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The elderly lady makes pohpiah, muah chee and her rojak that gets sold out fast. I love how quietly & steadily she works even with a queue.

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Mun Ee Seafood Zi char has not disappointed all these years. Good service and good food! A plate of wok hey beef hor fun $6 only. 👍

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Burpple 1-for-1 deal is at Days of Elijah! Paid only $5 for 2 premium gelatos! Great flavours!

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Mrs Pho House's stir fry crab meat noodles is one of the pricier dishes on their menu.

Wok fry glass noodle is topped with fresh crab meat, assorted mushrooms and vegetables in oyster sauce.

We were rather disappointed with the dish. The pricey nature of this dish is mainly attributable to the fresh shredded crab meat. The amount of crab meat however seemed rather paltry. The glass noodles were also seasoned a little unevenly.

My honest recommendation is to give this a miss and stick to their regular fare.

a small cosy outlet serving authentic lasagne. the single portion is just nice. too much will be jerlat.

not as cheesy as the last time I had though.

We recently discovered a good zi char restaurant Jin Jue Seafood in the Jalan Besar area! Here’s what we had:

~Red Snapper Signature Steamboat ($38)
~Shrimp Paste Chicken ($12)
~Salted Egg Pork Ribs ($18)
~Golden Crispy Tofu ($12)
~Stir Fried Kailan with Dried Scallops ($15)

The main highlight was the Red Snapper Signature Steamboat! The refillable broth was so rich and flavourful, and the fresh red snapper slices are served separately, so you can cook it as and when you want to eat it, and at your preferred doneness too! Other dishes we liked were the Shrimp Paste Chicken (crispy & juicy!), Salted Egg Pork Ribs (tender pork ribs coated in addictive salted egg yolk sauce!) and Stir Fried Kailan with Dried Scallops (first time having kailan cooked this way, and we found it interesting & yummy!).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Jin Jue Seafood with your family or friends for a good zi char meal!

A very unique way of serving it however it’s quite pricey

The chef is authentic Thai so every dish makes me feel I am truly in Thailand! So good!

It was amazing n yummy coconut Tom yum! Rich n flavourful.

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Thai’s version of char kway teow. As good as Phad thai, if not better!

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