the sourdough here had a really nice flavor but what i like most about mr kneady’s is the small sizes they offer! allowing us to finish the bread without it getting stale

Fluffy in, crisp out. Topped w crunchy fragrant almond flakes with some really awesome almond paste on the inside. It’s the perfect kinda indulgence for chill-out breakfast

I really liked the chocolate orange escargot which had bits of orange in it. The flavours were really fragrant and complemented each other well too!

Pandan Kaya, Coconut Flakes. From the new Micro Bakery at The Red House, replacing the former premises of Heavenly Wang.

A pretty simple item that is essentially a more artisan variant of our all-familiar breakfast item, both the toast and Kaya are made from scratch here. Almost akin to that of thick toast in terms of presentation, the toast beneath carries familiar notes of sourdough; just a hint of sourness from the fermentation process that carries a slight tang, whilst being crusty and carries a good, firm bite for some chew. The Pandan Kaya spread atop is unlike those of the likes of commercially-made ones; hints of strong notes of Pandan and coconut without being too sweet, yet being thick, rich, and fragrant. Topped off with a slight sprinkle of sea salt, the sea salt helps to provide some contrast without being overly salty, while the coconut flakes further enhancing the flavours of the Kaya. Very much a sucker here for good Kaya toasts; the House Kaya Toast here is a variant I very much enjoyed with its well-executed Kaya, and sourdough that is made with lots of passion for the craft — no doubt more expensive that the usual coffeeshop rendition, but something that is worth going for if one is willing to shell out just a little more for a more souped up version of the classic Kaya Toast.

The toasts were good, they were tangy and crunchy. The nut butter toast was almost as good as woodland sourdough’s version but fell slightly short. I still enjoyed it nonetheless :) Quite liked the flat white, which was smooth and well balanced.

Faint taste of green tea & not much different from the original almond one leaning on the sweet not bitter end of the spectrum.

G.T lovers like myself - don’t expect matcha satisfaction from this!🍵😞

This sourdough is really chewy and has a sour flavour. I had it with torched cheese.

On the occasional visits to the West, I am excited to try what Burpplebeyond has to offer #1.
On a Saturday afternoon amid the COVID-19 situation, Bread Yard was brimming full of patrons, and we had to wait a good 5 min for a freed table. That was definitely a telltale on what Bread Yard had to offer. Indeed I had a mean cuppa iced flat white and we enjoyed standard good quality brunch fare. The dessert of Kouign Amman had enough melted sugar that crystallised, and the layers id expect from croissant like pastries.
The olive loaf we bought for take home is also artisan bread done right with a more pronounced taste of fresh olives you’d spot. The sliced loaf can be refrigerated and keep for a week’s worth of good carb supply.

Open from 7am till 7pm, this neighbourhood bakery next to Empress Market is perfect for breakfast pitstops or teatime drop-ins. If you're lucky, snag their Insta-famous cruffins ($4.50 each) that sell out fast. Standouts include the PB&J and Lemon Curd. Otherwise, you'll be satisfied with any of their available pastries, including the delightfully flaky Kougin-aman ($4) that is coated in caramelised sugar for a perfect crunch.
Photo by Burppler Maureen Ow

Seems to be popular with the tourists. Thankfully still authentic. Huge menu! Might return to try the other stuff.

I went for the Madmoiselle Chantal which had corned beef, honey baked ham, swiss, sunny side up, bechamel, and carolina mustard sauce. Pretty good but mustard lacked tanginess, actually couldnt taste it so flavours turned out tame/safe. Still enjoyed it though. My friend customised her bagel and had flank, avocado, and jalapeno cream cheese. Good combo!! The jalapenos provided a nice spicy kick and complemented the beef really well.