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04:00pm - 12:00am

04:00pm - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

[ Food Review — Ever been to a coffeeshop bar? ] What are two things that my neighbourhood is lacking in? 1) Coffeeshops, and 2) bars. And I guess that’s why Bar Bar Black Sheep decided to set up shop here — the dearth of both makes it the perfect fit!

I’m not particularly fond of coffeeshops (until we have a smoking ban), and I haven’t been bar hopping since my uni days (allergies, phooey). So what brought me to the confluence of two things I’m not all that partial to? (Hint: I a m a food insta)

The food ofc!

Gonna preface this by saying the food isn’t exceptional; what it does have is a mix of eastern-western food options that is right up my alley, served with a surplus of cool drinks on the side, and packaged in a casual atmosphere that’s walkable from mine. Check, check, and check!

After Omakase Burger closed at Turf City, I was devastated. But after it took up residency at BBBS, right next to Thai, and Indian food stalls — both of which have pretty robust menus as well — I had to swing by one day for a bite of that crunchy sala-, I mean…burger. Cause some of the ingredients inside are crunchy.

Despite being branded as a coffeeshop-bar, don’t expect the prices to be near hawker fare. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing: Sans OB (which has only gotten pricier), the Thai and Indian stalls serve up restaurant-adjacent dishes with pretty substantial portions.

I’m going to skip on a OB review since I did one a couple while back (refresher: 100% get the salad; pretty good, albeit kinda small, burgers with fluffy buns). My winner for the night: Aloo gobi. Cooked to order, it arrived in a tantalising lil mountain of vibrant colours, and even more vibrant aroma. We spent most of our stay plucking studs of potato and cauliflower from it; we could have just gotten this and paired it with rice and another side and be done — that’s how hefty a portion it was!

The prawn cakes weren’t about to be outdone too. The crust was gold and thin, and the interior was moist and sweet — it was the perf snack to end on, esp when eaten hot. A lil pricey for 3-pc, but if you want to share a main instead, their fried rice and noodles is responsible for feeding >50% of the tables!

You know the drill by now at Bar Bar; choose from the Indian, Thai or the burger kitchen. This is the butter chicken with plain naan (approx 20 sgd). Soft morsels of chicken, rich creamy sauce and the most consistent naan breads to mop it up. Comfort food done well. Great beers also!

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Dinner at western, indian place. It is not a restaurant, neither a coffee shop but is it a bar ?? Well ! Fries has the consistency crispy, delicious burger and shiny egg at the side


Super slurps food with an quaint conducive date night ambiance. S$20/-


Chose this because I thought it sounded unique. And it's really quite nice! Though I can imagine some people will say that it taste like cough syrup. Nice place to go for reasonably priced beers but can't chill for too long if you perspire easily..there's no air con here