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(Also unexpectedly) delicious coffee. It’s rich, layered, not overroasted like many cafe’s.

Has anyone tried Truffle Waffles before?

I’m smelling strong wafts of truffles just like the one we get with our fries. Except, it’s this red velvet waffle staring back at me.

Lightly/barely sweetened. Pairing perfectly with the syrup, fruits and rich gelato.

Opted for a really piquant Roasted Pistachio and the pretty Mermaid gelato. The latter being a strawberry and blueberry swirled dairy.

Every bite a surprise and delight ❤️ what an experience!
Speculoos crumble definitely upped the ante further too in terms of adding a touch of spice and crisp to it all 🤗

The squid sashimi was fresh! It was smooth to the palate but not sticky. That’s how you know if it’s fresh. Even better to boot if it came with a lingering sweetness. But this fared well, as with the quality for the remaining toppings too. The salmon sashimi was at the very least creamy in your mouth ( good indicator of fat content and freshness :))

Micro greens add such a refreshing touch as a palate cleanser.

Also enjoying how you can gauge the amount of sauce you’d like for your bowl.

8/10 (this promotion makes the deal a worthwhile meal)

There’s sashimi slices with spicy salted egg cream and aburi-ed AND

Sashimi chunks coated in some creamy sauce.

I must say for $13.90, this is really worthwhile. I definitely underestimated the portion— fish or sushi rice wise!

Loved the entire bowl with all the veggies,kelp, and ajitama egg too.
With the exception that maybe having 1 creamy sauce base and another non-creamy, might be less surfeiting on the palate. Especially with salmon sashimi being a creamy fatty fish on its own to begin with.


Gotta love the plentiful crispy tiny pork lard that speckles the noodles so amazingly once mixed in.

Every speckle a crunch
Every speckle a burst of fragrance

It’s also altogether saucey with the noodles carrying a light lace of wok hey 🙌🏻👌🏻

The broth can definitely get a little prawny and robust for that perfect hokkien mee oomph.

The generous pork lard definitely carried this dish hahhaa


My favourite part of this ensemble? The garlic cream sauce that the waiter firmly posited is meant for the fries.

But it was smooth and thick, aromatic with all the garlic and thyme, i just couldn’t resist moppin it up with the fluffy bread too.

The lobster itself was thick and juicy. In that creamy aioli, it proved to be pretty jelak if not for the refreshing lemon wedge squeezed over the roll.

Overall a 7/10 though, for the portion size and price point of $68 for this after tax. It’s tasty yes but.. not all too filling and pretty pricey :/

It was more like a very much denser sponge with large air pockets than a buttery fluffy scone texture I know.

Sort of floury a taste. The many walnuts added a nice crunch to the bland texture of the dense cake.

Coffee flavour was pretty minimal.


Amazing price point as far as I’m concerned.

But bear in mind the mains have minimal protein (curries/stews/bakes alike). It’s really mainly carrots/potatoes. Okay flavour wise but really not satisfying if you’re a meat lover like me.

The matcha ($4) and soup ($4.90) however are tastefully flavourful. Note how the prices are also back on the mainstream range. Figuring this is probably how they build towards a profit margin with.


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Steak and Eggs are so classic a pairing of proteins. Don’t know bout you; fried sunny side ups are the tastiest and cheeriest simple comfort foods.
And steak done well is just such an explosion of meaty umami.

This one was cooked to medium rare. Would classify it more medium well. But for a lighter cut that still carries the barbecue char fragrances, it’s still considerably well executed!

That black pepper garlic sauce however is the star of the dish 💫 I can taste the bay leaf, the hits of pepper spice in a buttery envelope altogether.

9/10 for the sauce
8/10 over all :)


The coffee sauce is sooo delicious.
Lip smacking caramelisation not at all lacking from coffee aromatics.

The ribs being fried does tend to leave the edges drier and tougher a chew but it’s not completely dried out.

The even and thick coating of sauce is wonderful to pair.

I like the crispy thick cut salty Cajun fries and the refreshing creamy slaw for a rounded meal :)



It was crispy, pretty juicy, and sweetish SPICY.

The kind of spice that hits your chest and lingers around your upper torso area.

Good recommendation by the waiter! :)



Chunks of fish were really fresh. You can taste the sweetness of the flesh.

The bursts of tobiko with plump vinegary sushi rice was very appetising too.

7.5/10 👌🏻👌🏻