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A relatively new cafe, SPACE coffee boasts a large simple cafe space. Once you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by a strong coffee aroma, which is really inviting.

We had an Iced latte ($7) and an Iced Mocha ($8). The Iced Latte was strong and aromatic, without being too milky; just the way I like it. The Iced Mocha was also very chocolatey, but can be quite sweet.

If you are around the area this is one place to come to hide away from the shine or the rain!

Space Coffee
587 Geylang Rd, #01-01, Singapore 389526

Closed liao. Went past 2 times lights are on but no staff. Now no staff no lights. Sign board covered.

This stall, which uniquely sells 3 different meats (fish, duck, pork), has been run by Tay Kim Song and his wife since 1985, though his father founded the brand way before that.
The clear soup packs bold flavour, from boiling pork and fish bones over hours, beautifully sweet savoury in taste.
Garnishes include crisp lettuce, wispy seaweed, juicy tomato, and crisp coriander, with vegetal earthy herbal sweet flavour.
The generous portion of large, thick cut, boneless mackerel fish fillets, in the mixed duo of natural and fried slices, carry lovely meaty tender flaky texture with sweet savoury salty flavour.
Served with fluffy braised vegetable rice studded with cabbage and dried shrimp, lending grainy savoury earthy sweet flavour.
A personal favourite rendition, an occasional craving. Yum.
Fish Soup
Hong Qin Fish And Duck Porridge
@ 134 Geylang East Avenue 1 #01-217
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This place doesnt fail to impress us. Ordered a few skewers and our standard baon aglio olio (super delicious btw) and added on this OMG Burger to try. The portion was so generous for the price, definitely worth every cent your pay. Although we felt that the beef patty can be thinner. Anyway, highly recommend to try this place (Y)

Had a family dinner at this famous zi char restaurant to try some of their dishes and first thing you notice is that their portions are enormous. We believe their large portion can feed 8-10 people!

One of their signature got to be their Fermented Pork Belly ($30 for large portion). With a crispy crust, this succulent pieces were tender and packed with lots of umami coming from the fermented marination. Very addictive, these were delicious with their chilli sauce!

Their Crispy Chicken with Salted Egg ($30 for large portion) was also satisfying and all of them were generously coated with rich salted egg sauce that is perfect with rice! However, their chicken pieces come with small pieces of bone which was uninviting, maybe it's to show diners that they use fresh chicken πŸ˜‚

Another specialty is their Seafood Mee Goreng ($20 for large portion) which was so flavourful from the chilli and tomato base and they came with quite generous portions of seafood. Their prawns were really plump and meaty, absolutely delicious.

Definitely a good place for family dinners!

I bought the last portion of ban mian at 13:45hrs. Mee hoon kueh was sold out by then..

.. It was okay. Soup was umami, but the noodles themselves were ordinary.

Also, they messed up my order & gave me a standard bowl - when I ordered the one with abalone 'cos if I'm waiting this long for my food, I'd better be boujee to make it worth my while. Was rushing for time, & hence didn't get this rectified.

Wasn't terrible, but also wasn't worth the wait. I left in a rush to my next appointment feeling pretty grumpy & dissatisfied.

Expect a long wait; ~30mins like how you've read about it everywhere. The guy behind me said it's been like this for years. πŸ˜‚

The menu in the store is different from the one online. Perhaps it was updated but did not change the online menu as it is still 7% GST.
Food was okay, kinda expensive for the price. Although the deco and everything else is pretty and nice. Aesthetically 9/10, food about 7.5/10 for the price. Staff was attentive too!

Second revisit to @nanyangdao ! This time to try their penang prawn mee noodle ($6.80)! This was a solid bowl of prawn noodles! So much better than the other typical prawn mee noodle soup in singapore. The highlight was the robust flavourful soup! Two huge prawns are given! But you will need to use your hands to peel them (haha i would have preferred peeled prawns). What is even better about this bowl of prawn noodles is that there is sliced pork and half a boiled egg as well! Remember to ask for no beansprouts if you dont eat them like me too!

To make the deal even sweeter, get the $8+ 1 for 1 lazada vouchers for this! You get two bowls for the price of $8+! Super good deal!

πŸ“119 Aljunied Ave 2, 01-48 Singapore 380119

Hand-torn mee hoon kueh tossed in a savoury dark sauce with pork slices, minced pork, vegetables and umami fried anchovies. I always go for the dry version for its flavourful sauce and the addition of chilli helps balance out the sweetness and adds some spicy kick to it. Be prepared to wait at least 30mins during peak meal hours 》$5.80

Other than the usuals, they also serve a variety of toppings/combinations ranging from 🐷 pork, πŸ” chicken, fishball, meatball, 🦐 prawn, 🐟 sliced fish and clam. Other choices of noodles include ban mian, U-mian, bee hoon and mee sua.

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Ordered some ngoh hiang to snack and feed my stomach while waiting for my L32 handmade noodles from the same coffee shop. The prawn crackers from this stall are irresistibly crispy and crunchy with sprinkles of peanut over the dish 》$8

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