Sticky Date Pudding

$10.00 · 63 Reviews

Pretty worth the calories, and especially for peeps who enjoy a mixture of warm and cold desserts.
136 Neil Rd
Singapore 088865
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Sticky date pudding, caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. On it’s own, the sauce is thick and sweet, the ice cream is on the sweeter side. The whole dessert is very sweet and as someone that does not enjoy overly sweet desserts, somehow, I love this. It works when you eat the ice cream, sauce and pudding together.

The cake is moist, fluffy and goes well with the sauce. The ice cream balances the sweetness and provides a nice contrast to the warm dessert.

Somehow I feel like I’m eating the gula melaka filling in putu piring. Ideal for sharing but I finished this all by myself.

When I tried it last year I was not the flavours. Now now I've grown to love it.

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From years ago when I first had this till today, the quality and sheer pleasure I get from each bite of this Sticky Date Pudding ($10) never fails to amaze me. The consistency in the execution is always on point and the balance of the sweet caramel sauce, warm pudding with the vanilla bean ice cream is out of this world.
The LoKal
Address: 136, Neil Road, Singapore 088865
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My FAVOURITE sricky date pudding ever. The pudding is fluffy, yet packed with flavour! The caramel sauce goes really well with the pudding and is not overly sweet/overwhelming.

Would defo recommend!

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✔ Awesome Pork chop* that's tender and done alot better than many places out there. I wish they hadn't replaced their apple n kale salad though.
✔ Lokal's fish and chip: Fresh fillet served with sweet potatoes that were air-fried. "Healthier choice" of fried food which was not jelat. Pretty good.
✔ Pork knuckle croquettes: pretty interesting dish here that was filled with much shredded pork. N I would say this was better than their cauliflower dish.
✔ Sticky Date pudding with triple chocolate ice cream: sweet, and I meant it! Yet the pudding was moist that kept me going.
Any dish you pick from their menu is decently good. So it caters to everyone (: Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤


A saccharine dessert suited for those with super sweet teeth. Tasty on first bite but got cloying soon after. Best for sharing. Is it just me or is the texture a little rougher than it was a couple of years back?

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Quite possibly the best sticky pudding ive tried. Spongy but a bit goeey, very daty, sauce was buttery sticky and sweet. It's that kind of really sweet butterscotchy dessert i love, okay portion might be a bit too small 4.5/5


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No wonder their place is super crowded in the morning!
I’ve been eyeing for their Sticky Date Puding though 😋
The caramel sauce is very sweet paired with a scoop of nice vanilla bean ice cream.
I tried their juice of the day ‘Full of kale cium’ (kale, celery, apple, pineapple, ginger) fresh, light, and healthy 💪
Their coffee is soo good and fragrant!
💰$10 (sticky date pudding)
💰$8 (juice of the day)
💰$20 (the Lokal ricotta)
💰$5 (cappuccino)
🚝MRT Outram Park
📍136 Neil Road 088865 Singapore
Rate(4/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-VERY GOOD-