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Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

2023 Wishlisted
Firebake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant is a concept showcasing woodfired sourdough bread making and wholesome cuisine enjoyed with breads, using historical European woodfired techniques and contemporary global influences in flavours.
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237 East Coast Road
Level 1
Singapore 428930

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11:30am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm


11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

I did like it and felt that it provided a very unique taste to the traditional kaya bread. The bread was very crispy yet soft on the inside & well toasted.

I asked for my latte to be in a takeaway cup only because it was really hot and warm where I was sitting at outside. You can imagine my state - I was not perspiring but was just feeling rather warm, especially as I was wearing jeans.

So I asked for my drink in a take away cup because I felt more comfortable drinking out of a paper cup that wouldn't be THAT hot to touch as compared to a coffee mug.

When the waiter brought my Hot Latte to me, he handed it to me and then said 'the next time you dine in, you can't order your latte in a takeaway cup anymore' with a really rather snotty attitude.

I've had meals at a number of cafes in Singapore and even though this is not a request I ask for all the time, whenever I do, all other cafes have acceded to this request. Now I don't know what Firebake's reason is as to why I can't have my hot latte in a paper cup.

Maybe they are running out of paper cups, or that a paper cup is harmful to the environment which is going against your company's going green policy. Or that a paper cup is expensive and you're trying to cut cost.

I'm really not a bitchy & difficult customer and I promise I'll understand if you at least explain it to me with more professionalism. But not only did the waiter not provide any further explanation, his statement was also said with a very cold and patronising attitude.

It seems as though he forgot that I am still paying for the latte. It's not that you're giving it to me for free. And note that I am paying FULL PRICE for this cup of latte. The latte was not valid with the 1 for 1 promo.

Now, the latte didn't even taste good but worst of all was how it looked when it was presented to me!!! Just look at it.

It feels as though they were so unhappy that I asked for it in a paper cup that they didn't even bother trying to present and make it look good.

Seriously, really disappointed.

I ordered the risotto and felt that it was not as creamy nor thick as compared to other risottos I've tried.

It also lacked taste and some parts of the risotto had just the right amount of saltiness to it, while other parts simply had no taste. It was really rather oily and I felt that the taste came from more of the oil than the flavour of what the risotto was actually supposed to be.

And I'm not sure if I'm thinking too much, so correct me if I'm wrong, but the pictures that I've seen online of the seafood saffron risotto all contain mussels, while mine was just the typical clam.

I've looked through the menu and can't seem to find a risotto dish with mussels specifically. So I'm not sure if they have changed the seafood from mussels to clams, or if its because my dish was on a 1 for 1 price, thus I got clams instead of mussels?

Whatever the case is, the clams were really tasteless and lacked freshness. The prawn itself was really good though - it was well cooked & juicy.

But overall, would not recommend to anyone nor order again. I don't even think that it was worth $14, much less its actual price tag of $28.