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Their 𝙈𝙤𝙘𝙝𝙖 (~$7.90) honestly felt kinda overpriced to me. With an obvious heavier chocolate flavour over the coffee, there was a slight imbalance here.

Ig @goodfomood

Circuit breaker really got my body clock warped— hence the increased consumption of 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙬𝙨 (~$7) . This was a short tasting coffee, with the transition from different flavours taking place rather quickly.
The coffee flavour fell into a silky milky one fast, and it left a rather creamy coating in my mouth. Whilst I felt it was a tad too milky for my liking, I appreciated the smooth body of this brew.😌

Ig @goodfomood

Despite them being named after the famed Vietnamese noodle soup, we couldn't resist ordering the dry rice vermicelli with lemongrass grilled beef. It ended up being a huge hit. Fresh shredded lettuce, fragrant beef slices, tangy vinaigrette sauce and springy rice vermicelli made for a refreshing combo.

I was also super impressed with their delivery speed. They delivered on time (1 hour after I placed my order), despite the fact that I ordered during dinnertime and their store is not near my house. Impressive!

Price: $12

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A mix of mee sua and beehoon in a thick starchy broth. Its similar to Putien's signature lor mee, just with thinner noodles. The thick broth got rather jelat and I would have preferred more ingredients and less noodles.

Another series featuring their non caffeine cold brew options.

Got my bread fix for the rest of #circuitbreakersg ✨💕 found this quaint bakery near my hood. Was trying to make sourdough for 2 weeks and gave up🤭😂 hence hunted down this sourdough-specialised bakery which surprisingly has a large range of choices of its small shop size 🥰 best of all their bakes changes every week with weekend specials✨
What I got:
1️⃣ purple wheat sourdough with candied orange ($12) 🍞
2️⃣traditional baguette ($3.50) 🥖
3️⃣bundle C - 2x croissants and 2x pain Au Chocolat ($13) 🥐
I wanted to get more off the shelves but omg I cant finish!😂 definitely gonna start chasing their weekly bakes at least once a month🤩 and I love that the sizes are huge hence considered pretty affordable for the high quality artisan standard of pastries👍✨ highly recommended to pre-order their specials! Stay safe and nom on till the end💪
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Comes in a set of 8 different flavours of cold brew. Only featuring 3 of the more mainstream drinks with caffeine here.

famous for their te kah beehoon, they are also available for islandwide delivery during this period. special mention for foie gras with truffle egg because the smell and taste is so overpowering that i can imagine it days after eating. one dish that are well appreciated by all my family members would be prawn patties, still crispy despite the long distance. however, delivery was not punctual, could be due to surge in demand on mother’s day.

Help la hahaha just by looking at this photo, i could taste this in my mouth THEY ARE RLY GOOD :'D

Apart from the rly good lu rou fan, they also have good earl grey milk tea!!

Thank to FREE Island-Wide Delivery service from @enjoyeatinghouse ,
We enjoyed delicious food at the comfort of own home.

Singapore Style Chilli Prawns 新加坡招牌辣椒酱大虾(S$17.80+)
Fresh prawns cooked in chilli crab sauce. Remember to get mantou to dip the spicy sauce in! Can’t get enough.
Grandma’s “Teh Kah” Bee Hoon 招牌猪脚米粉 (S$29.80+/ large)
Tender braised pork leg wok-fried with vermicelli, using Grandma’s secret recipe. So flavourful the noodles itself and the meat was super tender.
Ending the meal with
Teochew “Orh Ni” (Yam Paste) 芋泥白果 (S$5.80+)
Sweet yam paste with coconut milk and gingko nuts. Very rich and creamy.

Just call/ whatsapp +65 9299 1601 to place order, ..
* FREE for orders above S$70.
* Valid till 1 June 2020

For TAKEAWAY orders, there’s a 25% off discount. Too bad I’m staying way too far to enjoy it.

Enjoy Eating House & Bar
Address 🏡 : 383 Jalan Besar, Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore 🇸🇬 209 001
Open ⏰ : 11am - 1am
Website 🌐 :

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