Home of the original 4-Tier Cheesy BBQ Pagoda Steamboat. Pagoda Steamboat Buffet Prices Deluxe, weekday-$21.9 weekend-$23.9 Premium, weekday-$29.9, weekend-$32.9 Supreme, weekday-$40.9, weekend-$43.9 Child price, $15.8

73 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Level 1 Centro Bianco Building
Singapore 534818

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 02:00am

11:00am - 02:00am

11:00am - 11:00pm



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Pagoda Steamboat Buffet – Supreme Package –
Weekday Dinner $38.90 Weekend $40.90
It’s called the Pagoda Steamboat for a reason, there’s 4 tiers, Soup Base – BBQ – Dipping Sauce – Steaming. Cheese dip is my personal favorite that will go well with most of the food. Buffet also consist of free flow of seafood, tender marinated meat, steamboat items, vegetables and drinks. With over 50 items for you to pick from, go ahead and indulge like a king, lobster could be included too! There aren’t a lot of places that offers Halal Steamboat, so it’s a great place to hang out with you friends and colleagues to chit chat over the meal. They offer D.I.Y Pizza too, go give it a try if you are feeling adventurous. Remember to end off the meal on a sweet note with a big scoop of ice cream
Thank you @burpple & @cafeflame for hosting
The Flame Café


Meat wasn't very juicy nor bouncy, but at least the cheese was decent. The head was also very fishy.

Thank you Flame Cafe for hosting, and @burpple for the invite


Looks green and mild but there's actually a gradual onset of heat that's tractable but unexpected

Thank you Flame Cafe for hosting, and @burpple for the invite


Rather average and trite by now, however the execution was still ok

Thank you Flame Cafe for hosting, and @burpple for the invite


To be very honest it's quite hard to manoeuvre because the tiers mean that you have to slide things in sideways sometimes(for the BBQ esp) and the stretchy cheese that's hard to detach might end up on the top or bottom layers as well. The cheese was quite good though. Make sure that there's steam or you may have to ask the staff to adjust the setup slightly

Thank you Flame Cafe for hosting, and @burpple for the invite

Weekday indulgence over a steamboat session with the Burpplers earlier on!
@cafeflame categorised their 4 Tier-Steamboat into 3 categories namely (Deluxe, Premium and Supreme ) with Different Prices during Weekdays and Weekends! Price ranges from $19.90++ to $40.90++ !
Had one of the supreme set which offers really premium dishes! Above picture will be one of the dishes in the Supreme's Menu!
Oh ya! It's also halal certified! Definitely a great place for group gathering!
Thanks @cafeflame for the food and @burpple and @that_dex and @gigglesandjiggles for the invitation!

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Their buffet menu comes in 3 different categories: Deluxe, Premium and Supreme

Opted for the Premium set to enjoy the added selections.

A good variety of seafood, meat and other assortments to choose from. Not to mention the DIY pizza station, free flow drinks and desserts.

Felt that the broth can be improved.

Definitely an affordable place to consider for big group gatherings.


We were here for lunch and opted for premium steamboat buffet., $29.90 per pax. The selection wasn’t impressive nor particularly fresh. Utensils were not cleaned properly. Seafood had to be ordered separately and took very long to arrive. We ordered 3 portions of salmon, what came were 3 pathetic slices. Service was slow. Definitely will not be back, that’s for sure. Not worth the price.

Had our lunch here at Flame Cafe and ordered a Premium Set.
One word: I love everything about this cafe.
It is worth it and satisfying. I would come back again for sure.


It was the perfect dinner experience having the Deluxe ($19.90 before service charge) buffet at this recently halal cafe. Extremely worth the money because of the wide array of food choices and they are all very, very delicious! Free flow drinks (thai milk tea, bandung, iced lemon tea!) & icecream too! They even have a DIY mini pizza where patrons can cook their own pizza in the wood oven! Indulge & upgrade to their more expensive buffets for more seafood choices like crab and divine oysters! But I personally feel the Deluxe buffet is sufficient for a balanced meal 😆

Quite good and here because it's the boss's birthday. #tingzieeats #burpple #throwback


Sorry to say but very likely gonna be my first and last visit. Concept with the cheese dip is nice, but the ingredients ain't that good. Fishballs were hard and the meat choices were limited. Seafood felt unfresh and the service on the ground were fairly slow despite there were not many customers.
#food #burpple #singapore #food #belowaverage

Many years ago, we go to Marina South for affordable BBQ Steamboat Buffet and stuff ourselves silly there. Many of us around my age (or older) can relate to that.

Today I have practically relived the good ol' days of BBQ steamboat with the Pagoda Steamboat by Flame Cafe. On top of the BBQ and steamboat (literally), they also provide a layer of steamer and a layer of sauce dip.

I would say that the cheese fondue is a popular and relatively safe option to choose, though Salted Yolk dip sounded delicious too. I can never imagine myself dunking Tom Yum salmon into chocolate sauce.

For the price you pay for the ala carte buffet, you also get to enjoy free flow beverages, ice cream and fruits, so it's really a good deal per se.

What's more exciting? Burpple has an ongoing promotion with Flame Café till 31 May 2017. You just have to follow some simple steps to enjoy your Pagoda Steamboat at S$19.90 per person for lunch and dinner, any day. Chope your tables now!

HAPPINESS. Especially when it costs only $29.90 per pax (buffet).
Start by ordering a basic combo of meat, seafood or a mixture of both and go crazy ordering on rest of their menu such as crayfish, scallops, marinated meat, salmon fillet, tiger prawns and many others! End your night with their free-flow ice cream! Do note they charge $5 per 100g of leftovers though - so best to go with group of friends.

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$20 Nett Set Lunch for 2 Pax
Till 31 May 2018
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1. Enjoy a 3 course sumptuous meal for 2 at only $20nett

2. Available weekdays only from 12-3pm

3. Items include Soup of the Day + Teriyaki Chicken Chop/Grilled Salmon/Fish & Chips/Ayam Lemak Chili Padi Pasta/Shrimp Salted Egg Pasta + Coffee/Tea or Cordial