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Hathaway at Dempsey is a Muslim-friendly Modern Asian restaurant in Dempsey that I was suppose to visit earlier this year. Since I didn’t manage to make it down, I accepted @ivanjohnting’s invitation try their food via delivery.
Although full in flavour, I found every dish very polished, surprisingly precise and clean in taste. Ingredients were of top quality and presentation was neat and well-thought out. Here’s what Ivan chose for us to try:

1. Octopus Bakar & Sambal Udang ($42) - Loved this seafood bonanza of smoky, very tender octopus and three massive prawns coated in a spicy chilli sambal. There’s a thin layer of silky mash at the bottom that caught all the juices, so scooping that up was a must. Definitely one of my top two favourites from the meal.
2. Ah Nya’s Fish Curry ($32) - This was my other favourite. Based on an heirloom recipe, it had a lip-smacking, spicy gravy and flawlessly cooked local barramundi from @kuhlbarra. Crunchy fried okra and toasted bread were served alongside - the former to be tossed into the curry just before eating, the latter to be dunked.
3. Nasi Ulam - Garnished with micro herbs, the yellow rice was fluffy and really aromatic.
4. Bone Marrow ($24) - Didn’t expect to see this but oh yes please! The melt-in-the-mouth marrow was accessorised with kicap manis and a layer of herbed crumb for bonus flavour and texture. A squeeze of lime added a welcome spark of cut-through.
5. Kale & Wing Bean Salad ($18) - What a healthy marriage of Western and Asian vegetables this was. Pomegranate, quinoa and apricot sherry vinaigrette were used to jazz up the perky crunchy greens.
6. Kueh Salat - Dessert went the traditional Asian route.

To order from #hathawaysg, please visit www.Hathaway.com.sg

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Beef noodle with lots of thinly sliced beef belly & braised beef brisket; rice noodle is on the softer side but not too soft; sliced beef belly is a little hard but the braised beef brisket is really tender & soft; soup is flavorful with mild herbal taste; with beansprouts & onion..

Salad version noodle; cold vermicelli with greens, beansprouts, carrots, cucumbers, fried shallots & garlic; sauce at the side is mildly spicy, moderately salty, very sweet; pour the sauce in, give it a good toss & there's different dimension of taste; marinated chicken is tender with sweet & smoky taste..

Fresh spring roll with mixed greens, rice vermicelli, braised pork & tiger prawn; taste quite bland itself, so dip in the brown sauce at the side to add some sweetness, saltiness flavor..

Giant size Vietnamese pancake; thin layer of crispy pancake filled with loads of bean sprouts, enoki mushroom, pork belly & fresh prawn; simple & savoury dish that taste quite close to the ones I've eaten in Vietnam; slightly oily; with sweet & spicy sauce at the side that complement the dish well & aid in reducing the oily taste..

🍜🍜🍜 Broth is light and tasty.

I liked the mango. And the sweet sticky rice. Good end to a good meal, as usual

Vegetarian. And yum. I like this, and the service

I’ve been to many Tiong Bahru Bakery before but I’ve never been to this one! Really love the open concept and atmosphere!

Ordered the Taliatelle al Granchio ($36) - had an abundance of crab chunks and the handmade fresh pasta was well cooked. But missing some flavour considering the high-ish price point 🥲However, the restaurant is super pretty and cozy!

Great ambience for dinner but pricey food. Enjoyed this plate of linguine and found the seasoning on point, but the serving is quite small for the price. Given that Dempsey is not a very accessible place, I will not make a trip down specifically to dine here.

Steamed soft fluffy chinese buns, stuffed with shredded cucumber and carrots, along with savoury salty yet tender moist, shredded duck confit and pulled roasted duck meat. Must order!