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Wasn’t what I expected it to be, is just a bowl of average luncheon lol..

I don’t recommend trying this cos it’s very bland and is just a plain Mac & Cheese!

The coriander honey and lemon aioli sauces both go well with the meat! The pork ribs, the steak, all the meat are very delicious! My tummy is so full after finishing this platter!

Craved the taste of the soup so went back for another round!!! The vegetable ($5.50), chef recommended is soooo good!! Staff there are very polite too, despite no seevice charge charged

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A really light and tasty dip. The mix of basil and mint makes this really refreshing. Perfect to eat with the sourdough!

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They serve many tasty homey dishes from rice sets, noodles, congee, dessert, and interesting drinks.
Do try their Blooming Flower Tea as the blooming evolution is very interesting to watch with nice taste too (swipe!).

Thankyou @kenpgl @singaporefoodlisting for having me!
💰$10 (Curry Chicken Thigh Rice + Green Tea + Aiyu Jelly)
💰$6.8 (Blooming flower tea - assorted flower with green tea)
🚝MRT Farrer Park
📍B1-04 City Square Mall, 180 kitchener road Singapore 208539

Quite liked the surprising cinnamon notes from the lava but otherwise all the elements were solid. Particularly in love with the almond nougatine which was crispy and thin


Really dainty presentation and the various components were not too bad. The toast that was a meringue was really crispy and airy though, much like how a perfect toast should be.

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They slide easily through to my tummy and in fact, so easily that I forget how much I’ve already eaten and continue picking up piece after piece 😋 .

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As simple as it sounds, this dish is pretty phenomenal. The high temperature of the wood-fired oven forces natural juices of out these shrimps, allowing them to cook in their own broth. The result? A bowl of firm-textured prawns bathing in a savoury, prawn gravy. Grab more bread, you'll not want those addictive gravy to go to waste.


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I like how this dish was presented in such a rustic manner - untidy chunks of pulled lamb placed over a bed of Greek yogurt-slapped roasted potatoes. With the absence of a strong gamey taste, along with a slight crispy skin, the lamb may be more appealing to the people who used to shun it. The ingredients lying underneath were strong supporting characters too, for the tartness of the yogurt complemented the starchy potatoes to elevate the flavour of the otherwise bland carbohydrates.

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