This combination was like a meat galore above a red sauce base, with the standard pineapple and ham on one side and the meatballs, pepperoni and bacon on the other.

It was one of those best comfort foods that I would order through Deliveroo, and while the pizzas here were at a premium price, I would really vouch that Peperoni Pizzeria served really scrumptious pizza with that crust that I absolutely would not say no to. So for those who do not like to eat the pizza crust when they go to a pizza restaurant, I would advise you not to waste the dough here and finish even the last crumb that you could find.

If I had said that this whole set here could be purchased at under S$20.00, I might not even believe it myself.

But the fact was that during the circuit breaker period, Collin’s did try to keep themselves competitive by offering bundle meals that could make your money work really hard. This was undoubtedly a very filling meal especially with all the meats and the pasta, but I was most pleased with the short ribs that was so well-seasoned and easy to eat.

Some of my colleagues who had visited Hong Kong often talked about the baked pastries from Hong Kong Flaky Lotus. During the circuit breaker period, we coordinated a group buy for delivery to our vicinity.

While they offered a range of breads that looked really attractive, I on the other hand had my eyes glued on their pastry menu.

The Egg Tart (front, S$1.30) had a very flaky tart shell, and as far as I would have loved it to have more egg custard that came with it, I had friends whom had no disagreement towards the ratio. On the other hand, the Red Bean Pastry (left, S$1.30) and Yam Pastry (right, S$1.30) had a more balanced pastry-filling ratio, with the filling being sweet enough to my liking.

As of all pastries, it was best to taste them fresh or within the day of purchase.

It was one of those days where I was looking for a cake to to perk me up, and by far the Rainbow Cake was one that could give a visual pleasure as I sought a dessert fix.

While the Rainbow Cake was not flavoured at each colour, the consistency of the cake layers was not bad. And I supposed the buttercream had this subtle salty touch to balance the sweetness of the cake. On the whole, the Rainbow Cake might not be the best in terms of taste, but could surely lift moods as it had somewhat crossed the passing mark.

A very localised tart by Tarte, their Coconut Pandan (S$8.00) exuded this mild fragrance from the roasted desiccated coconut, but packed intense flavours from the pandan custard from beneath. As much as everything appeared plain and simple, what made this tart noteworthy was that it would make a perfect pairing with white tea!

They also have a larger version of about 12cm diameter that would go at S$18.00, and I would think I might want to try ordering that next time. That was somewhat the immediate thought after I had my first taste of this, and perhaps that spoke volumes of how I favoured this.

Honestly, I would not go for angel hair as my top choice of pasta because I always thought that it lacked the volume for the “al dente” finish that I would expect from pasta dishes. However, the Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Yuzu, Salted Seaweed & Ikura (S$18.00) was an item in their takeaway menu that sort of changed my opinion.

The choice of ingredients gave the pasta a savoury, umami finish that very much resembled an oriental dry noodle dish, less the Kecap and chilli. Although served cold, the pasta did not turn clumpy after packed, and it was easily mixed and tossed upon serving.

Duke Bakery had been in the market for a number of years now, and they had their fair share of ups and downs in their innovation and sales. No doubt that they still had some of their all-time favourites, but unfortunately a few of my top picks were phased out over time.

Phased in last year, the Tiramisu bread (S$6.00) was more of a cake-in-a-bread creation that had chocolate cake inside the chocolate chip bread that sandwiched a generous amount of cream cheese. A pretty straightforward approach to incorporate cheese, cake and bread into one piece, but it was also sufficient to make this one here likable.


I would have loved to redeem the Burpple Beyond deals here, but since I am just buying this for myself, it was a better idea to order a Medium size healthy food for me.

Of course, the advantage of getting customised açaí bowls was that I got to choose my own combination of fruits and supplements. I would, however, recommend getting the açaí and chia pudding as the base, simply because it adds a lot more texture to the bowl on top of all the benefits that these superfoods would provide.

I strongly believed that I am very late to talk about Basque cheesecakes, likely because I wanted to make sure that the first try of this trending cake to be a good one.

When I opened up the takeaway box to reveal this slice of Kaya Burnt Cheesecake, I was really surprised to see that there was still a portion of molten cheesecake in the middle (not exactly lava, just not fully solidified). What was most beautiful about this dessert was that the flavours were not overpowering, in the sense that there was still a good balance of the cheesecake and kaya flavours, without either side being too dominant.

However, I must say that the cake could be on the richer (read: heavier) side overall, so I would think that it would be best enjoyed with some tea and definitely not after a heavy main course.


I would have imagined that it was somewhat unfortunate for iSTEAKS Diner to open their new branch at Suntec City Mall just before the circuit breaker period, but I was also feeling quite glad that I visited the restaurant for a dine-in too.

To me, they had taken their steak business quite seriously with the range of steak options available. I ordered their Grain Fed Char-grilled Ribeye (S$25.00) which truly didn’t disappoint, with the slab’s doneness and seasoning right on point. I supposed that it was also the fact that they were so good with what they were doing, that their restaurants were progressively expanding across the island.

The restaurant also offered some interesting-looking desserts, but this yummy dinner would have been best complemented with a glass of house red wine.

When I first saw the Aburi Mentai Yaki Chirashi Don (S$17.90) served to me, I was very excited for the generous amount of Mentaiko Mayonnaise squeezed on top of the bowl of raw seafood, egg and cucumber cubes layer. Not to mention the sea of glistering Ebiko.

Being so happy with the Mentaiko Mayonnaise made me ignore and accept the somewhat little portion of the diced stuff. But of course I also felt saddened by the fact that business was moving very slowly to the point that I could not confirm if the portions were “upsized intentionally”, or the sushi rice was on the hard side because it was not moving fast enough for a new batch to be prepared.


Served in their refreshed menu this year, LECOQ introduced two sea urchin mains for the diners who loved its freshness — the Hot Uni Spaghetti (S$22.00) and the Cold Uni Somen.

Every strand of the spaghetti was thickly coated with a cream-based sauce with a few pieces of the raw sea urchin resting beautifully, so once the pasta was tossed, you could actually taste the freshness of the sea urchin without feeling to overpowered by it. Even as a person who was not a big fan of sea urchin, I thought this was a pretty noteworthy dish to enjoy.

As far as I understood, this dish would not be redeemable as a Burpple Beyond deal, but don’t let that stop you from savouring it.


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