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The photo shows just how crispy the chicken is.

It's fairly good.

Worth it to try.

Small portion. So can eat as a snack

The onion rings are insanely irresistible, thanks to the excellent batter, but the side that stole the show is most definitely the chicken nuggets. It’s only been on Ordinary Burgers’ menu for about a month, but it might just be the best nuggies in Singapore. These freshly fried mother cluckers are full of flavour, and the batter is absolutely stunning. All that’s missing is a tub of curry sauce, but these are so good you probably don’t need ‘em.

But yes, I do need more of Ordinary Burger’s extraordinary sides. And burgers.

@ordinaryburgers are anything but ordinary, believe me. Their excellent ebi burgers are only $10.20 with a can of cola and your choice of either french fries or onion rings, and it’s well worth your money. The piquant prawn patty is coated with panko breadcrumbs before being delectably deep fried to a glorious golden brown crisp. ⠀

Next up, some basic yet irresistible processed American cheese is melted over the top of the patty, before a dollop of Kewpie(?) mayonnaise goes on, and finally two halves of a soft, fluffy burger bun sandwich all that fried fabulousness. I’m not quite sure what the filler was in the patty, but it was delightfully delish, and had a texture almost akin to fishcake. Of course, the superb shrimp were snappy & fresh, and there was quite an abundance of shrimp inside. It’s a simple yet brilliant burger, and that’s all you need sometimes.⠀

Ordinary Burgers? No way fam. These burger are EXTRAordinary, and the sides are sublime. All those big fast food chains better watch out, cause these humble burgers will have them thoroughly beat.

Burgers were not too bad for the price - buns were fluffy, meat was juicy. Size is about the same size as a cheeseburger or fillet-o-fish from McDonald’s.

You can choose between fries or onion rings for the sides for no extra charge, which was nice.

A pretty alright alternative if you want an in between of fast food burgers and gourmet burgers.

There’s a small seating area by the shop. We visited on a weekday evening and managed to get seats for two quite easily.

Beef burger was so juicy! Buttermilk chicken was big, crispy and juicy. Fries was yummy too - tasted like Carl’s Jr. fries.

Overall worth a try. Pretty decent, affordable delicious burgers!

Decided to try their beef burger.

I was dissappointed with the portion to be really honest. It was too little.

But it definitely taste good.

And it made me craving for more.