best thing of all is the crab bisque which this tart rests gently upon.


PS. Club Sandwich - $26
Looks super appetising. First bite you will notice the crispy crispy toast, so shiok! Inside there’s toasted Turkish, chicken, bacon for extra taste, fried egg & cheddar. Spread is creamed spinach which is so smooth, sweet tomato relish by the side, gherkins paired with cranberry vinaigrette greens. Overall it’s a very nice & refreshing meal for a change! Pairing with PS Cafe all so famous Truffle Shoestring Fries is perfection ·
PS Cafe

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The beef was thick, big and delicious! I did not have any room for desert after

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handpicked blue swimmers, chilli, kaffir, a buttery shortcrust, prawn bisque, lemon-dressed greens & homemade harissa

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Cooked in a complex multi-step process that makes them all the crunchiest ones on the plate. For $12, you get a mountain of shaved parmesan cheese piled on top of another super-sized mountain of truffle oil coated fries.


Disclaimer, the original PS cafe burger does not look like this. I requested for bunless and had my fries changed to a salad. The burger also came with a slice of bacon hidden under the tomato. Menu stated 170-180g of patty but it looked less than that, closer to 130g. I know because I make my own beef patties at home. I'm always here for supper but this is my first time actually having dinner. Cafe is noisy regardless of timing and it may be difficult to have a decent conversation.


This delightful dish is served with spiced kabocha chips, edamame and pickled shiitake. Wonderfully light and refreshing, it's a perfect dish for the recent hot weather!

So... the famous P.S truffle fries, something that seems to be synonymous with the restaurant. Delightfully crispy shoestring fries, coated evenly with the aromatic essence of truffle oil and finally a generous heaping of shaved, fine cheese. This was an enjoyable side, and I can finally see why many tables had one. Not sure if I would go as far as to declare it the best truffle fries I've ever had, but the act of getting this dish right consistently (you'd be surprise at how many places failed to deliver this seemingly simple menu item) is an amazing feat in itself.
Also, kudos to the staff who were efficient and friendly on a busy Saturday afternoon (peak brunch period no less). This wasn't my first visit here, and while food isn't mindblowingly good, service and ambience never fail to impress.

Don't get me wrong, this was a pleasant dish to end the meal with. But I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. When I think of sticky date pudding, I imagine digging into a dish that will make me nearly sick at the very last bite because it is so sweet that it borders dangerously around being cloyingly so. I think of cutting through a pudding that gives me a hard time cutting through it because it is so gooey, chewy, and sticky. But sadly, my imagination failed to materialise in this pudding.
I admit, however, I must be of a rare breed because it seems that most diners enjoy this dessert as it is. It certainly wasn't a bad dish, just a case of expectations set wrongly.


This warm plate of dessert is always served at the perfect temperature and has the perfect balance of flavours ! Definitely a must try !


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