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Smashed avocado on sourdough with mala smoked salmon from my "one-a-day" brownie place. My body clock woke me up at 6+am when it was back on menu and mind you it was super hard waking up during such cooling weather. The combination of runny egg, wonderfully seasoned smashed avocado with fresh greens and tomato on sourdough is so good. The mala smoked salmon is so good with a kick but not too spicy. Finger licking good - overflowing toppings does make it a messy eat :)

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Have not had their original brownie in years! I thought I preferred their original to black cocoa brownie but having had the original brownie again, I realised it was sweeter than the black cocoa brownie and not necessarily more chocolatey too.

I can hardly taste any banana inside - there was definitely less banana in it than before.

Highly popular and lives up to its name. Brownies are so decadent, dense and done so well. Definitely a go to if you wanna treat yourself to some brownies!

Rating: 4.5/5


Have eyed these brownies from @thebackyardbakers for the longest time since before circuit breaker period! They now sell brownies by per piece (no longer need to buy one whole bag!) There was no queue when I arrived on a weekday late morning and all flavours of the brownies were still available! Tried the banana nut crunch ($6.2) and premium hojicha ($6.3)! Preferred the banana nut crunch coz it was sweeter with the honey cereals! The banana slices in the brownie made it more moist! The hojicha one was slightly bitter and less moist. The brownies were super gao and thick and one slice is more than enough for sharing between two pax! Must say this is one of the nicer brownies I have tried in Singapore! But it is slightly pricey at $6+/slice so it shall be a once in a blue moon treat!😊 #bundtbythebackyardbakers #thebackyardbakers

Was given this brownie, so I am not sure what it is. But it was too oily for me (hence the lousy half eaten picture!). Looked at a bunch of picture reviews and couldn’t tell if it was meant to be like that. The oil was soaking through the wrapping paper and the brownie was so so shiny.

Very soft and dense but felt more like a piece of compressed cake. Not as amazing as some of the reviews have mentioned, for $6+ I expected better!

Been a long time since I went Bundt.

Their brownie is chewy - not super fudgy, not cakey - with a chewier and crispier crust and moist, gooey-ier inside. Hojicha is not sweet and complements the super rich, decadent brownie really well and ranks up there with 74% dark chocolate as one of my top flavours.

Their brownie is good for sharing (then it works out to be quite affordable right? 🤣) unless you’re a serious chocoholic.

Finally got around trying these famed brownies a little while ago! They were indeed suuuper rich and gao, but also found them quite sweet and a tad pricey for the size. Preferred their 74% dark chocolate to this as the flavour here wasn’t as distinct.

• Valrhona Dulcey & Smoked Sea Salt Flakes (~S$6.20)
• Nutella Hazelnut (~S$5.80)

Rich and fudgy, recommend to share although the size is small.

Not gonna lie I was totally regretting getting this cos I tot it's gonna be average but it turned out to be the best brownie I bought that day. The bittersweet chocolate was sapid and so complex in flavour, without much of the sourness I despise. Not to mention it melds into the already chocolatey brownie so well. MUST TRY!!


Absolutely delightful. What a surprise that one of the best is also the cheapest. The peanut butter melds into the brownie incredibly well, I won't be surprised if there's peanut butter in the brownie batter lol