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Creating this festive treat is by no means an easy feat as the Yule Hee Hoo is made from a hazelnut chocolate praline base with a velvety pistachio cream cheese mousse paired with chocolate cream cheese and a fruity raspberry ruby centre for that tangy sensation. To balance the flavours, the logcake is finished with bittersweet matcha green tea sponge crumbles and a miniature reindeer topper. This indulgent treat has all the flavour experiences of sweet, nutty, and tangy all in a single bite.

The Yule Hee Hoo logcake is available for ordering now on the link below or you can visit any one of their twelve retail outlets island-wide to purchase today. From now to 19 December, enjoy up to 30% off the Yule Hee Hoo when you order from the retail outlets or online store.
✨ Cat & the Fiddle
📍 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central at Clarke Quay, 01-41, Singapore 059817
🌐 http://www.catandthefiddle.com/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Milk base gelato with housemade blueberry jam, chocolate ganache and salted cookie crumble. Pair it with crisp croissant, shiok 😋.

To place an order can visit this link https://www.dopadopacreamery.com, and enjoy free delivery for order above $65.

📍Dopa dopa Creamery.
29 South Bridge Road, #01-01.

How about some Nepalese Momo dumplings 🥟 stuffed generously with spiced veggies & steamed - yums! 😍 Have them when they're piping hot for the best flavours. Felt that the skin could be thinner though.

Indian food lovers will like their Galouti Kabab, a traditional dish made of mashed mixed vegetables, sweet chutney & mint sauce 🌱. Something interesting for me.

Their Taiwanese Chicken Buns also make a good starter with irresistible spiced fried chicken 🐔 sandwiched between crispy mantou buns! ✔ Love the creamy sauce!

If you are a fan of cheese, you gotta try their homemade Labneh Balls 🧀 served on a crispy pita with roasted tomato & basil pesto - perfectly rich & creamy! 👍🏻

My favourite dish here has got to be their South African BBQ Ribs! 🐄 Pull-apart tender & well-seasoned with barbecue sauce, this was super scrumptious! ❤

Exclusive set of the Clarke Quay outlet. Serving of foie gras was generous. Thick slab of the fatty goodness that was a little charred on the ends. The wakame soup comes with yuzu that helped to negate the greasiness of the foie gras and add a touch of lightness. Lovely!

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Did not have beef noodles in a long while, and I am glad to have my fix at tongue tip! The large bowl of signature beef noodles ($12.90) was definitely very satisfying. The broth was very comforting and so full of flavour I had to finish it. So glad for the huge selection of noodle types, as I can choose my favourite thicker noodles 😍

One of our favourite snow ice flavour here. The snow ice is blended with rich coconut milk and you get to decide how much gula melaka to add. Side ingredients also include generous amount of red beans, 2 attap seeds, grass jelly, aiyu and of cos not forgetting the authentic pandan flavoured cendol jelly. Most places sell those bright green fake cendol jelly which we absolutely dislike unlike here. Portion is just nice for 2 to share.

Enjoyed both the caramelised banana oat porridge and buttered sourdough with scrambled eggs and guacamole. Ambience was lovely too. A little on the pricey side.

Ordered the set meal here. This came with an assortment of tempura (chicken, squid, prawn, pumpkin, mushroom and long bean) on top of multigrain rice. I opted for the spicy sauce, but stole a mouth from my dining companion's original sauce. Prefer the original one. The set also came with a bowl of fragrant yet comforting udon 👍