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PB & J

$8.00 · 62 Reviews

Had fried chicken sandwich, as well as PB&J sandwich for lunch. Personally preferred PB&J but felt that I'd get sick of it if I had the entire sandwich myself!

PB&J was sold out that morning so we opted for Grilled Cheese ($10) and Fried Egg Power ($13). Loved them both! The grilled cheese contained pimento cheese which made it seem more worth getting than if say, it contained melted gourmet sliced cheese which I could possible make at home if I wasn’t lazy. Fried egg power was a burst of flavor with tater tots, bacon and of course, egg. If was a sinful mix but oh so good.

Best way to end a 5km morning run along the bay!!! Finally got my hands on these
PBJs from park bench, and they deserve all the rave reviews they get. Crunchy toasties filled with overflowing peanut butter and jelly - unforgettable!

#burppleoneforone ends tomorrow (30/6/2019)!

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This was SO GOOOOD, it was unreal. Without a shadow of doubt, best PBJ I’ve ever had in my life.

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You might think, $10 for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is excessive no ? That was what I thought when looking at the menu.

But as I bit into the warm chocolate cornflake-encrusted bread, coupled with the harmonious fusion of the luscious, crunchy peanut butter and the sweet jam, I knew at that moment that.....$10 is an indulgence that I am willing to pay every once in a while to savour this sandwich :)

Ps: Get the pastrami tater tots whilst you are there. Yes they cost $18 which is a difference of $8 from the normal tater tots but for that difference, you get gooey cheese sauce, crunchy bacon and tender pastrami. Need I say any more ?

Ordered Fried Egg Power ($13) and PB&J ($10).

Loved how the Fried Egg Power has tater tots in it, adding the extra crunch and oomph!

Every component of the PB&J sandwich was matched perfectly - the peanut butter was rich, the jam helped to add another dimension to the taste and the cornflake crusted choc & raisin bread was just so well thought out and executed!

Soooo worth it with burpple beyond!

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I didnt enjoy my beef sandwich the first time I had PBD. Gave it a second try together & was completely blown away! PB&J was so delicious and makes for the perfect perk-me-up sweetener with its cornflake-crusted chocolate & milk bread, raspberry jam, tater tots and a thick dollop of peanut butter! Topped it off with a good Egg sandwich which tasted so comforting and homely. You cant go wrong with eggs.

Used le boyfriend’s burpple today. We finally tried the impossible patty and it tastes exactly like beef! How is this possible?! 🤩

Anyway the impossible patty isn’t redeemable by Burpple Beyond, so we got a Turkey and a PB&J sandwich to share too 🤭

Office lunches made better with Burpple Beyond!

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“絶品サンド” 今日は初めましての@kakoveryvernis さんと前から気になってたサンドウィッチ屋さんへ。(予想通り迷ってすみませんでした(笑)) 店内は男前インテリア調で格好よく、BGMも私的ツボで雰囲気よし。 サンドウィッチはブレックファーストとスタンダードに分かれていて、価格には結構なギャップがあります。 せっかく朝一に行ったので、今回はブレックファーストメニューから気になっていたジャムサンドとガッツリ系求めて一番値段のたかいやつを。 PB&J $10 クランチピーナッツバター・ラズベリージャム・カリカリミルクコンフーレーク・チョコレートレーズンブレッド このサンドウィッチの写真を見て気になってたお店だけど、この組み合わせどうよ?って正直思ってた・・・ すみませんでした!これ考えた人天才!! 想像以上。 超美味い。 PASTRAMI & EGG $14 パストラミ・スクランブルエッグ・チェダーチーズ・ポテトバン パストラミって薄ーいローストビーフみたいなハムのことだと認識してたけど・・・ 分厚くてトロットロの「肉」でした! スクランブルエッグもふるふる揺れる半熟加減で最高。 Telok Ayer Stは最近覚えたGoogle mapに立てたフラグもいっぱいあって、今日ちらっと散策(お店に気付かず通り過ぎちゃっただけ(笑))しただけでも、気になるお店がたくさん。 開拓せねば。 メンバー募集中(笑) @parkbenchdeli #parkbenchdeli #pbandj #telokayerstreet #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールごはん#シンガポール生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #シンガポールで子育て #instasingapore #singaporeinsta #sgig #igsg #singaporefood#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodie#hungrygowhere#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg#みど散歩
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This is not your usual PB&J- generous amounts of chunky peanut butter with sticky strawberry jam wrapped in chocolate bread coated with cornflakes! The cornflakes gave a nice crunch to each bite, but it was overall a little too sweet and sticky for us after a few bites.