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Have been meaning to try this stall since I passed by its long queue a little while back. Both their fishballs and meatballs are handmade, and you can clearly taste that! They were fresh, soft and seasoned nicely. We got the soup only cause we already had lunch before this, but the noodles seemed even more value for money - $3.50 and you get 6 mixed balls with it. Will be back to get that!

Soya Sauce Chicken (Half chicken: $16):
Chicken is very tender and well braised. Personally, i think that it is rather well balanced. Goes fantastically with their chicken rice (and chilli sauce)!

First time here for their $9.90 hotpot! Both the chicken and mala soup are of good quality and doesn't leave you thirsty like some msg soup does. The ingredients served were also fresh and an extremely generous portion for $9.90++

Free sauce before 4pm on weekdays!

Special mention for the chewy handmade noodles 🍜

For the price, the quality is definitely worth it.

We waited 25 mins for a table during weekday lunch.

Will definitely be back!

Mango Cheezo with skinny sugar (~$8.20) 🧀 was probably the most disappointing... thing... ever...... Switched out the cheese to ice cream at no cost but even that couldn’t save the drink 😭
The first thing I tasted was this duriany taste, followed by the sweetness of the mango and the aftertaste was ????? 😫😫😫 I can’t even describe it properly but I could barely stomach this :-(( idk why it’s so disappointing

Ig @goodfomood

🎅 Cantonese-style Baked Char-siew Whole Bone-in Gammon Ham Hock ($268.00)
🎅 Nyonya-style Premium ‘Kum Heong’ Roasted Turkey ($188.00)
🎅 Handcrafted Santa Claus-shaped Buns with Belgian Dark Chocolate ($48.00 for a set of 10pcs)
Available for both dine-in and take away from now till 2 Jan 2020. Pre-orders for takeaways and reservations for dine-ins are highly recommended.
Contact them at +65 6276 9138 or email: [email protected] for more info
Location: Peony Jade Clarke Quay & Keppel Club outlet.
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Great for those with a lighter palate, Dopa Dopa Creamery’s Avocado and Home Roasted Pistachio were perfectly gooey [Double scoop $7.60, +$0.70 for premium flavours]. Both were also very natural tasting; none of the cloying, artificial, thirst-inducing effect that you sometimes get with other ice creams. For a more substantial treat, the Butter Croissant ($4.50) was a good vessel to soak up all the nutty goodness from the Pistachio. Made with their home-made nut paste, the subtle lingering fragrance of their signature flavour was enjoyable. And in comparison, the Avocado had a refreshing quality and a pleasant bit of sweet earthiness.

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Big bowl for $1.80. Fragrant and my mom said very good!

Got this at a 20% discount in the evening. Their salmon is always fresh but somehow apart from the salmon sashimi, their aburi/mentaiko salmon sushi misses the mark. Don't find it particularly tasty. Perhaps their rice could do with more vinegar.

Price: $10 ($8 after discount)

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Sashimi 9 kinds.
Fishes from Japan.
Sake, nose of fruitiness with prominence of banana.
Sweet, easy drink.
Sake is usually served in small sake cups, where one would finish a cup of sake in a gulp.
Here, with wine glasses, sake give us a different experience in appreciation.
While swirling the sake, it opens up, enhancing the fragrance of the sake to the nose.
Goes so well with fresh seafood.
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If you find tomato-based 🍅 pastas too mainstream & cream-based pastas too heavy, this Vongole Pasta ($21) @craftsmenspecialtycoffee at Mohd Sultan will be your go-to! 🍝

Featuring a generous amount of fresh CLAMs, anchovies, parsley, lemon & capers in a white wine reduction, this makes quite a decent plate of pasta. 😋😋😋
This plate may look unassuming but the anchovies had imparted some nice savoury flavours 💕, which enhances the natural sweetness of the clams. ✔ The lemon 🍋 & capers also lent a zesty & refreshing touch.
A relatively lighter plate of pasta to enjoy! 👌🏻

The rice cake was a tad soft and it couldn’t really hold its own weight (and thus, breaking apart when I lifted it up) but it tasted soo good. Warm, sweet and slightly chewy. Love the serving of red sugar with the crushed peanut on the side too, so I can adjust it to my liking. The deep fried rice cake was not too greasy either. Must-order when you’re here.