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Went to Bakehaus and bought some pastries. Tried the crossaint, kouigon amann and the herb and garlic baguette. The kouigon amann is good but overpriced! Everything is nice except for the baguette.

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Using OCBC credit card
Available at @sushijin_sg till 13 June

Blue Jasmine is offering 6-course Father’s Day Set Menu for a family of 4 or 6, Available for takeaway via self-collection.

💕Tam Mua Seafood Salad
💕Deep-Fried Thai Fish Cake with Cucumber Relish
💕Tom Kar Gai
💕Sun-Dried Chicken with Green Chilli Dip
💕Gaeng Som
💕Nai Bai with Abalone
💕Thai Dessert Platter

💰$98 nett for 4 or $148 nett for 6.

To place an order,  can visit this link
Or email [email protected] or call 6824 8851

📍Blue Jasmine.
10 Farrer Park Station Road Level 5, Park Hotel Farrer Park.


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You gotta try their signature cold brew ($6.90) ☕ too - my 3rd time having their cold brews & still liking them! 😋 Be it their hot-favourite White 🤍 or Matcha Latte 🍵, the aroma & smooth texture is simply alluring! 🤤

Almond Butter on Toast ($9.90): Toasted Sourdough/Croissant (+$3) 🥐 slathered with homemade almond butter 🥜, served with mixed salad 🥗. What a delightful balance of savoury & sweet! ✌🏻

Açaí Bowl ($15.90): A blend of premium organic açai pulps, bananas 🍌 & almond milk 🥛, this is then topped with homemade almond butter 🥜, strawberries 🍓, blueberries 🫐, pumpkin seeds & chia seeds. All the goodness in a bowl! 💯

The Enchanted Breakfast ($19.90): Scrambled eggs 🍳, mixed salad 🥗, cherry tomatoes 🍅, baked mushrooms 🍄, toasted sourdough 🥖, bacon 🥓 & smoked salmon (+$4). Just can't go wrong with this classic! 😋

The photo shows just how crispy the chicken is.

It's fairly good.

Worth it to try.

Small portion. So can eat as a snack

Need fuel for a tough week ahead? Old Hen cold brews are light, creamy (those with milk) and you can smell the coffee aroma. Coffee wise it is relatively strong while not being too acidic.

Quite a solid, standard no-frills plate of economic bee hoon. Simple but reliable. Sambal chilli was great too. Very affordable as well.

Definitely a good go-to as there was no queue compared to some other stalls in the hawker center, which can be really long during Sunday lunchtime!

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This freshly hand-made chee cheong fun here was super silky and soft! The accompanying sauce was very flavourful, almost to the point of too salty towards the end of the meal, but still delicious.

We queued for about 30 minutes on a weekday afternoon - the long wait is due to the amount of effort and time required for each serving of food. You can watch them steam, skillfully transfer and cut each and every rice noodle roll individually, and then repeat it all over again for the next plate.

Worth the wait. This place also has a “Michelin Plate”, with good reason. Serving size is turned out to be quite big and filling so the price was good.

Add on $1 for additional serving of chicken meat

I can eat this everyday without getting sick of it.

Very long Q during lunch time.

Healthy and Filling