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Spanish baked eggs w roasted aubergines and peppers and a side of wood-fired oven-baked sourdough which was baked to perfection 👌🏼 this is as of now my favourite baked eggs dish in SG 😍

My only highlight during the weekend was this dosa or tosai from MTR. If you haven’t tried them yet, make your way down to Little India. No one makes dosas like them. It’s really refined and almost like the Indian version of the French galette!

Why do I revisit my food photos in the middle of the night when hunger strikes😩? Had dinner at 鼎泰丰 with my family today and no trip to 鼎泰丰 is complete without ordering the super appetising 小菜 - a cold dish comprising of shredded tofu, black fungus, vegetables and glass noodles tossed in a vinegary sauce🤤 The green chilli with minced meat filling is another appetiser that is really tasty too:) Apart from the signature 小笼包, 红油抄手 and egg fried rice, we also tried the 干拌面 and steamed black sesame buns which turned out to be pretty good too:) Satisfied!

Sambal Sotong is my favourite dish by far!! It’s spicy with a tinge of sweetness which is exactly what I like. Portions here are enough for sharing amongst 2-3pax and they are quite affordable too!

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Pretty affordable and generous bowl of chirashi (even has hotate) and at a discount! (

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With our thosai cravings still raging (right after devouring a masala dosa and the pudi masala one) we randomly picked this from the menu slideshow MTR shows on their TV screens. This one came super crispy, a tissue prata-like kind of thin, though not as tasty. Still, everything here is good for a try because you never know what gems you can uncover.

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Pretty decent grub with little nuggets of soft eggplant; will still carb load with thosai instead though!


Can you believe this is only $3?

Can you look at the amount of chicken meat compared to the rice? You can’t because there’s just so much meat, you aren’t able to see the rice! Xin Heng Kee has plates that are super value for money. Whether it’s roasted/boiled chicken, braised duck or roast pork, you can get something that doesn’t even out a dent in your wallet. But of course, it tastes good as well!


I have eaten this dish in countless places but char has done it the best for me .

I am Glad that my first visit to char has been full of right hits.

This dish was so clean tasting - really not a trace of oil or grease and the broth was so fresh tasting - I am sure it was taken from a stick broth cooked inside as opposed to msg or chicken cubes that are typically used outside .

The spinach was well cooked and so was the velvety blanket of eggs .

Topped with a handful of crisp Fried small anchovies .

This was egg-xcellent .

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