Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard)

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We Love Good Coffee, Hearty Sandwiches & Great Company. If you fancy a gentler pace away from the hustle & bustle, visit us and spend a slow afternoon while you indulge in a good cup of coffee, just the way you like it. Unpretentious, complete chill out & relaxation. That's how we like it, and you?

100 Guillemard Road
#01-02 Singpore Badminton Hall
Singapore 399718

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08:30am - 06:00pm

09:30am - 06:00pm

09:30am - 06:00pm


08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

The moment where you see a unfamiliar bake sitting in the shelves of the favourite place and decided to just go straight for it; probably one of the things that I do whenever I am here too.

Was pretty surprised to have found them serving this considering how they have always been known to be place that doesn’t really serve very rich and decadent cakes like these. While the other establishments around have been jumping on the Burnt Cheesecake bandwagon for some time, they have seemed to have decidedly gone for the classic NY-style baked cheesecake here that is everything to love — smooth, creamy and luscious cheesecake that is pretty balanced in flavour against the Oreo-esque based that is consistent in texture with the cheesecake, but it is that raspberry coulis over the top that provides that zippy touch that cuts through the richness of the cheesecake, with the herbs over the top giving it a refreshing note that compliments it so well.

When a friend who arrived at the favourite cafe earlier on his own spots a new pastry in the display shelf; and that’s when a visit is definitely mandatory to try that exact pastry that he has just sent you about. And that is how I ended up having the Pesto & Cheese Roll despite already stomaching half a portion of fried chicken waffle, a Canele, half a portion of a roll cake and most of a mooncake-inspired cruffin in an entire morning.

Brawn & Brains Coffee serving up their range of buns such as the Almond & Vanilla Bun and the Korvapuusti is nothing new, but the buns/rolls had always been of sweet flavour combinations — the introduction of the Pesto & Cheese Roll strays away from just that considering how it is a savoury flavour combination instead. Coming shaped just like my favourite Almond and Vanilla Bun, there is no doubt how I would also enjoy having this by hand; pulling away the first few layers of the roll, I utterly enjoyed the toasty, warm bread that is just so ever lightly crusty that came with a slight hint of herbiness from the pesto. As one unravels the roll further, the laces of cheese adds a savoury note to that herbiness — so flavourful and comforting especially when had with the Long Black, especially if savoury breads are your sort of thing.

I probably do sound like a broken record by now but I always have liked Brawn & Brains Coffee for the consistency of their food and service — it’s that place that I would always return to knowing that what I have been looking forward to will be what I get; makes it they perfect spot for me to always be able to grab a taste and experience that familiarity after trying out a couple of places that I had never been to and visiting for the very first time. Always excited to hear them trying out new things to put up out on the menu and giving them a go — looking forward whatever is coming up next if there already is something out there!

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📍Brawn & Brains coffee, 100 Guilemard Rd📍
💸 Oven-baked molten eggs: $18.90
💸 Carrot & Walnut slice: $7.80
💸 Lemon curd donut: $4.50
💸 Iced White: $6.50
To celebrate the reopening of dining in, here we are posting the last food we ate before dining in stopped😂 Finally had the chance to try Brawn & Brains, and we got a variety of their mains, desserts and coffee to try. Firstly their famed oven-baked molten eggs, served with sides of avocado🥑, smoked salmon, salad and toast🍞. Glorious melted cheese🧀 that was super good when it was still warm, but as it became cold and hardened, the cheese got a little overwhelming. However, we do appreciate the crusty cheese bits around the edges which gave a crunchy texture to it😍. For their desserts, we preferred their carrot & walnut slice. It was a dense cake, packed with carrots🥕 and walnut and had just the right amount of cream cheese on top!! A great end to our meal and a good pairing with their house blend coffee☕. Although Brawn and Brains is a little out of the way, the food is good and pretty value for money. Makes a good weekend chill place☺️

Back to the favourite place after yet another week; was pretty surprised to find that they had one last Kaya Donut sitting in the display shelf when we made our visit during mid-day on a weekend afternoon — and since it had been quite a while since we have had one of these, we ended up going straight for it.

The Kaya Donut is everything that I had remembered it to be; soft and fluffy donut that is dusted with sugar, whilst being stuffed with a Pandan Kaya filling which is made in-house — the very same one which comes with their Classic Pancakes at the East Coast Road outlet. Their house-made Kaya is one that I absolutely adore — absolutely fragrant from the Pandan which they painstakingly extract the juices from; all that with a smooth consistency without the viscosity and density of the commercially-made ones, which I find to be utterly delicious. As an afterthought, perhaps one could try dipping the donut’s bread into the long black to replicate those nostalgic vibes of eating Kaya Butter Toast soaked with black coffee — though again I probably would just do having it as-is, considering it’s not everyday that I come across the Kaya Donuts here.


Got the avocado toast, cheese toasties, iced flat white and an iced chocolate.

Savoured Brawn & Brains’ latest offerings which had been recently introduced during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period — the Chocolate Babka Loaf being a new item introduced to their menu available only for pre-orders on their website.

Not the first Chocolate Babka I have had — the first being a loaf probably half its size from The Bakehaus (speaking of which, it’s probably time to head down soon for revisit again), and then subsequently a slice from Mad Roasters at Amoy Street Food Centre (they had also recently opened another branch within Kipos Gourmet at their Joo Chiat Road outlet), so I was quite stoked about this one. Slicing it down and one would reveal its interior that is beautifully swirled with chocolate and hazelnuts within, while the bread comes with sugary bits sprinkled over the top — the same ones that adorn their breads like the Korvapuusti (i.e. Finnish Cinnamon Bun) that they have been serving for quite a while now. The bread has a brilliant texture — it’s fluffiness is comparable to an aptly airy sponge cake, though still maintaining its firmness and structural integrity like a proper brioche; not too dense but not too soft or airy either. The beautiful swirls of melted chocolate gives a rich bittersweetness, while the hazelnuts here give a good crunch — the same way like the toasted hazelnuts do for their Dark Chocolate/Earl Grey Croissants.

Whilst being a newly-introduced item, the Chocolate Babka Loaf is one that also evokes familiar vibes of their old favourites, especially with the use of common elements that brings that warm and fuzzy Brawn & Brains feel to the Chocolate Babka Loaf. The Chocolate Babka Loaf costs $16 — good to be shared with amongst a family, but those who are looking for something to have individually, they do also offer a Babka Twist with Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts that is available for delivery, takeaway or self pick-up without the need to pre-order. Looking forward to the lifting of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures soon — can’t wait to return to spend my weekends while dining-in here again (whilst adhering to social distancing and other precautions, of course)!