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Zi Charrrrrrrrr~

Zi Charrrrrrrrr~

The joy in eating Zi Char is to be able to find all sorts of variations involving the same ingredient!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~
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Can’t decide between salted egg or curry? Why not have both! This mini wok stall at Westgate’s Food Republic is not your usual zi char stall. On their extensive menu, there are interesting dishes like this salted egg curry chicken rice and chicken cutlet hor fun.

The deep-fried chicken chunks had texture like those of a sweet and sour pork dish, especially the crispy batter. Portion was quite worthwhile for the price. I am not too sure if I like the salted egg and curry combination because the ratio was imbalanced, with the earthiness and slickness of the curry overpowering the salted egg sauce. In fact, there wasn’t much salted egg sauce, just a slight hint. No chili padi, no curry leaves which I define as the 2 most essential ingredients in a salted egg dish. But the good thing was that it wasn’t jelak. Every rice dish also comes with a fried egg and a bowl of vegetable soup.

The chili was surprisingly good; the taste of hae bi hiam was evident in the sambal. Good to dip the chicken chunks in!


One-week old JB 101 (by the same team behind the outlet at Bukit Batok)!at Sparkle, Science Park 2 has been attracting large crowds from the first day of operation. Waiting time for queuing to order till getting the food served on an average is about 30-40 minutes. The lunch and dinner menus are slightly different, with the dinner menu being more extensive. There are promotions going on, such as upgrading to a set that gets you free flow ice cream.

Portions were generally reasonable but taste wise was mediocre. I was expecting a wok hei to come along in the dish, but disappointingly there was barely any. There’s also nothing special about the ingredients with usual ones like pork slices, fishcake slices, some pork lard and egg. The only thing that I really like is that the beehoon is moist and well soaked in the gravy. However, more egg could be added into the gravy. The signature lala white beehoon was somewhat similar, except that the gravy base itself was already spicy with the added chili padi.

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A supposed gem in Far East Plaza, thus the high expectation prior to visiting, but I am not gonna lie that it turned out to be a disappointment for me instead.

The portion was reasonable and I liked how the batter was crispy and not too oily. But the pieces of meat were thin, and unfulfilling. There was a hollow feeling with each bite instead. The salted egg gravy too was disappointing, as it was too watery and diluted, lacking volume and depth. I could understand if a salted egg sauce isn't too creamy because sometimes creaminess of this strong flavour can lead to jelak-ness, but it shouldn't be diluted. The salted egg gravy could have been more intense.

But they were generous in curry leaves, a first I have seen in this dish with so many curry leaves. Perhaps some chili padi could be added to spice up a lil.


This dish wasn't on the menu but my friend had a craving and they were more than willing to change the original salt and pepper squid to salted egg squid for us. It's interesting to note that while it seems that the salted egg trend is slowly fading locally, it's still a hot thing in the region.

Very subtle salted egg flavor was my first impression of this. It's not the creamy salted egg taste that one would expect which sometimes might get too jelak, but for this it was more of a touch of the flavour coating the deep fried batter. I personally would prefer it to be slightly stronger, though in this case felt less sinful.

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So we actually came across reviews by fellow Burpplers on this oyster omelette at Kai Xiang that led us salivating, thus the decision to validate it tonight.

Indeed, when the omelette was served, I was astounded by the juicy, plump oysters that were laid on top of the omelette. Can't even wait to finishing counting how many oysters there were and I started the attack. The oysters were fresh, and bursts outrightly when bitten. Some oysters have a dirty taste when they aren't that fresh, but the ones here are a little creamy and briny. Not overly fishy too.

The omelette was fried purely using eggs and there was no starch added. I actually prefer to eat this without starch because I feel that the gooeyness of starch sometimes affects the texture and flavour of the dish overall. The omelette was minimally greasy but instead pretty fluffy, and not soggy like some that could absorb water from the oysters.

I would be more than willing to pay this price for an oyster omelette like this, than for those that costs around half of this price but what you get is an omelette with tiny oysters. It's definitely a hidden gem!

Took me so long to finally try this! It was really crowded during dinner time but the efficiency of the staff makes the waiting time bearable. Food orders were taken first while you wait for a table.

Not exactly aesthetically pleasant as it looked like a mess of powder splattered over few pieces of pork ribs but the taste made up for that. Each piece of pork rib was fried till tender yet not too greasy. On first bite with the condensed milk powder coating, you really feel the sweet and savory harmonizing in the mouth. The buttery flavour kicks in pretty slowly, which I didn't expect as I thought it should have a strong dairy flavour. Not complaining though, as I found myself picking up the milk powder chunks and wiping the plate as clean as I could. Somehow just got addicted.


Great inertia I had to try the signatures at White Restaurant - The Original Sembawang White Beehoon as I read about the long long queues. The first time I had was at Punggol Settlement which I felt like it tasted ordinary.

The white beehoon here tasted really different. It was soaked in a rich broth with ingredients like vegetables and seafood. I especially enjoyed the egg clumps and eggy flavor because it reminded me so much of my mum's egg porridge, something that I have been eating since young. The chili that goes along with the beehoon definitely packs a punch! Though there's a strong citrusy lime taste, the chili itself was pretty fiery.

Another recommended dish by my friend was the signature meat and seafood roll, more casually known as the hei zor. He thinks it's so good that we ordered the medium size for 2 of us. But I have to agree, the rolls were fried till crispy but not oily, and generously stuffed with meat, prawns and water chestnut that gave the crunchy juicy taste in each bite. Dip them in the Thai sweet chili, so good that I couldn't stop.


Taste Good Zi Char Grand Opening DOUBLE PROMOTION all day including weekends till 7 Sept: Any 3 dishes under Home Delicacies for $13.80 or 4 dishes for $18, top-up $1.90 for Double-Boiled Herbal Ginseng Chicken (U.P. $6.90). Housed in the same Kim San Leng Coffeeshop as 夜来香潮州粥, this is the first self-service zi char stall I have ever seen. Wide variety of dishes ranging from $3.50-$6.90, including mains, soup, vegetables, meat, tofu, egg. Cheap right! But there's only one standard small portion for each dish as compared to the usual Zi char where you had S, M, L. Probably that's how you can get to try different dishes.

Enjoyed the Double-Boiled Herbal Ginseng Chicken most, especially the clear and light soup. Slightly oily but not too salty. See the ginseng? There were also red dates and wolfberries. The chicken meat was really tender as I literally tore them off. So for an additional top up of just $1.90, it's not hard to understand why the place was crowded and surprisingly, food was served after a reasonable waiting time.

But what I couldn't understand was initially they said the Ginseng Chicken was sold out, so they wanted to change to the other chef's recommendation, mini fried fish steamboat teochew style. When it was our turn to collect our food, the steamboat was sold out and suddenly the chicken was back. 😅🤔 No fanciful dishes but friendly service and cheap food!

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One of the recommended dishes at Malu Malu seafood. Pretty big plate for us 2 girls. On the first bite I was quite doubtful of how nice it could taste, felt like the taste of garlic was overpowering. As I took the subsequent pieces, I realised that it was actually the aroma of the garlic that complemented well with the crispy but pure 'oily' taste of the fried pork belly, giving it a delightful taste. Pretty unique dish! I couldn't stop eating the whole garlic eventually.



When I first read about this signature fried bee hoon by a fellow burppler, I knew I had to try it. This chao tar bee hoon looked as though it was calling out to me even through the pictures! Be prepared to travel to the ulu industrial place for it though.

For $5, it was really worth it for this portion given, and the ingredients hidden under the disguise of the egg and bee hoon. Also in it were lots of bean sprouts, fish cakes, prawns and sotongs. Guess the slightly chao tar portions added a distinct flavor and crispiness to it too!


Foodie for life <3

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