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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Offering an array of Pastas, Spagtacular infuses local favorites with pasta bases. Classic favorites like bolognese and aglio olio share the spotlight with our Fusion offerings of Chili Crab, Salted Egg and Kimchi Pastas!

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Fried dory was delicious, Assam infused pasta is a little spicy. Har cheong gai nibblets were really yummy!

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I had no regrets getting this, as the pasta was al dente, and the pesto sauce had just the right amount of pesto that isn't too overwhelming.

The seared salmon was good as well; you know they cooked it well when you can hear the crunch as you bite into the salmon skin and the meat melting away without much effort to chew.

Spagtacular has a really pretty layout, with really good honest food. Highly recommended to come down to try this pasta if you're down in the area! @spagtacular_

Pasta was al dente and well tossed!
The Assam Fish was the most notable - the fish fillet was decently sized, and the Assam paste used wasn’t overly spicy Nor sour. In fact, it leaned towards the sweeter side. Best pasta out of the three.

Kimchi pasta honestly tasted like Korean ramen but with spaghetti instead. If you like shin ramyeon, give it a try. The cuts of roast meat given were impressive; Super sinful, but not jelak.

Give the chilli crab pasta a pass :-/ it tasted sweet, and of nothing else.

The grilled chicken chop was delicious! The chicken was tender, juicy, and well seasoned! The sides (aglio olio, some salad leaves) were meh.

It was a pleasure surprise that this shop tucked along the Clarke quay streets got both the breaded fish and noodles right. The noodles was well drenched in Assam gravy which reminded me of the Assam laksa I had in Penang. The fish too was so soft that it literally falls off. Definitely the highlight of the shop!!

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Basil, garlic and pine nuts blended into the pesto sauce, then tossed with pasta. Had the add on of salmon, which was a little over fried. The basil in the sauce was also slightly overpowering.