Yàn's Chilled Mango Cream

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Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Freshly Peeled Pomelo with Red Bean Pancake (4.5/5)
- it's not diluted and thick but it's quite milky aftertaste for dessert and filled a lot of sago and pomelo. red bean pancake topped with sesame seeds were quite crispy and don't like not soggy tbh.

I believe nestum instant oats was used here. It worked really well, the malty profile rounded out the ice cream and mango.

Feature :
💕Double-boiled Brazilian Mushroom and Chicken Soup 巴西紅菇炖鸡.
Double-boiled soup that brew for 3 hours with a deep intensity savoury, served with Brazilian mushrooms, dried sea whelk, chicken, lean pork meat, dried scallops,
and Chinese yam.

💕Poached Cod Fish with Daikon and Luffa 南安浸雪鱼.
Rare dish that make rare appearance in modern time, Poached cod fish served with white radish, luffa gourd, and Chinese waxed duck, in a fermented beancurd broth.

💕Chilled Mango Cream topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Oats served
in Coconut, accompanied by traditional handmade Sweet Egg Twists 雪里飘香配炸蝴蝶酥.
Housemade coconut ice cream topped with mango, toasted
oatmeal, and vanilla ice cream served in a coconut, with sweet egg twists on the side

The Set Menu Available until 22 November 2020 during both lunch and dinner, includes a glass of house red or white wine.

📍Yan Cantonese Cuisine
1 St Andrew's Road,#05-02.
National Gallery.

Yàn Lunar New Year set menus are available from 1 Jan to 8 Feb 2020, $98.00++ to $198.00 per pax. / Lunar New Year a la carte menu is available from 25 Jan to 8 Feb 2020.
Location: Yàn, National Gallery Singapore, #05-02, 1 St.Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
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Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/12/yan-restaurant-national-gallery.html
Yan Restaurant (宴)
National Gallery Singapore
1 St Andrew's Road
Singapore 178958
Tel: +65 63845585
Nearest MRT: City Hall (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

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Highlights of the set menu include warming up your tummies with the double-boiled Peru maca soup with dried seafood before starting off with some sautéed prawns that’s accompanied with deep fried mango and scallops roll. The star of the meal is a star on its own with the star grouper fillets that are steamed with Yunnan preserved vegetables and cordyceps flower, with the latter good in replenishing energy and strengthening the immune system.

How can a Chinese New Year feast be without the pen cai and Yàn’s Harvest Pen Cai comes with a myriad of eighteen ingredients that will wow every single diner on the table. You can expect premium delicacies such as abalone and sea cucumber to roast pork and fish maw. When all these ingredients come together, it creates a wholesome pot that’s filled with flavours and different textures.
Address: 1, Saint Andrew’s Road, National Gallery Singapore, Unit 05-02, Singapore 178957
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Rounding off dinner with their highly recommended dessert, Yàn's Chilled Mango Cream topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Oats ($15) was indeed a lovely ending to the already satisfying meal. Served in a coconut, the treat was not too sweet and a great palate-cleanser. Crowned with mango purée and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, the icy base was made up of cool coconut water shavings, layered with chunks of fresh mangoes and crunchy oats in between. The husk was also walled with smooth coconut flesh, giving the refreshingly icy dessert a really nice texture and adding to it the unadulterated sweetness of the fruit.


This is good. Beneath that vanilla ice cream is finely shaved iced using frozen coconut water, then topped with chunks of fresh mangoes and oats. Overall, it was a refreshing coconut iced dessert interspersed with the crisp from oats and soft pulpy sweet mangoes. We were all full from our meals but we finished this.
I took this photo during an invited tasting

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It is served in a coconut husk and topped with vanilla ice cream and oats for the extra crunch. The bonus is that you can even have the coconut flesh after cleaning up the chilled mango cream and ice cream.

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It's uncustomary to speak of dessert at the start of a meal, but we can't help ourselves — Yàn's Chilled Mango Cream ($12) is THAT good. It comes served in a coconut, with vanilla ice cream and oats that give a welcome crunch to the silky smooth cream, and a bonus of coconut flesh to scoop out! Sweets aside, this chic restaurant (perfect for a lunch catchup with mom) at The National Gallery does a mean Peking Duck ($40 for half) with homemade crepes. The glistening skin nails the fine line between crisp and fat, and the delicate crepe barely holds everything together. The second course ($10 for half) sees the duck meat fried in black bean sauce and tossed in chilli powder, and is deliciously savoury with just the right hint of heat. You won't go wrong with the roast meats here — the Roast Crispy Chicken (from $23 for half) is a favourite with the Burpple community. For a refreshing approach, opt for the Omakase Lunch option ($60 for six courses) and let the chef dictate your meal. Pro tip: Get an order of their Steamed Custard Bun filled with Salted Egg Yolk ($6 for three pieces) and request for it to be deep fried instead. It is stunning.
Avg Price: $60 per person
Photo by Burppler SG Food on Foot