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Sweetness from the meat of the crab; spiciness from the black pepper is not overwhelming; the roe from the crab is overflowing onto the plate and need to scoop the roe with spoon.
Done to perfection.
There is more than enough roe and pepper sauce to mix the San Lou bee hoon with.
A must try. White pepper crab is another alternate must order item.
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Presentation is nice. Soup is good. But adding mayonnaise to the aburi salmon then add soup seems weird

And the next thing you know we are back 😂 have you experienced the same thing too?

Brawn & Brains
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 399718
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Jin jin Hokkien prawn noodles

What an unexpected find in this Hawker nested within Aljunied.

This Hokkien prawn mee has hit all the right notes for me and when you see that this shop has many regulars - you know why .

The prawn slices were very fresh and the pork slices were very tender and non fatty .

The star of the dish was the QQ kway Teow and kudos to these broader kway teow . Paired with the homemade sambal , each mouthful is such
an enjoyment. Simply un un-believable.

Mix in some prawn soup into your noodles and mix up all that sambal - really the best tasting prawn mee for me that’s not too greasy and not too salty .

For 3 dollars - this is really a gem .

The version served at Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy is no slouch. The broth is thick and savoury, while the inclusion of crispy fried ikan bilis helps add a strong saltiness that permeates through each leaf. It’s not the most balanced version of the dish, but for a strong punch of flavour, this does the trick, and more.
They also do a killer salt baked chicken, unfortunately my phone crashed at the most misfortunate moment, and no one could resist eating it long enough for me to reset and get a photo of it. 😭
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Can’t believe it’s taken us this long to try this amazing braised duck! We got half a duck and added on the works; liver, gizzards, eggs and a whole slew of other goodies. Everything was super yummeh drenched in the dark, aromatic gravy. The duck was tender and tasty, the liver was soft, fresh and had an amazing bite to it. There was even this curious flat “jellyfish” like item that had a springy bite that we enjoyed – turned out to be duck’s intestines!

All this for $38, we’ll certainly be back. Friendly, affable service too though the midday Geylang sun is no joke, this was well worth a little discomfort.

After the lunch at two-months-old “Banh Mi Thit” left us feeling rather underwhelmed, Burppler Dex Neo suggested we visit “Sia Kee Duck Rice”, a stall he has had on his Burpple wishlist, for lunch part two. So we walked less than half a kilometre down Geylang Road to the corner Sin Huat Eating House where the stall is located and in the spirit of true foodies everywhere, over-ordered.
That’s how we ended up with a platter piled with half a duck (very tender of flesh), duck liver (superbly creamy), braised eggs, “tau kwa” (this was the best!) and fish cake topped with sweet, soft peanuts, cuttlefish and blanched bean sprouts. Over it all went the distinctive aromatic and tasty thick braising sauce.
Tucking into this goopy-licious heap of protein lifted up our spirits. Coupled with the extremely cheery service from the Oh brothers - Ron, Laurence and Albert, who co-own and operate “Sia Kee Duck Rice”, we couldn’t help but be all smiles by the time we left.

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year, which is also known as Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节, Lantern Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day.

I've had a great start to the day with a flavoursome lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, feasting on usual favourites like Lala Hokkien Mee, Penang Assam Laksa etc. This beancurd dish is something new to me. Bite-sized portions of tofu are deep-fried, then drowned in a generous serving of pumpkin-based sauce. The dish is next topped with prawns and an umami-packed paste that is reminiscent of XO sauce. The pumpkin sauce is rather heavy and has a savoury flavour with a faint hint of pumpkin sweetness. For me, one try of this dish is probably more than enough.

Penang Seafood Restaurant
32 Aljunied Road
Singapore 389817
Tel No.: 6746 2003




✔Sake Soy Marinated Beef (fore): medium rare, the beef was tender. After mixing, the mixture was a tad sour due to the sauteed mushroom and pickles. Perhaps best to separate if u dont like the vinegar taste!
✔Mangalica Chashu: the pork belly was soft, but not as marinated as I would like it to be. Nevertheless, pretty decent pork bowl!

Service was great!
Overall: ❤❤❤

Visited this establishment that serves to Banh Mi along Geylang Road in a pretty unpretentious environment with all the right vibes.

Went for the Pork Banh Mi, which features a baguette that is baked fresh in-house, pickles, pork pate, ham and other condiments. Felt that the bread was light and crisp, lightly toasted and buttered for a slight richness while the overall sandwich was more on the meaty side, with the pickles providing a rather light hint of sourness to refresh the tastebuds from the meatiness. Patrons can opt for spiciness here, where chili padi would be added in — the chili padi is immensely spicy, giving the sandwich a real fiery kick that even most spicy eaters would feel the tingle on their taste buds. A pretty good Banh Mi, and one that is certainly affordable at $4.50 in a set with drink; a deal that is undeniably value-for-money and pretty delicious.


Back at my all time favourite wanton noodle joint again. Taste is consistently excellent with the al-dente noodles & fatty char siew. Yums!