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Similar dining concept with Aston’s but slightly pricier(?) still pretty worth it though as their sides are stunning and delicious😍 their cheese sticks are a must to order! Best part is that is halal so you can bring your Muslim friends here!

What makes a good bowl of Bak Kut Teh? A perfect balance of fats-to-meat ratio with the ribs boiled to juicy, soft and fall-off-the-bone tender. Served with robust and peppery pork rib soup made by simmering pork ribs with garlic cloves, as well as a special blend of white peppercorns. So shiok right 😋 You can find it at @ngahsio_bkt, NG AH SIO Bak Kut Teh. Best to be eaten with steamed white rice / Teochew-Style Braised Pig’s Trotter Rice accompanied with side dishes like You Tiao, Preserved Vegetables and MUST TRY Signature Teochew Braised Pig’s Trotter and Braised Big Intestine.
NG AH SIO Bak Kut Teh’s Signature Teochew Braised Pig’s Trotter is quite different from the rest. Usually I either get a bowl of fats or a bowl of lean meats, their Braised Pig’s Trotter has more balanced fat-to-meat-ratio as it uses only the front trotter of the pig.
Another signature, Braised Big Intestine is clean with no smell, absorbed with robust dark sauce that has a soft and tender texture.
This time, I also learnt to appreciate pairing Bak Kut Teh with a pot of Xiao Ye Gan tea. A blend that is specially crafted to complement and accentuate the Bak Kut Teh broth. The correct way is to sip a mouth of the broth, followed by a mouth of tea. The tea develops a distinct bitter sweet taste. Craving for this meal?
Special dining treat for Citi Cardmembers @citisingapore:
Enjoy S$10 off your total bill with a minimum spend of S$40. Valid until 31 Dec 2020.
Visit https://bit.ly/citixNAS for more info
#ngahsiobukkutteh #sp

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Weekends are not just for getting drunk, they’re also pretty much the only time I get to explore new bars & restaurants like @theparlourmirage. A fresh new bar that slings out Japanese dishes like yakitori platters & rice bowls alongside a bevy of beers straight from the tap, it’s my kinda place.⠀

The Chef’s Choice 1 yakitori platter ($15 nett) is categorised under ‘Grand Opening Special’, but I hope it’s a permanent menu fixture. It even comes with two sides, and I selected the very odd options of one deep fried mantou & some guacamole. As for the grilled goods themselves, they’re gloriously gratifying.⠀

The meats are all glazed in a titillating teriyaki sauce, and the pork belly (the duo of skewers at the front of the plate) was utterly unctuous. Felicitously fatty & marvellously meaty, each tender bite of porcine was positively pleasurable thanks to the addictively sticky sweet & salty flavours that were accentuated by the smokiness of the grill. The tsukune (chicken meatballs) behind it were kind of disappointing as they were dry & powdery in texture when I bit into it. Still, the teriyaki sauce was faultless, and I really appreciated the little bits of sweet onion that were thoroughly incorporated into the meatballs.⠀

As expected, the chicken thighs behind the tsukune were juicy, satisfyingly meaty, and sensationally sumptuous, thanks to the dynamic duo of teriyaki sauce & the charcoal grill. I usually hate eggplants/aubergines with a passion, but Mirage’s eggplant skewers might just help me to see the light. Seasoned with salt & yuzu, these gloriously grilled veggies were satisfyingly savoury with a sweet tang thanks to the yuzu that’s been applied. Y’know what, eggplant? Perhaps I judged you too harshly.⠀

As for the guac & fried mantou, they performed as expected. I was a little annoyed at the meagre amount of guacamole given, but it’s a free side dish after all. ⠀

So, what else can I say about Chef’s Choice 1? Well, when a chef makes choices this excellent, you’re in for a fabulously flavoursome fun time, and your enjoyment is no delusion.

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We ordered this expecting it to be served in a bowl form (like a dessert to be shared) but this drink was a pleasant surprise!

It was super refreshing, and has a good mix of red bean and milk. Highly recommended to all the red bean lovers :)

This was their signature beef noodles, which you can opt for the soup or dry version. The beef taste is quite strong, so people who don’t have a strong liking for beef, please take note! Think they also cooked the broth with lots of herbs so you can taste that as well.

Very generous with their beef cubes, which were quite a good bite. Noodles are thick and qq. Soup is already slightly spicy but it tastes better if you pair it with their chili (request from them)!

The dish is very simple – thick QQ noodles, beansprouts, carrot, cucumber, and a spoonful of well-marinated minced meat! The sauce doesn’t seem much but it’s actually q salty so just a small amount is sufficient to coat the whole bowl of noodles. We realized that the serving size for their noodles is much bigger than their rice dishes. Almost couldn’t finish this!

排骨蛋盖饭 $9.80++

Serving size was quite small so it can be easily finished by one pax. Pork ribs were quite soft and fall-off-the-bone kinda texture. From the colour you’d expect the sauce to be thick and savoury, but it’s actually on the bland side. Eggs were cooked well and paired well with the pork ribs and rice!

In partnership with three brands, Quorn, Heura and OMN!, the restaurant has taken these plant-based solutions in creating dishes for takeaway and delivery. From comforting soups such as the Quorn Meatball Nam Sai to stir-fried OMN! Basil Kaprao and Heura Red Curry in bento boxes, you can be assured that the flavours are not compromised even though these are plant-based products.

The bento box that comes with Heura Red Curry ($18) is made with Chef Nipaporn’s secret red curry paste and coconut milk, which the spice will hit you subtlety from each spoonful, and the curry is paired perfectly with the blue jasmine rice with sides of vegetarian spring roll and ending off with mango sticky rice. As for the OMN! Basil Kaprao bento ($18), this is everyone’s favourite stir-fry at Thai restaurants with the strong wok hei aroma and savouriness to go alongside some rice. Last but not least, what’s a meal without having some soup, and the Quorn Meatball Nam Sai ($16) is a different interpretation of the tom yum, in that instead of coconut milk, more onions and dried birds eye chilli are added to not only refreshes your palate and senses, the spiciness truly packs a punch.
✨ Blue Jasmine
📍 10 Farrer Park Station Road, Park Hotel Farrer Park, Level 5, Singapore 217564
🛵 https://blue-jasmine-singapore.myshopify.com/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Tie Fan Wan means metal bowl! Everything they serve there is all from metal bowl. I think is a very cool way to name a stall and eating it gives a very olden nostalgia to it!

I had the briased pork noodle, hojicha shaved ice and wasabi Pao fan! Yes you read wasabi!!!!!
Follow my blog and bio for their amazing innovative food!


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My favourite of all was their Fried Seabass with Suk's Thai Chili that was thoughtfully sliced up into serving portion prior to it being presented on the table and the chili goes well together. 👍🏻😋

Presentation on point with those big prawns, goes well with a bowl of rice.

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