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More Reviews of good food at Ji Xiang Confectionery

For the simple reason that ji xiang's Yam kueh wasn't pure silky yam, but had bits of salted bean in it 😐 (and I dislike salted bean) #angkukueh #burpple #burpplesg

Sadly that most of the flavour are sold out when i was there. Only managed to get the peanut and mung bean ones. Generous fillings with thin and chewy skin.

A must have when I'm in the area! Love the peanut filling the most ❀️

[Kueh Appreciation Day 2017]
Look at these BIG and FAT Ang Ku Kuehs that cost only $1 each! These are painstakingly made with an elegant thin coating, which means that the skin-to-filling ratio is πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ considering how huge these are. Fillings range from the traditional flavours to modern renditions such as durian, but my boyfriend likes the yam best!

Yeahhhhh!! Some ang ku kueh for tea break today!! This has got to be the BEST ang ku kueh I have tasted in Singapore!! The owner is really generous with the fillings and I like how the skin is not too thick so I don't feel like just eating the flour only!! The ang ku kueh that I just ate still feels warm which means it's freshly made!! YAYY!!

These ang ku kueh come in many flavours and they are very generous with the fillings! The skin isn't too thick and I love the peanut one the most.

Today nostalgia day so must eat these nice local snacks!! $0.80 for 1 piece for sweet bean / peanut flavours. I bought for my colleagues to share. This brightens the work day..

Really love how they don't stinge on their fillings! I had the peanut ang ku kueh, sooooo good!!

Smmmoooooth skin (think of it as a more substantial mochi) with a yummmy yammm filling (that's not too sweet and also really smooth). Can anyone say "mmmmmm"? 😊😊😊

Have you tried the best Ang ku kueh yet? Here it is! Having made over 20 years of kueh it's no wonder their AKK is so tasty!

The AKK skin: The texture is consistently chewy and soft across all the AKKs I bought! It has a slight mochi-ish bite to it and it goes well with almost every flavour!

The AKK (mung bean): honestly not a big fan of mung bean, but the flavour is strong and not too sweet.

The AKK (salted bean): Savoury with a slight peppery taste, it is a must have if you're feeling a bit exotic!

The AKK (coconut): Super yummy, perhaps the best out of all the AKK I sampled! The sweetness of the coconut filling is well balanced, and goes really well with the skin!

Price: 80 cents each
Personal grade:

Mung bean: B-
Salted bean: B+
Coconut: A+

We need some coloured #angkukueh (AKK) in our lives.

Taste so good and comes in yummy flavors all for just 80cents each.
#Jixiang is an old household brand and caters wide range of AKK for all your ceremonial needs. .
#tanjongpagar #exploresingapore #visitsingapore

So happy when I see their Pop up store at suntec city. First time trying after many good reviews from colleagues. Indeed worth the queue, the skin are soft and filing are good. One of the best ang ku kueh that I have ate. Hope they will have more pop up store islandwide so that everybody can taste their kueh.

My favourite ang ku kuehs.
So famous, I must queue gu gu 😁 😁.
Skin thin, soft and q like baby's pi gu.
The fillings inside melts in the mouth and smooth,
not overpowered by sugar but yet flavourful.
Light on the palate you can eat a truck full
even when you're full!
If you don't like them you're a fool!

My favourite are the traditional flavours: mung bean paste and peanut. But I also like their corn, and yam flavours.

Ang ku kueh [$0.80 each], literally translates as "red tortoise pastry". I'll first talk about ang ku kueh in general, then describe why I think Everton's has the most popular ang ku kueh in Singapore.
Ang ku kueh is a traditional Singaporean kueh, used to celebrate baby's first month or an elderly's birthday. Traditional ang ku kueh comes only in red (which to the Chinese is auspicious), printed with a tortoise on top, symbolizing longevity. The skin is made from glutinous rice flour that's soft and sticky, and filled with mung bean or ground peanuts with sugar. So you get it - soft, chewy, sticky and a little sweet, so it's teeth-friendly for the children and the elderly.
To me, the magic of Everton's ang ku kueh is really in its skin - really soft and thin skin which is handmade daily. It comes in colours other than red, because they also have flavours such as salted bean, corn, coconut, yam and durian. I wanted a tasting of all their flavours hence I bought every colour on display, but the next time I would just get the ones with peanuts.
Ang ku kueh has since evolved that you needn't wait for celebrations to eat them, as they're available for sale whole year round. However, I also fear that they're in danger of being forgotten by younger generations. I can't even remember when was the last time I've eaten ang ku kueh?

One of my favourite kuehs from one of my favourite kueh places. Today i tried the one with the corn filling - and it was marvellous. The skin leans thick, which i actually like. The stretch and gluiness of the glutinous rice skin is - I daresay - more important than the filling for me. But it would be a disservice to give any less credit to the subtly sweet, smooth corn paste filling, which was punctuated with crunchy kernels.

This ang ku kuehs from jixiang confectionery is da best! Their kuehs are freshly made, love the peanut filling ones!

Heard of the Ang Ku Kueh from this stall and happened to chance upon their Durian flavour which got my curiousity. Liked how the Ang Ku Kueh wasn't too moist, but remained chewy while the mung bean filling was well flavoured with durian, though a tad artificial. But at the price, it's hard to complain.

In green (coconut), red (original sweet) and grey (salty). So happy it's going to be Friday soon!

At 吉η₯₯ u will have wait patiently & queue up in order to buy. Do u know why customer wanna queue up ? Because their ang ku kweh is homemade & freshly steam & sell it on the spot. Their skin is very tangy it will not stick to your teeth. 吉η₯₯ sell many type of variety of ang gu kweh. Per piece is abt $0.70 or $0.80 depend wad flavour u choose durian is $1. @huangshilin i will definitely recommend u to get the ang ku kweh for your next baby shower. @candicehbj @debbiehuang @mademoiselle.melo so have u all managed to try their ang ku kweh yet ? Name:吉η₯₯ Ang Ku Kweh. Address:Blk 1 Everton Park #01-33 Singapore 081001. Operating Hours:0900-1700 Mon to Sat Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays. Tel:62231631. To Avoid Dissappointment pls call to order if u have bulks. Fyi sometime the stall owner will say they might have limited choices to choose pls call to check before going down placing order.

Very hard to describe it but the closest to this I can describe is it's texture is like mochi. Ang Ku Kueh literally means red tortoise snack. Different colors has a different filling in it. The red ones is either sweet green bean or peanut. Purple is yam. Grey is savory green bean. Green is coconut. Yellow is corn. And of course these are from Ji Xiang Confectionery.

Ji Xiang Confectionery
Blk 1, Everton Park, #01-33 (Near Cantonment Road)
Tel : 6223 1631

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday