Founded by four young professionals crazy about all things Japanese, Shukuu Izakaya is a recreation and creative expression for every wow moment we had from our sojourns to Japan. A trifecta of sublime foods, epic drinks, and of course - our authentic Izakaya ambience.

8 Stanley Street
Singapore 068727

11:30am - 02:00pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:00pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:00pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:30am - 02:00pm
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11:30am - 02:00pm
05:30pm - 11:00pm



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Reviews at Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar

Reviews of good food at Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar

Savoury cheesy chips that comes with a bowl of honey for dipping. My personl thought: the honey was the saviour for this dish! Not a cheese person hence the cheese chips itself may not taste appealing to me. But the saving grace (honey) makes everything taste so much better!

Beef was abit saltish. Portion was ok for girl but may not be suitable for guys.

Is a Must to try out their Pork Jowl. Pairs up with runny eggs and Savoury sauce. A perfect match! The meat was very tender. Feels like it's melting in my mouth! Chef must be putting in lots of effort to prepare it. Kawa ebi-age was a HIT for me too. River shrimps was crispy and crunchy. I've have been popping up nearly the whole bowl while chatting with my Friend. Addictive! Overall, ambience was good. Definitely will recommend friends to here.

The Rosti Mentai is really worth every penny! The thinly shredded potatoes were surprisingly crunchy, and not overly oily(hence avoiding the feeling of jerlak). The amount of mentaiko sauce used is just right for it did not overshadow the flavours of the 🥔, but rather provided an interesting umami flavour. Try the Pork Jowl ($18) if you crave for 🥩 or want to upload instagrammy photos. The presentation is not only beautiful, but the meat is just so tender that it literally melts in the 👄. The pork jowl is indeed a dish that satisfies both the eyes and palates! Overall, my friend and I enjoyed the food, service and ambience, and will definitely be back for more!

I came with my friends for the first time here and we had a really good experience. The ambience was cosy and the service was excellent.

My favorite dish was the Crab Mentaiko Gratin. The presentation of the food was really unique (my friends were all ready to take pictures), and the dish was so good it melted in my mouth. I wanted to order more of it but since it was our first time here, we decided to try other dishes as well.

My next favorite was the deep fried squid ink batter, followed by the spicy salmon don. We had Sake as well, which went really well together with the food!

Overall, I had a great time there and I would definitely come back and recommend my friends to come!

I think the chef had made an excellent choice by picking these five Kushiyaki items in the Chef’s Selection (S$18.00).

🍢 Tebasaki (Chicken Wing)
🍢 Tsukune (Chicken Meatball)
🍢 Momo (Chicken Thigh)
🍢 Shitake Mushroom
🍢 Bacon Leek

Just the desirable bar grubs one will enjoy in an Izakaya, or otherwise a pretty decent item for sharing on the dining table.

Big thanks to Burpple for the prize voucher and Shukuu Izakaya for the delicious dinner! Also to Chope for making table reservations an easy feat.

I have often passed by Shukuu but it never crossed my mind to dine there till recently. The menu has a good selection of choices and I was impressed either the selection of house specialties that were served. The majority of the food came in appetiser sized portions which gives diners a chance to take their time savouring the flavours. I would definitely recommend Shukuu for an experience in fine tasting and quality dining.

I have visited a couple of times and Shukuu have yet to disappoint me. I love how consistent they are with their food quality and service. Some of the hidden gems on the menu include their deep-fried homemade minced pork cutlet and crab gratin with mentaiko! Anyway, at Shukuu, there's such a thing called sake pairing where they recommend the type of sake to consume alongside the dishes ordered. I must say the recommended sake complemented the pork cutlet so well! I will definitely drop by soon for another round of great food and sake!

Had a great experience here! The Food at ShuKuu was exceptionally delicious with premium quality ingredients, excellent service, and a cosy atmosphere. My favourite dishes would definitely be the charcoal skewers, deep-fried squid ink batter and the Gyu Ponzu beef that captured the citrus flavour. Highly recommend this place.

Yet another Izakaya in Singapore CBD, but the gyudon served was excellent. The special salad was great too.

Food was exquisite. Love love love the Spicy Salmon don that paired so well with Yaki Guy Tan (Premium grilled beef tongue). Once you get that combination, your life will change dramatically. Waiter and staff were really friendly and the food was served quick and promptly. Place was buzzing with great energy. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Really nice cozy ambience with great food which goes extremely well with their Sakae. Tried their Mentaiko Rosti and Pork Jowl Charshu and I could already imagine myself going back for it again and again.

Great ambience full of Japanese vibes, awesome food and sake, friendly staff, accessible location for the downtown working crowd, and perfect for some catching up with friends.

Food wise, I highly recommend the mentaiko rosti and gratin, we polished it off entirely and almost ordered second servings if not for the many other dishes coming up. Also enjoyed the pork jowl char shu that melts in your mouth. Oden soup at the end was warm and comforting and reminded me of Japan. There's also a good variety on the menu that's great for sharing.

Only regret? Wish the portions were bigger haha. Definitely be back for more!

I would highly recommend the very flavourful pork jowl chashu, the aburi shimesaba that was prepared in such a refreshing way with vinegar and the sashimi grade Hokkaido scallops with mentaiko/cheese. Some dishes also worth trying include the rosti mentaiko, Kani gratin and skewers. This meal was made complete with the sake recommended, and you should have some to go along with your meal.

A hidden gem in the Tanjong Pagar area that is saturated with food choices, Shukuu Izakaya is definitely worth a visit. Stepping into the restaurant transports you to Japan, with carefully curated furniture and décor to create the ambience. The food served does not disappoint, either. I would highly recommend the sashimi-grade scallop that was seared to perfection. Another favourite was the Aburi Shimesaba – marinated in vinegar, the saba did not have even the slightest ‘fishy’ taste that one would expect. It was tender and easy on the palate, a must-try for all seafood lovers!

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