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Your typical fillet-o-fish, but with double the fish fillets! We got this during the 1-for-1 deal period so it was very worth it.

The McDonald’s here is quite spacious - it has an outdoor seating area that is sheltered. We came here on a weekday evening and it was quite busy, but we were just 2 so it was easy to get seats.

The space is cosy and the staff were really friendly and attentive. The food was pretty good, overall. My personal favourites are the desserts, Popiah Garden and Chendol Panna Cotta. Would be a great place to bring your family, friends or significant other to for special occasions. Would definitely return again to try the other dishes on the menu!

Pancakes were delish, fluffy and with crispy outsides! wasn't expecting them to be this good! Service wasn't fantastic but the food made up for it and my son enjoyed the meal. Dessert pancakes aren't part of Burpple promo so we paid $24 (GST and service charge included) for a $15.90 stack of 6 mint chocolate pancakes + $1.90 peach add-on + $5.90 flavoured latte. Will come back again!

This salad comes with a large amount of greens, seared tuna, quail eggs with runny centers, olives, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, dried cranberries and a light passion fruit dressing. I liked how the tuna wasn’t as salty as in other places. Good for a light lunch, and probably the healthiest option on the menu.

Old Hen is more well known for its cold brews, but I liked this filter coffee too. I asked for something less acidic and they recommended this, which was smooth and pleasant.

The meekia is their signature item and I highly recommend it. Generous portion size. The cabbage looks deceptively simple but is oh so savoury.

Really good, it's like chilli crab but with prawn and definitely with a non-crab pricetag

This Char Siew Chee Chong Fun ($4) is famous in Pek Kio Market, and I can see why. The Chee Chong Fun itself is not soggy at all, and stayed pretty solid while soaked in the sauce. They put quite abit of char siew into the Chee Chong Fun, that gave it really alot of flavour. This is definitely a notch above the rest, but me and my friends do find it abit too sweet.

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Was actually quite surprised to find mee kia available at a prawn mee stall and decided to give it a try. I got the $3 portion and it was pretty substantial. The noodles were nice and springy and prawns were very fresh! The soup is definitely an important element, and it was good, with abundant flavour coming from the prawn heads and pork ribs that were used to make the broth.

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When 1 is not enough, get 2.

Their chicken chop is slightly bigger then those coffee shop chicken chop.

Quite pricey here though

Hokkien Mee is always appeals to me, not because of the seafood ingredients but just eating the noodle plain would be one of the comfort food I cannot say no to.

Bee Hiang Seafood, which is a hugely popular Cze Char stall at the corner of Verdun Road & Sam Leong Street (they shifted to the opposite Kim San Leng by the way) is my family’s go to CzeChar place for the last 20 years, as we recounted.

This rendition is like Hokkien Mee on stack. No prawns but the upgrade to a 1.2kg crab lends even more umami. They throw in clams and sometimes sotong, belacan sambal and pork lard, upgrading our popular street noodle to a wokhey-filled Cze Char to create this seafood extravaganza!

The noodle used is not the typical yellow noodle & thick bee Hoon but the flat yellow noodle used in Lor Mee. What’s not to love.


You may be fooled by their promotion at the storefront but the price actually not that cheap. Hot Pot for 2 persons with drinks may be resulted in total bill $50++. Given there’s extra charge for dipping sauce per person. With service and GST.

However overall food was satisfying, although not fantastic. Good for family lunch or dinner. As they provide incentives of soft toys if you accumulate points.