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- I ordered 2 sets of nasi lemak, one is 5.5 SDG and the other one is 4.7 SDG and one lemon juice with the price of 1.2 SDG. And how do I feel after leaving the restaurant?—>fulfilled
Long story short, I was starving and having a crave for Nasi Lemak. The 1st time I tried Nasi Lemak was in Malaysia in 2014 and to tell the truth I didn’t like the dish very much. The 2nd time was at Universial Studio in Singapore in 2019 and I loved it. May be because when I was in grade 11, I hadnt been abroad much and I was kinda struggling to digest the food. But we are talking about 21 years old me who adore the dish so much. The 3rd time (today on Sep 15, 2019) is at this place. It was a simple dish got done right with all the flavor comes to life (no exaggeration people). The chicken was fried beautifully keeping all the moist inside and it is crispy on the outside. And I think I really need to steal the coating powder recipe because that piece of chicken was so delightful to bite. Another star of the dish was the rice cooked with coconut, the smell of coconut fat just spices up everything else and melts in my mouth. Speaking of the fried fish with crunchy peanuts, god heaven, I love how joyful it is when you hear yourself chewing the thing. With a touch of some slices of cucumber, they bring out all the freshness like we’ve been hiking under the scorching sun and stop for a sip of water, like, how refreshing is it, right? Another ingredient that helps neutralize the dish is the basted egg, soft, creamy and rich. One more thing we can’t overlook is the sauce called “sambal”, truly is the cherry on the cake. Overall, this is a good start for me in Singapore and you should check this place out if you are happened to be nearby.

I like how they bottle their own brews in-house, their creamy matcha milk with powder from Kyoto, and their cold brew coffee. Learnt that lotsa effort goes into a cuppa cold brew. While creamy and not too sweet, i wish for a longer aftertaste.

Good place to zone out in the midst of coffee brewing buzz and soft music. ($7.50 for matcha, $6 for coffee)

A walk away from farrer park MRT

This is my first time trying Crispy Hor Fun so this dish at @enjoyeatinghouse was really innovative to me! 😍😍😍 (NOT sponsored hor! 😂) @happiersg later shared that Sinpopo also has a rendition, while Google yielded results of other zichar stalls that also offered crispy horfun. Nevertheless, this sure was a satisfying bowl! ❤
Served in a stone pot to retain its warmth, Silky Egg Crispy Hor Fun ($11.80++) features crispy fried wide rice noodles with prawns 🦐, pork & shitake mushrooms 🍄 in a rich, silky egg sauce. 🍳
Honestly, the crispy hor fun was reminiscent of wanton skin to me. 😋😋😋 When not in contact with the egg gravy, the horfun was absolutely crispy & exuded an alluring fragrance & ultimate crunch that I was so drawn to! 💕 When doused with the gravy which was a smooth concoction that has inherited the ultimate fragrance of the fried horfun & full of eggy aroma 🍳, the horfun became soft starchy pieces that were still extremely flavourful. 🤤
I cannot emphasise enough on how generous the chefs are with the ingredients 💯 - there were 2 springy prawns 🦐, 2 earthy shitake mushrooms 🍄, some crunchy Kai Lan greens 🥬, & many succulent pork slices! 🐖 So much that you are guaranteed an accompanying side with every spoon of horfun! For the price tag, this is really quite value for money! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 & enjoy 1-for-1 on #burpplebeyond! ✔
Overall, I think this is a really comforting bowl of horfun that will fill both your tummy & your happiness meter up! 😊 HOR seh la! 👍🏻

The peanut pancake stall in Pek Kio market & Food Center needs no introduction from us. Some ladies took the trip to buy in bulk from this stall alone. By 1 pm nothing is left!! 😱
At 11 am, we grab traditional pancake (soft type)$0.60 & the crispy pancake $0.70 (both are peanut fillings). The orange coconut filling is already sold out! Nice crunchy peanut pancake goes well with tea! ☕️ 👍
💡Tips: eat the crispy one at the stall and grab traditional one for takeaway.

Beef stew (original price $17.90+) was soft and tasty, recommended.
Not the lobster pasta (original price $29.90+). The lobster was not fresh.

It may look unassuming, but it was a really decent meal of fish and chips! The batter was crispy and yet not surfeiting, done just right.

Moreover, the sides (fries, coleslaw, hashbrown) that we had were delicious too.

For a one-man show, the service and food are definitely one of the best around.

Verdict: 8/10

‘Twas a hot day and after brunch at old hen we crossed the road to cool down with some icy bingsu. Whilst the ice was really snow like the bingsu’s paucity of injeolmi powder and solid frozen rice cakes made it a fail for me. Hubbys 1-1 avocado gado bingsu fared better with avo cream, gula melaka and coconut ice cream atop.. that saved the day
Service was great and its my principal that if I’ve nothing good to say about all else, dont say it

Machiato and Matcha Latte at Old Hen. They source their matcha powder from Kyoto and IMHO is one of the best matcha lattes in Singapore
Service was great and ambience chilled

What striked us immediately was how palatable this looked. The syringe added an element of fun in the addition of the milk. However, do take note to push it slowly at the start.

The crushed oreo topping was generous and went well with the ice, which was very fine. The oreo cheesecake bits were rich, but the sheer amount of crushed oreo bits take the crown.

Verdict: 9/10