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French Toast

$16.90 · 66 Reviews

It’s a cozy cafe with white interiors and the smell of freshly brewed coffee and truffle scent. We had their brioche french toast with mozzarella, salted pear, banana, salted caramel, candy nut, granola and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Salted Pear French Toast SGD18.00

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The mozzarella cheese in between the french toast adds a hint of saltiness to the sweet french toast which goes well with the caramel sauce so the french toast is not overly sweet. Perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Had salted peat french toast with brioche french toast, salted cameral sauce, pear, banana and walnut. The mozzarella cheese in between the french toast adds a hint of saltiness to the sweet french toast which goes well with the caramel sauce so the french toast is not overly sweet. Best to be shared by two since the portion is huge!

Off the newly revamped menu at Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. Featuring Brioche French Toast, Salted Pear, Banana, Salted Caramel, Mozzarella, Candy Nut and Granola, this was a really decadent item that seemed more appropriate as a sweet treat than a breakfast item. The toast comes crisp with a slight sweetness that brioche usually comes with, while in between the slices of Brioche is the oozy, melted mozzarella for a stringy pull — a crowd pleaser there. It comes topped off with loads of salted caramel sauce, banana, candied nuts and some granola, each carrying their own notes of sweetness that provides varying contrasts of flavour, with the granola being almost identical to the banana nut crunch cereal that I absolutely love. Sitting right atop is the salted pear; essentially a poached pear that carries a light sweetness of the fruit. To be fair, there was not much of a French Toast element; the lack of egg-battered bread, and the inclusion of mozzarella in between felt like it was a remixed version of a sandwich — nothing wrong with that though, for how I still pretty much enjoyed it.


With a recent menu revamp, this salted pear french toast had replaced the once banana salted caramel french toast. Though listed under ‘sweets’, this came with a savoury twist- a surprise element sandwiched within (swipe to view)! ✨ Wasn’t expecting a layer of melted mozzarella within the two soft and fluffy brioche. The toast came with slightly crisp golden brown edges and salted caramel sauce that added a pleasant tinge of sweetness but would have been better if the saltiness was more distinct and lingering. Though the french toast is sufficiently moist and pillowy, it would have been great if it was coated with more egg batter for a more distinctive fragrance. Topped with sliced bananas and a salted pear, the toast also came with pecans and crunchy nut granola that provided a pleasant crunch factor. I love how the pear is soft and well-poached, still retaining a natural pleasant fruity sweetness, though I didn’t detect any saltiness in it as the name suggests. The vanilla ice cream (which I requested to be served separately) was smooth, creamy with a luscious, milky flavour. An optional addition that makes no significant difference with or without its presence. Not sure if this was a good thing or so but the presence of all the sweet elements, typically the salted caramel had overwhelmed the mozzarella cheese, which failed to unleash its characteristic savoury, salty factor .
On a side note, though the toast was not too bad after all, it wasn’t exactly worth a 45 minute wait. Furthermore, there seemed to be a miscommunication going on during my visit, giving me false hope for the 3 times I enquired upon my one and only order. 5-10 minutes turned out to be 20 and this cycle just repeated itself twice😂 . I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting if I was told the correct waiting time prior to that, but given the 3x of wrong info, it just ruined the overall dining experience. .
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Mozarella stuffed inside slightly crisp yet fluffy toast. Drizzled with caramel, topped with banana and poached(?) Pear. Certainly a french toast for the sweet tooth 4.25/5


The Banana French Toast ($18.50) came with brioche French toast, fresh bananas, berries, hazelnuts, mascarpons, tim tams, vanilla ice cream and a generous salted caramel drizzle to top it all off. The combination of this lot resulted in an explosion of sweetness, a tad too much. This should only be ordered by two kinds of people, those who have a sickeningly sweet tooth or those who just want an insane picture for the gram. I, unfortunately, belong to the latter. @pacamara_sg

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Beautiful mess with the combination of sweet and salty taste! 🤤
Taste: 4/5

First time trying their French toast. Soft fluffy bread toasted and drizzled with caramel sauce and roasted cereal, served with bananas, ice cream, Tim tams and strawberries. Yummy.
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