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The truffle cream paired with the soft and crispy 3 kinds or warm scone is so satisfying. Next, The goofey bourbon black forest with little juicy berries ensured u don’t feel jelat but refreshed. Moving on, the sticky sea salt Caramel brownie is very solidly fragrantly. The crunchy hazelnut choc is also not bad. This makes me wanna put my diet on a hold and enjoy this small treat first. Can be slightly pricey but the quality speaks volume (:

Dark brownie with rum raisin
Hms, not fantastic given the price paid. It was just a brownie with some raisins - rum taste was mild (could defo be stronger!). Again, would top up $1+ for an oozy brownie from Whiskdom anytime!

Square-shaped brownies are prepared and baked daily to perfection. The menu changes every day so do check out their instagram for it.

The brownies over here are chocolatey and rich in sweetness with a hint of bitterness. The use of salt was like an add-on to the already good brownies and complemented very well with the cacao. Never judge these brownies by their size because they are very gao and one is enough to fill you up. I love them for their chewy, dense, moist and rich texture. A little pricey for its size but definitely worth the try and occasional treat.

The banana bread feels like banana cake to me. Quite dense but moist and not overly sweet. It was good but too pricey to indulge frequently.

Peanut Butter & Pink Salt Brownie 》$5.20
74% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Brownie 》$5.50
Valrhona Dulcey & Smoked Sea Salt Flakes Brownie 》$6.20
Banana Bread 》$11.50

Loving that extra oomph, the Banana Nut Crunch Brownie ($7.40) would be my pick as the cornflakes and almonds studded atop were able to counter the decadence of the fudgy bake. Not too sweet, the slightly malty flavour of the crisp cornflakes went superbly with the crunchy nuts, banana, and the dark chocolatey taste of brownie. However, I found that there is not much of the mashed banana filling, so the taste is hardly detectable.

Probably the darkest, and richest brownies I have ever come across; BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers' Blackout Brownies really do hit the spot when you got an intense chocolate craving. Though taking quite a hit to my wallet as they certainly don’t come cheap, I like the slightly dense melty middle of each baked square.

For the Premium Hojicha Brownie ($7.40), the taste of the earthy roasted tea filling was distinct yet somewhat drowned out by the richness of the chocolate in my opinion. Hence, it could definitely do with more hojicha. However, the bittersweetness of the two key elements is still pleasant and the combination was not overly cloying so as to overwhelm the palate with their decadence. Texture-wise, it was spot on with a soft-fudgy bite.

Nutty and chocolatey, the Biscoff Marble Brownie ($6.20) was more balanced in terms of the distribution of the filling as you get the spread in the middle and at the top as well. A foolproof option as the pairing is very complementary. The sticky sweetness of the biscoff adding a nice caramel-like fragrance to the dark brownie. And for the texture, it was a good mix between dense and chewy-soft.

Fudgey soft brownies with a rich gooey centre. Delicious but should ideally be shared, as it can get too sweet and cloying towards the end if you’re eating 1 by yourself.
The brookies were also worth mentioning, I had the Houjicha flavour and the flavour was just perfect. Not too much to overpower the chocolate taste but not too little that you can’t taste it.
While the price is pretty steep, I’d gladly return for more.

We enjoyed every nibble of this brownie! The texture was perfect - soft and dense, and its taste was pure chocolatey goodness. In the middle was a fragrant Hojicha cream, in which bitterness paired nicely with the sweetness of the pastry.

Quite a heavy pastry in terms of taste, very sweet but somehow amazingly managing to not be overwhelmingly sweet. Would be great for sharing.

I haven't tried these famous brownies before and didn't know anything about its hype, but I have to say it is a bit expensive but can stand on its own. Each brownie was dense AF and chewy, but I loved the texture of the 74% bittersweet dark chocolate the most because it was consistently chewy inside with a slightly crisp crust. The ones with interesting flavours are mostly only flavoured in its core, so for example the hojicha didn't really taste like hojicha at all.

From left to right, top to bottom: ($5.90-6.90)

🎂 Premium hojicha
🎂 Peanut butter & pink salt
🎂 74% bittersweet dark chocolate
🎂 Nutella & hazelnut bomb
🎂 Banana nut crunch
🎂 Melt-in-your-mouth mocha

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Smashed avocado on sourdough with mala smoked salmon from my "one-a-day" brownie place. My body clock woke me up at 6+am when it was back on menu and mind you it was super hard waking up during such cooling weather. The combination of runny egg, wonderfully seasoned smashed avocado with fresh greens and tomato on sourdough is so good. The mala smoked salmon is so good with a kick but not too spicy. Finger licking good - overflowing toppings does make it a messy eat :)

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Have not had their original brownie in years! I thought I preferred their original to black cocoa brownie but having had the original brownie again, I realised it was sweeter than the black cocoa brownie and not necessarily more chocolatey too.

I can hardly taste any banana inside - there was definitely less banana in it than before.