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Lots of people know about Common Man Coffee setting up shop in Joo Chiat, but what many don’t know is that a certain @drunkenfarmer_sg owns the place after dark. They’ve got sharing platters & pizza for food, but what you’re really here for are them drinks.⠀

I prefer my drinks like my work desk: neat. However, Drunken Farmer’s cocktails were intriguing enough to warrant an order, and I’m glad I did. The Coffee Negroni ($18++) ain’t nothing new, but it definitely is an intriguing concoction. Admittedly, it was the big man behind the bar, Alvin, who persuaded me to give this negroni a fair shake, and boy am I glad he did.⠀

The three usual suspects of gin, campari & vermouth are joined by an unexpected guest: Common Man’s very own house blend of coffee. I don’t remember what exactly they did with the coffee and what they infused it into (in my defence, I was already about a litre of wine into the night by the time I got to this drink), but my god it was a sensually smooth & ravishing drink.⠀

The coffee brings its roasted cocoa flavours, mild acidity, and slightly chocolatey richness to the smooth sweet & bitter tones expected of the standard negroni, and these coffee elements redefine the classic gin cocktail and elevate it into a deliciously complex & sublimely enjoyable drink. And if you hold a sip for long enough on your tongue, I swear you can taste just a fleeting yet unmistakable flash of sichuan peppercorn. Yep, a little mala flavour sans spice in a negroni? Sure, why not?⠀

Drunker Farmer is a decent, languidly laidback watering hole that I can foresee myself paying regular trips to for the ambience, the booze, the great service, the booze, the booze-and did I mention the booze? And of course, the world class service crew there.

i wouldn’t get this again. the angel hair pasta j reminded me of a western mee sua, too clumpy because of the thick sauce which made the noodles stick together rather than be coated strands. crab meat portion was on the lesser side and were in rly small chunks, overall the dish was a bit heavy on the palate and one dimensional.

fries were SO good and thick and potatoey and genuine. burger not bad! bun was rly good but patty was a bit dry not that juicy. overall not bad tho esp complemented by the other components of the burger ie the cheese, onion chips etc

The Ultimate Gift Hamper consist of :
🎁 Deluxe Fruit Mince Tarts
🎁 Capsicum & Apricot Chutney
🎁 Italian Chocolate Panforte
🎁 German Stollen
🎁 Danish Xmas Honningkage
🎁 Gingerbread Cookies
🎁 Reindeer Macarons
🎁 All Butter Chocolate Chip Bites
🎁 All Butter Cranberry shortbread
🎁 Sourdough Superseed Crackers

Festive Gingerbread House not only cute,it’s fully edible. Using Baker&Cook gingerbread recipe, centerpiece with sugary icing on the walls and colourful sweets.

Customer can enjoy an early bird discount of 15%, for place an Order the hampers before 5 December.
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Available at All Baker & Cook stores, or Online at https://order.bakerandcook.biz.


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If you go during lunchtime, you can pick the either the Naengmyeon or Rice plus “Soup of the day” as your carb for the BBQ Beef Lunch Set ($43++ per pax) which includes a decent spread of refillable Banchan, Prime Ribeye (the staff can help you with the grilling at a separate table if you ask) and dessert of ice-cream.


Feature :
💕OFC Sweet Corn “Ribs”, green peppercorn emulsion, shichimi, organic olive oil (Gluten-free, Vegetarian)
House-grown corn, salted then blistered simply on the grill till charred and sweet. Served with a slightly fiery company of green peppercorn, shimichi and olive oil emulsion.

💕Hokkaido Scallops, farm sweet corn, wasabi greens (Gluten-free)
Seared Hokkaido scallop medallions atop a creamy Hokkaido corn puree seasoned with ground black lime

💕Caulifower Wings, tamarind miso, scallions (Vegan)
Fried battered cauliflower, sauced in a sweet and sticky tamarind miso with finishing sprinkles of sesame and green onions.

💕SG Grown Radishes, cultured cream, sourdough crumble (Vegetarian) not in photos

💕 Chips and Dips (Vegan) not in photos

💕Grass Fed New Zealand Short Rib, SG mole, onions (Gluten-free)
Tender roasted meat doused in a Mexican mole sauce emulsified from chillies, nuts and spice. Accompanied by three differing characters of onions - refreshing pickled shreds, fried crispy bits and caramelised for a soft sweetness.

💕Chocolate Dessert
A various forms of chocolate-forward sweets using Thai single origin chocolate.

💰$88 per person and $40 for wine pairing.
📍Open Farm Community.
130E Minden Road.


By popular consensus, @changkoreanbbq seems to have the best Korean cold noodles in Singapore. I’m by no means an expert, nor have I eaten enough Naengmyeon to claim anything but I do favour theirs. The broth here is the tastiest in my opinion, and that’s even before I spam it with the mustard and vinegar served on the side.
Thanks to a tip from @randy_onggg, my god-daughter’s friend, I discovered how to derive even greater pleasure from it today - by adding a piece of straight-from-the-grill barbecued prime ribeye, and some kimchi. They really do enhance the cold, chewy noodles most marvelously! 😋😋


✨Bosco d’Inverno Pizza✨
I was actually really excited to try this wood fired pizza, especially since we sat next to the oven overlooking the whole process! Sadly, the pizza was not mind-blowingly special like the pasta, but it was still better than average. I was also a little disappointed when the truffle taste was quite faint, even though it was supposed to be the main ingredient of the pizza. The pizza crust is more chewy and fluffy, instead of hard and crispy. You can taste the burnt charcoal flavour from the crust, but besides that, there was not much fragrance to it. The cheese and mushrooms were the ones that stood out to me. It made this pizza really creamy and slightly sweet. Although this is not the best pizza I’ve tried, it’s still pretty decent, but I would prefer to order the pasta instead.

💰: $31
📈: 7/10

✨Tagliatelle al Granchio✨
This is a must to try! One of the best pastas I’ve ever eaten. Creamy, cheesy, and flavourful😋 The tagliatelle was really thick, yet soft to chew. The crab taste was quite prominent, even though there wasn’t much crab meat in the pasta itself. The portion is quite small for its price, but really worth it!

💰: $33
📈: 10/10

[The Dempsey Project]
Location: Dempsey Hill

TDP Wagyu Beef Burger - A very decent burger but not worth the usual price of ~$30 because there was nothing too mindblowing about it.

The patty can be a little bit dry after a while. Felt that it needs a bit more sauce. But at least it was still pretty flavourful yet not too salty. I still enjoyed it because of the cheese and the bun was soft and buttery. The fries were good too. Lots of potato within.
And the cute pickle reminded me of Rick and Morty. Haha

Only paid $30 nett for two mains thanks to @chopesg 1-1 birthday deal.

Ratings 3.5/5
“Decent burger if at a decent price.”

Their big breakfast consists of eggs(of your choice), sourdough toast, English pork sausages, bacon, sauteed mixed mushrooms, roasted vine tomatoes, baby spinach, baked beans, hash brown.

They serve very generous portion with good quality food. The pricing is on the high side though. This dish is $29++.

Overall, great ambience, service and food!

💼Service review:
It is really hard to get a waiter’s attention to take my order, maybe they were understaffed due to covid (just guessing). It took around 10 mins to order my food.

🧆Food review:
Food was slightly pricey, but standard price for a restaurant at Dempsey Hill.

𝐺𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑑 𝑂𝑐𝑡𝑜𝑝𝑢𝑠 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑉𝑖𝑛𝑒𝑔𝑎𝑟 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝐸𝑉𝑂𝑂 (𝐸𝑥𝑡𝑟𝑎-𝑣𝑖𝑟𝑔𝑖𝑛 𝑂𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑂𝑖𝑙)

This portion is huge! I really love how the octopus was thick and juicy. The smoky flavour comes through after taking a few bites, yet it doesn’t taste too burnt. The only downside is that your jaw may start hurting after awhile as it is pretty chewy🤣

💰: $39.80
📈: 8.5/10