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Served in a basket!

Oven fire classic naan.

Chewy every bite.

Not bad idea to go with the curry fish head.


Shown here the cooked brinjal perattal and cauliflower.

Soulfully tasty indeed.

Highly recommended!


Cooked sliced squid till tender.

Savoury black sauce.

Grab some to go with the fluffy basmati rice.!


Grilled! Fragrant!

Awesome size to share of course, fish meat easily tear away using forks.



Shown here the small size!

The curry was cooked with lots of vegetables and spices.

Fish head was quite yummy! Filled with tender fish meat too.

One of the signature dish served in claypot.


Slightly sour lime juice in huge mug! Served chilled with ice cubes.

Chilled young coconut, refreshing coconut water inside.

Highly recommended!


Definitely tender each bite.

With hint of South Indian seasoning flavour.

Actually quite filling.


It all begins with this heap of fluffy basmati rice.

Curried vegetables scooped to the side.

Crispy papadum.


The attentive service is the best thing at this place. We went for lunch, and because it was a public holiday, only had the brunch menu, with limited choices. In terms of quality, the food is not bad, but certainly not memorable. We’ve all had much better versions of the dishes we ordered - burger, lobster roll, spiced lentils, kale salad, scotch egg, etc - at lower prices too! Dempsey Cookhouse is definitely better!

Something unique from similar scallop dishes is the addition of flash fried crispy kombu that gives it an enjoyable contrast in texture.
Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/05/jam-at-siri-house-dempsey-hill.html