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Actually my favorite dish of the night! XLB was juicy and full of flavour, and the kick of whisky was refreshing and strong — and surprisingly works out seamlessly with the flavours of the soup. Truly living up to their name with this alcohol infused dish. Overall, a pretty nice Chinese restaurant to dine at with a good fare of both food and drinks. And not forgetting the old school, elusive charm this cosy restaurant has.


Pork trotter Bee Hoon here is braised to form a smooth, starchy gravy that’s both flavourful and aromatic. It was amazing at the start, but it inevitably gets too much — even for sharing. Plus there’s no meat that comes along with this, so make sure to get dishes to come along with it.


Not as fried as I expected it to be, with the batter being on the thinner side. The thinly coated batter may be a good thing, though I felt like it didn’t embody the element of la zi ji enough — the crispiness, greasiness, and spiciness of it all.


📍Burnt Ends, Dempsey📍
Can't believe almost a month has past since we dined at Burnt Ends... 😐 It was tough getting a reservation towards the end of last year, but we were lucky to have scored one! We had an absolutely amazing dining experience. From small plates, main courses, to dessert🍬, the food was exquisitely presented and we loved the combination of flavours. Do try their Blackmores' cube roll🥩...it's THAT good! 😌

Ending off on a sweet high note was the strawberry, of which, one was plated differently to celebrate our birthdays. The strawberry tartness along with some balsamic espuma complemented delightfully with the lightly herbaceous chamomile jelly cubes, expressing a bright flavour profile topped with edible flowers and koji sable.

Adding to the repertoire, we had the Ibercom Iberico Abanico Pork. Tender with a beautiful pink hue, I was pleased that the pork slices were served on a bed of sake kasu polenta and paired uniquely with green harissa, pork jus of natural flavours, crunchy maitake mushroom, finally topped with shredded endives. An overall balance of sweet and savoury flavours was instrumental in the dish execution without overly meaty. Interestingly, the sweetness from the sake kasu was a first and lovely taste for me.

While I welcomed the fusion twist on the House-poached octopus served on a bed of squid ink risotto, we felt that the salted egg sauce was mild in flavour and perhaps more custardy that I personally could not foresee as a harmonious pairing. The octopus was nicely poached to give a chewy texture.

We chose the Venus clams, a house signature as our 2nd small dish. Cooked in a nutritious fig broth that depicts the theme for the Fall Menu - nourishment, the clams were especially enjoyable in a mild sweet broth with cabbage kimchi and pickled Wakame. Expectedly, we left the bowl spotless. Served with 2 slices of bread.

Does the wild Sri-Lankan tiger prawn dish come across as a familiar local hawker dish? I really adore the creativity expressed through the pan-fried daikon kimchi cake that resembles chai tow kueh, and a hint of sweet fruitiness from the raspberry gochujang sauce. While the savoury sauce also retained a mild spiciness characteristic of the fundamental Korean ingredient, it had a good balance of basic taste to accentuate the de-shelled crustacean sweetness along with the brown butter granola.

It’s an overdue post, but one of the most satisfying meals of the year for my birthday this year at @morselsinsingapore. Set within a rustic barnyard-style house, it feels like entering a house with cozy vibes, repurposed wooden furniture, hanging lamps made using glass bottles and even ingredients fermented in-house.

Featuring some plump seasonal oysters, accompanied with an Asian-inspired dressing of tamarillo shrub, pear cucumber vinaigrette and pickled cucumber. Bold yet complex, tangy flavors which elevated the freshness. Fortunately, it wasn’t as briny as I thought it would be, even with the presence of ikura.

Similar to a risotto, the Arroz con Mariscos is a Peruvian moist rice dish made up with prawns, calamari and fish infused in white wine, and crowned with a langoustine. The rice was tantalising as every grain was soaked in rich seafood flavour that had a little spicy kick from the panca chilli.

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A signature of Canchita's, this Peruvian Cantonese style dish was a delicious mix of textures and flavours. It was presented in an oriental style with wagyu beef tenderloin, tomatoes, onions and green peas stir-fried in a dark sticky sweet sauce, and served on a bed of crispy potato fries. The beef chunks were coated with the addictive sauce and were so succulent that it whetted up my appetite. Definitely a must-have here!