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From Soon Soon #01-54, fried dough fritters 3 pieces for $2.
Fluffy, fragrant every chew.
Chose white sesame green bean fillings, black sesame red bean fillings and ‘butterfly’ slightly sweet after taste.
Asian doughnuts.

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must revisit once in a while. .
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The amount of sweet sauce for the black one is just nice, not too little, not too much. It's slightly charred, giving it different layers of texture. The ratio of egg to the radish cubes is also perfect and more importantly, the serving of chye poh is generous. It also doesn't feel overly greasy and oily too, so you don't get jelak after eating it.
📍49 Sims Place
# 01-25
Sims Vista Market and Food Centre

The closest in Singapore I could get to reminisce my time in UK, amazing booze to wash down that English menu that was on point and on Burpplebeyond 1 for 1 (!!!). All quality ingredients used at a sizeable portion for these straightforward English food of sandwiches and fish and chips.
Definitely a place I would return to!

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From stall named 粥 in bold red colour.
Traditional handmade Chee Cheong Fun (Rice rolls) from watery rice batter, freshly made upon order.
The stall offered a lot of ingredients to add into the Chee Cheong Fun.

Chosen Fresh Prawn and CharSiew, both priced $2.50, drenched with light soy sauce, enjoyed it with a buddy of course.



I know theoretically nothing can be too crispy. As good as this was, the experience ended up as just crispiness in the mouth. Even the best things gotta be moderated. It definitely can do with more starch, which moderates the texture. I love my oyster omelette starchy lah. Oysters are big here.

After reading many raving reviews of JB Ah Meng, I finally got to try it and I am happy to report that the dishes I tried did not disappoint:D! The signature White Pepper Crab, JB San Lou Meehoon and Fried Garlic Chilli Clams are very flavourful - easily crowd pleasers across ages. Two dishes stood out to me in particular. The Deep Fried Pork Belly with Fermented Beancurd is very fragrant, crispy and though they are deep fried, they are not dry or oily - pretty impressive and addictive I must say! While Sambal Kang Kong is a common zichar staple, their version is super lardy and flavourful, complete with a generous sprinkle of lard cubes and plenty of wok hei🤤! The meal amounted to about $150 for 5 pax, which is reasonable. Overall, this zichar place is on the 重口味 side, in a good way if you like strong flavours like me:) Will probably order rice to go with the dishes when I visit again!

When one of my cousins suggested this place for our meet-up, I immediately agreed as I have always liked the food there very much.
The six of us covered the table with our combined favourites of clams stir-fried in garlic and chilli, the restaurant’s signatures of fried beehoon and white pepper, steamed fish head and crunchy fish skin with achar. Besides these, we also ordered a couple of stirfried vegetables because another of my cousins Gwen sure loves her greens.
Every dish arrived in a timely manner, was cooked perfectly and tasted very good. There was no over or under of seasoning at all. It is quite a feat considering how rushed off their feet all the staff are on a Sunday night with a perpetual queue outside JB Ah Meng’s entrance.
For your reference, the bill for the six of us came to about $260 in total, inclusive of a few beers and non-alcoholic drinks.

Its appeal is its use of charcoal to fire up, which has become rare in Singapore. As a result the noodles tasted strongly of charcoal, which isn't universally desired. Caught right before the hawker prepared a new batch, I wouldn't queue another 30 minutes for this.

We came here a few times and love the flat white. Food portions are huge and perfect place to park bikes.

This is one of my favourite stall😬 Just be prepared to wait.
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This is clearly in a different league, and I think it can be quite polarising. I believe they are using a very old wok, coupled with the charcoal to fry the hokkien mee, there's a super distinct smokiness that's unparalleled. Its not even wok hei anymore, its really very special in my opinion, like wok hei plus charcoal steamboat aroma. However, I believe this may be the polarising aspect, the extreme smokiness might favoured by some but not so by others.

Regardless, I'm super mind blown by this. This hokkien mee is simply on its pedestal, even the brother stall Lor 29 Geylang Hokkien Mee can't compare with Swee Guan.

Rating: 6 / 5 (Yes, I'm giving this a six out of five 😂)

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