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2 Havelock Road
#01-22 Havelock II

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09:30am - 03:30pm


08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

09:30am - 03:30pm

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💸: $4.80 ~ $5.50

Have been wanting to try @thebackyardbakers brownies since before Circuit Breaker started but the whole Covid situation got in the way 😅

I’ve finally managed to get my hands on these, waking up early during the weekend just to queue for these..that’s how much I wanted to try them 😂

First impression was ‘wow these brownies are pretty small’. When my friend said that 1 is enough to fill you up, I thought he must be exaggerating 😂 but then again, by my standards, I could still finish 1 piece in one go lol but I didn’t eat all 4 in one go la obviously..🤪 Everything in moderation, so 1 pc/day is a good start 😄

Anyway, back to my review..so these brownies are very dense, rich and moist..and I like that it’s not too sweet as well..one of the best brownies I have tried, definitely!

Fyi, I got the 70% Dark Choc,Peanut Butter,Nutella & White Choc Macadamia

The only feedback I have is the fillings..I think the amount of fillings used is not so consistent..the fillings for the 70% Dark Choc & Nutella were ok but the PB & White Choc had too little fillings..I could barely taste the white choc coz it’s so little and it’s mostly just the brownie..At first, I thought that maybe only the choc fillings were generous but my friend who also ordered the 70% dark choc got the same amount of filling as my white choc (i.e. very little)..🤔

In terms of the flavour though, out of the 4 that I tried, I like the 70% dark choc (although it’s still a bit on the sweet side) and PB (good for those looking for other flavour besides choc). The nutella one was a bit too sweet for me

Finally got around trying these famed brownies a little while ago! They were indeed suuuper rich and gao, but also found them quite sweet and a tad pricey for the size. Preferred their 74% dark chocolate to this as the flavour here wasn’t as distinct.


Not gonna lie I was totally regretting getting this cos I tot it's gonna be average but it turned out to be the best brownie I bought that day. The bittersweet chocolate was sapid and so complex in flavour, without much of the sourness I despise. Not to mention it melds into the already chocolatey brownie so well. MUST TRY!!


Absolutely delightful. What a surprise that one of the best is also the cheapest. The peanut butter melds into the brownie incredibly well, I won't be surprised if there's peanut butter in the brownie batter lol

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The Nutella doesn't really come thru at all, though the nuts were not bad

From their insta, and from my own memory, I ordered valrhona dulcey and sea salt but the paper packaging said caramelia+ sea salt

What's weird is that the Instagram page didn't even have caramel that day

Nonetheless, the caramel inside wasn't v strong, and im starting to understand why people are fascinated w BUNDT. The brownies have a uniquely soft texture, somewhat like the cross of cake, fudge, and foam. Very rich too and the taste isn't cloying, tho it requires some sort of liquid to wash down after the 3rd bite.

Rather expensive for such a small block, tho filling nonetheless.