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Big portion of carbonara which smells amazing even before it reached the table! 🍝

Spaghetti was normal as it was basically store bought ones. Sauce tasted amazing with a generous portion of bacon bits but it was too watered down. Would have preferred it thicker but it's up to personal preference.

Price point is pretty high at $17.90 so I would probably not get it again.

Had high hopes for this slice as it looks amazing and I've always had a love for red velvet. However, the cake turned out to be quite a disappointment.

The red velvet taste is pretty good but the sponge was not dense and moist as a red velvet cake should be. The stiff cake appears to have been left overnight (for a few days maybe). The cake has lost its moisture and was more on the dry side.

Would not try the sliced cakes again but their other selection seems to be worth a try.

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Embark on a new Safari Adventure.
A new TBB Safari outlet has opened at 130E Minden Road.
Thank you @tiongbahrubakery & @jillyeats for the media kit
Adore the hippopotamus
#tbbsafari #tiongbahrubakery
#burrple #burrplesg

With the newly added feature on @foodpandasg, I can easily switch from Delivery to Pick-Up, thereby skipping the queues to pick up my order directly from the restaurant. And guess what - This helps to save around 100 hours a year! Plus there’s no minimum order value & no delivery fees~

To celebrate the launch of the new feature, you get to stand a chance to win up to $1,000. Just simply submit your answer to the question: What would YOU do with 100 hours? and submit it via foodpanda's website (link) before 30 November! The lucky winner will be announced on their social media channels - May the most creative, wacky answer win!


I was expected something more than this though.
The restaurant is super pretty, but the food was ok.
It may be we went for brunch.

Many restaurants have a secret menu, it’ll be bestow upon you only if you dare ask, or have a negotiating/persuading skills of a notoriously motivated Insurance Agent, or the waiter/manager/owner of the establishment feels like you deserved the treatment. Once you get into that secret side of the culinary culture, it’s addictive, like getting into a Mafia. A delicious one.
As you might expect, dishes from those menu are always executed exceptionally well. Sweet and savoury, the stickiness of the meat just falls off the bone. It’s surprising given that their specialty is seafood but do not let this deter you from their amazing array of fresh seafood.
PS; this is only available at the Dempsey outlet, each outlet have their own secret item as I was told.


Nutty notes w creamy, silky texture & balanced medium body. Low acidity. A very satisfying, toasty cuppa joe 🌿

Had this burger at TBB's brand new #TBBSAFARI outlet in the shared space with OFC! 🦁Unlike your usual saucy, savory pulled pork burger, this one was on a lighter side. Not as saucy but equally flavorful! Tender pulled pork w leafy greens. What's really special about this burger is it's buns! Embed with coriander seeds that adds an addictive uplifting floral note & sunflower & sesame seeds for more texture. A seemingly simple burger packed w flavour & surprises! Goes really well w a cup of ice latte for a hot afternoon lunch. Will definitely be back for more! 🌿🍔🌿


It is served with a cup of truffled mashed potato and garnished with veggies. 🍖🍖🍖 .

You can never go wrong with its tender and flavorful meat and the presentation is also very nice 😍😍😍 .

Thank you @kenpgl and @singaporefoodlisting for the invite 😀

Feels like a queen eating such a sumptuous feast 😍 Great place for family and friends gatherings!
Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
📍30 Stevens Road
📍01-10 Singapore 257840
📍(Next to Hotel Mercure on Stevens)
📍Singapore 449877
📞6445 8833
🕛Daily: 11am - 3pm / 5pm - 12am ============================
Thank you @longbeachseafood for hosting!
#singapore #burpple

Triple choc, with whipped cream, fudge, and rainbow sprinkles. Don’t forget the choc chip cookie. For the kids (and adults to help finish!)