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Top 10 in Farrer Park

Top 10 places in Farrer Park, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Farrer Park

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Farrer Park, Singapore.

Red wine & Matcha softserved!
Matcha was not so sweet and bitter. Just what I liked 💯
Red wine tasted like grapes imo!

If you’re expecting just ordinary burgers here, you might be just as pleasantly surprised as us! Newly opened in City Square Mall, we fell in love with both their fried chicken burgers and their juicy beef patty. The butter milk fried chicken comes dripping with a creamy, slightly sweet salted egg yolk sauce and was juicy, tender and not to mention huge! Personally preferred the spicy fried chicken a little more which kinda reminded me of the McSpicy (but better).

Don’t expect set meals or even fries, Ordinary Burgers only has one other add-on and that’s a baked Japanese Sweet Potato. Nice but Donki is right downstairs too. 😂


Looks ordinary taste is superb! Made in front of your eyes too :) teases your eyes mind and tastesbuds 👍 enjoyed every bite !


Our childhood candy recreated into an one-of-a kind dessert
The old school coffee tin-can housed crushed coffee ice mixed with coffee-infused whip, dulce de leche, coffee jelly, chocolate sponge and served with a side of “You Tiao”
As I dip the “You Tiao”; which I later discovered to be a cinnamon dusted churro into the “Kopiko”, I could taste the strong potent rush of bittersweet flavours from each component
A nice interesting take on the Kopiko coffee candy
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Beautifully grilled jowl slices that are super tender. Love the pickles and roasted rice powder added to the Thai-style sweet dipping sauce. Best part? This is an eligible dish for 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond!


The whiff of fish sauce was pretty strong when this arrived on our table. Flavour wise, this was more sweet than salty. We were worried this would be on the oily side, but it actually has quite a lot of zhup.

This was free thanks to the #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deal!


Nicely battered chicken cubes in a well-balanced sweet, tangy and savoury sauce. Comes with stir-fried kailan and sous vide egg with truffle oil (and salt). Super value for money, not to mention fabulous service.


Go for this if you want to try something new. Blanched then fried rice noodles mixed into the gravy result in a very interesting texture: smooth on the outside but with a soft crunch as you bite. Topped with perky prawns, bouncy shiitake mushrooms and tender pork slices, this was a very satisfying bowl.

The set comes with sous vide egg with truffle oil (and salt); though felt that this would have paired better without the truffle.


Savouring these traditional peanut pancakes from Yean Hean Pancake is always a delight! 😋
Spongy pancake dough with a mochi-like texture carries a lightly burnt aroma on the exterior 🤤🤤🤤 Though not as tall or fluffy as some others, i really love the chewy texture which is sufficiently soft 😋
The highlight has got to be the spam of crushed peanuts! 😍😍😍 Look at how generous they are! Extremely fragrant & adds that good crunch! ❤
Definitely my kind of sweet-savoury snack, anytime 👍🏻

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Really enjoyed my time at Enjoy Eating House and Bar situated at Kam Leng Hotel yesterday, where every dish which we had ordered was all on point and pretty delicious.

Probably the most iconic dish of the entire meal for me yesterday was this item, which featured prawns, fish, and squid that is stir-fried in their very own house made Otah paste; a twist to the usual Otah we are all familiar with. The Otah paste comes with a slight Thai infusion, with the addition of basil and lemongrass for a pretty refreshing and uplifting flavour amidst the rempah spices and the slight kick of spiciness, whilst the fresh seafood helped provided a bite; the squid adding a chew while chunks of fish added textures that was akin to that of Muar Otah. Two plump prawns hid beneath the Otah paste, fresh and carrying its own natural sweetness. All of that sits atop a layer of cabbage; a thoughtful touch that keeps the Otah paste from being burnt at the bottom, while adding a crunch to the dish. Very delicious, and something out of the ordinary.


Gave Ordinary Burgers at City Square Mall a go yesterday; thought their burgers were pretty value for money considering how this was priced at $5.90.

The burger comes with fried buttermilk chicken patty and other condiments such as lettuce and tomatoes; the chicken being drenched in a salted egg yolk sauce while everything is sandwiched in between two buns. The buns were undoubtedly light, while the portion of chicken was pretty generous — fried in a crisp, golden brown batter, the chicken was tender, succulent and juicy; pretty savoury on its own. The salted egg sauce was decent; not too heavy whilst coming with curry leaves for flavour. Overall a pretty well-sized burger despite looking rather heavy; rather easy to finish and pretty affordable — a value for money option that I would consider having again.